Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)

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imprint of Atlantic Records (Atlantic Recording Corporation). identifying logos:
1947–1966: ???
1966–2005: (black rectangular logo, letter "A" with swirl logo, "Atlantic" name below, boxed) — this logo is apparently still in use in the UK.
2005–present: (round red logo with new "Atlantic" logotype) — as used in the US.

1947-1967 independent. 1967-today as a subsidiary of Warner Music Group.
Founded by: Ahmet Ertegün & Herb Abramson
Created subsidiaries:


Sold to: Warner Bros-Seven Arts (1967) (WBSA was a short lived holding, later bought by Time Warner, which then spun off of it into Warner Music Group)
Distributed by: Atlantic Recording Corporation (USA) Warner Music Group (World)

Tom Dowd was an important engineer at Atlantic and Nesushi Ertegun a major producer.
See partial catalog of releases.

Atlantic releases of the modern era tend to have barcodes beginning with 7567.
Re-issues are often by Rhino and have catalog numbers beginning with R2.
Japanese branch of Atlantic sometimes uses catalog numbers in the style of its parent label Warner-Pioneer, i.e. WPxxx

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This Is My BelovedJohn Dall, Vernon Duke, Lehman Engel3×12" Vinyl2 + 2 + 2
1201, 1202, 1203, 312-V
Teardrops From My Eyes / Am I Making The Same Mistake AgainRuth Brown10" Vinyl2
Mardi Gras in New Orleans / She Walks Right inProfessor Longhair and His New Orleans Boys10" Shellac2
My Love, My Desire / Pack Up All Your RagsBilly MitchellVinyl2