Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Soulfire Refuse to Fall Vinyl 4 02
Quest for Certainty Shelter 12" Vinyl 8 DM0007-1 008165000712
Holyname 108 CD 1 EVR006 [none]
Attaining the Supreme Shelter CD 12 EVR7 717531999825
Standard Temple Songs Shelter Cassette 7 evr 12 [none]
Songs of Separation 108 CD 14 EVR015 717531001528
Pebble Prema CD 5 EVR016
Pathos Shift CD 6 EVR17
Hardcore Pride Ten Yard Fight CD 13
Quest for Certainty Shelter CD 8
Feel Bad Rainbow Serpico CD 12 EVR022
Train Yard Blues Crown of Thornz (unknown) 5 EVR020
Spacesuit Shift CD 10 EVR25
Drag Queen Copper CD 8 EVR024
Drivel Prema CD 11 EVR027
...The Way Birds Fly Project Kate CD 8 EVR028
Rumble Serpico CD 15 EVR030
Five on the Dime Man Will Surrender CD 5 EVR032
Bloodlust Revenge One King Down CD 6 EVR031
Hands Tied Hands Tied CD 6 EVR034
Back on Track Ten Yard Fight CD 14
Twin Killing Floorpunch CD 12 EVR038
Everlasting Refused CD 7 EVR 33 CD 794558003322
Petitioning the Empty Sky Converge CD 10 evr 40 794558004022
When Forever Comes Crashing Converge CD 11 EVR041
Can't Slow Down Saves the Day CD 14 EVR 42 794558004220
Apocalypse Now Another Victim (unknown) 6 EVR044
Holding This Moment Bane CD 8 EVR 045 794558004527
Breed the Killers Earth Crisis CD 12 EVR046
Fast Times at the Jersey Shore Floorpunch CD 16 EVR047
God Loves, Man Kills One King Down CD 9 EVR048
Breed the Killers Earth Crisis Vinyl 12 EVR 46 016861870614
snapcase vs boysetsfire (Orange / Gray Marbled Vinyl) snapcase vs boysetsfire 2×7" Vinyl 2 + 2 EVR51 [none]
Are These Our Lives? Trial CD 13 EVR052 794558005227
Snapcase vs boysetsfire Snapcase vs Boysetsfire CD 4 EVR051 7945580551289
It All Comes Down to This Bane CD 12 EVR 053 794558005326
Through Being Cool Saves the Day CD 12 EVR-54 794558005425
Y2K Converge 7" Vinyl 3 EVR-Y2K
The Only Way Ten Yard Fight CD 7
Equal Vision Records Label Sampler Various Artists CD 24 EVR50 794558005029
Gravity Wins Again One King Down CD 7 EVR055
Until the End Until the End CD 5 EVR 58
Masquerade in the Key of Crime The Stryder CD 12
Another Breath The Killing Flame CD 14 EVR057
Cold Blue The Hope Conspiracy CD 10 EVR59 794558105927
If They Move... Kill Them Fairweather CD 10 EVR060
Background Music American Nightmare CD 11 EVR 62 794558006224
Still Loves You Drowningman CD 5 EVR063
Jane Doe (Jewel case with cardboard slip cover) Converge CD 12 EVR61 794558006125
Jane Doe Converge CD 12 EVR61 794558106122
Give Blood Bane CD 10 EVR 064 794558106429
No News Is Good News Liars Academy CD 13 EVR065
Jane Doe Converge Enhanced CD 15 HWCY-1092 4527313002188
A Newer More Shattered You Prevent Falls CD 12 EVR068
The Second Stage Turbine Blade Coheed and Cambria CD 10 evr 67 794558006729
Horizon The Rocking Horse Winner CD 10 EVR070
A Young Trophy Band in the Parlance of Our Times As Friends Rust CD 6 EVR071
A Second Engine Time in Malta CD 12 EVR73 794558007320
Jungle City Twitch The Stryder CD 10
Alaska Fairweather CD 4 EVR076, EVR76 794558007627
Endnote The Hope Conspiracy CD 12 EVR75 794558007528
Positively Positive 1997-2002 Good Clean Fun CD 30 EVR074
Trading My Life Liars Academy CD 4 EVR077
Live for Today Boysetsfire CD 6 EVR079
Doghouse/Equal Vision - Summer Sampler 2002 Various Artists CD 22
Can't Slow Down Saves the Day CD 14 EVR 42 794558104227
Phoenix Breaking Pangaea CD 5 EVR080
Art Offensive Black Cross CD 12 EVR081
Background Music (reissue) Give Up the Ghost CD 11 EVR062
Dream to Make Believe Armor for Sleep CD 11 EVR078 794558007825
In Response This Day Forward CD 11 EVR82 794558008228
Odd How People Shake Fear Before the March of Flames CD 10 EVR91 94558159123
Lusitania Fairweather CD 13 EVR084
Inventing the Scene: Equal Vision Records Various Artists CD 18 EVR90
Right Now, You’re in the Best of Hands. And If Something Isn’t Quite Right, Your Doctor Will Know in a Hurry Bear vs. Shark CD 12 EVR085
Alexisonfire Alexisonfire CD 11 EVR089
We’re Down Til We’re Underground Give Up the Ghost CD 13 evr83 794558008327
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Coheed and Cambria CD 23 EVR87 794558008723
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Coheed and Cambria CD 12
Cleanse Burn CD 6 EVR066
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Coheed and Cambria 2×12" Vinyl 8 + 4 EVR87
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Coheed and Cambria CD 23 827969268629
Krazy Fest 6 Various Artists CD 16
Odd How People Shake Fear Before the March of Flames CD 10 EVR091 794558109123
Odd How People Shake Fear Before the March of Flames CD 10 794558109123
Love is Worth It Silent Drive CD 11 EVR092 794558109222
Watch Out! Alexisonfire CD 11 EVR095
Live at La Zona Rosa Coheed and Cambria CD 6 074645646220
Alone With the Alone Time in Malta CD 12 EVR93 794558109321
The Words in Ink Don't Lie Endicott CD 12 EVR099
Mander Salis The Snake the Cross the Crown CD 10 EVR098
Demons Liars Academy CD 12 EVR086
Art Damage Fear Before the March of Flames CD 11 EVR96 794558109628
Live at the Epicentre Fear Before the March of Flames CD 5
A Celebration of an Ending Before Today CD 10 EVR094 794558109420
Plague Music Vaux CD 5 EVR102 794558110228
Dancing Echoes / Dead Sounds Codeseven CD 12 EVR100 794558110020
Equal Vision Records Summer Sampler 2004 Various Artists CD 16
Equal Vision Records Winter Sampler 2004 Various Artists CD 15
Seemless Seemless CD 12 LFC008