S‐Curve Records (Label founded in 2000 by former Mercury Records executive Steve Greenberg)

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Who Let the Dogs OutBaha MenCD12751 052699675105228
Who Let the Dogs OutBaha MenCD123332029397603332029
Move It Like ThisBaha MenCD137243 5 37980 2 4724353798024
Move It Like ThisBaha Men(unknown)13
Move It Like ThisBaha MenCD137243 5 37980 2 4724353798024
Greatest Movie HitsBaha MenCD1372435-45354-0-6724354535406
Greatest Movie HitsBaha MenCD13724354294525
Welcome Interstate ManagersFountains of WayneCD167243 5 90875 2 8724359087528
Welcome Interstate ManagersFountains of WayneCD17VJCP-685134988006812826
The Soul SessionsJoss StoneCD10SC 7243 5 42234 2 6724354223426
The Soul SessionsJoss StoneCD107243 5 96835 2 2724359683522
United States of WhateverLiam LynchCD20724354715822724354715822
United States of WhateverLiam LynchCD37243547161126724354716126
The Soul SessionsJoss StoneCopy Control CD107243 5 76898 2 3724357689823
Fake SongsLiam LynchCD2072435-83742-2-3
Fake Songs (Printed in Canada)Liam LynchCD + DVD-Video20 + 2772435-83743-0-8724358374308
Fake Songs (Printed in USA)Liam LynchCD + DVD-Video20 + 2772435-83743-0-8724358374308
The Soul SessionsJoss StoneCopy Control CD107243 5 97153 220724359715322
You Had MeJoss StoneCD4724386749727
Mind Body & SoulJoss StoneCD157243 8 66203 2 3724386620323
Mind Body & SoulJoss StoneCD157243 5 94897 2 8724359489728
Naked TruthSarah HudsonCD11724358088922724358088922
Sessions@AOLJoss StoneDigital Media3
Mind Body & SoulJoss StoneCD150724359489728724359489728
Mind Body & Soul Sessions (Live In New York City)Joss StoneDVD-Video187243 5 44516 9 0724354451690
The Soul SessionsJoss StoneCD107243 592779 29, 7243 5 97153 22, A3018-2(L)9787799616414
Mind Body & SoulJoss StoneCopy Control CD177243 8 66203 23, 7243 8 66203 2 3724386620323
Mind Body & Soul (Special Edition, includes 3 new songs + bonus dvd)Joss StoneCD17094634613620
We the KingsWe the KingsCD1180731 52001 2 1807315200121
24 Hours (Bonus Track Version)Tom JonesDigital Media14[none]
The StoopLittle JackieCD11807315300128807315300128
The Stoop (clean version)Little JackieCD11
We the Kings (deluxe edition)We the KingsEnhanced CD150807315200329
24 HoursTom JonesCD13807315500122807315500122
24 HoursTom JonesCD13509992 64984 2 35099926498423
Secret Valentine EPWe the KingsDigital Media6
Secret Valentine EPWe the KingsCD5807315 2 0052 7807315200527
We the KingsWe the KingsCD13LIB115CD9341004008991
We the KingsWe the KingsCD13TOCP-667744988006861466
Tinted WindowsTinted WindowsCD1150999 9 64340 2 4509999634024
Bible BeltDiane BirchCD138 07315 11012 30807315110123
Get Over It!Care Bears on FireCD148 07315 80012 3807315800123
Smile KidWe the KingsCD118 07315 20062 6807315200626
Smile KidWe the KingsCD138 07315 20082 4807315200824
Smile KidWe the KingsCD1250999 6 09140 2 65099960914026
Girls Like It LoudCare Bears on FireDigital Media5[none]
Keep Your Head UpAndy GrammerDigital Media1
The Velveteen Age (with the Phenomenal Hand Clap Band)Diane BirchDigital Media7
Night Dawn: The Unpublished Poetry of Townes Van Zandtדויד ברוזהCD12807315130121807315130121
All You Need Is NowDuran DuranCD150731517022807315170226
All You Need Is Now (US Best Buy Deluxe Edition)Duran DuranCD + DVD17 + 70731517042807315170424
Girl Panic!Duran Duran7" Vinyl20731517017807315170172
Wind Up Bird Song (For Japan)Diane BirchDigital Media1
Andy GrammerAndy GrammerCD120731516022807315160227
Andy GrammerAndy GrammerCD1183451228623283451228620
Andy GrammerAndy GrammerDigital Media11
Sunshine State of MindWe the KingsDigital Media11[none]
Sunshine State of MindWe the KingsCD11
Pennies in a JarNikki JeanCD120731518012807315180126
Betty Wright: The MovieBetty Wright & The RootsCD140731519012807315190125
Say You Like MeWe the KingsDigital Media1[none]
Live from L.A.Andy GrammerDigital Media10
Party, Fun, Love & Radio EPWe the KingsDigital Media5
The Soul Sessions, Volume 2Joss StoneCD115053105347926, 53105347925053105347926
The Soul Sessions, Volume 2 (deluxe edition)Joss StoneCD150731521022807315210229
The Soul Sessions, Volume 2 (deluxe edition)Joss StoneDigital Media15[none]
The Soul Sessions Vol 2 (deluxe edition)Joss StoneCD1550531053479575053105347957
TeardropsJoss StoneDigital Media1
Speak a Little LouderDiane BirchDigital Media11[none]
Speak a Little Louder (Deluxe Version)Diane BirchDigital Media16
Speak a Little Louder (Deluxe Version)Diane BirchCD167315110420
Speak a Little LouderDiane BirchCD11807315110338
Crazy Beautiful EPAndy GrammerDigital Media3[none]
Magazines or NovelsAndy GrammerCD118073151605807315160524
Magazines or Novels (Target exclusive edition)Andy GrammerCD13807315160623
AdonisHow I Became the BombDigital Media5[none]
Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)Andy GrammerDigital Media1
Magazines or Novels (deluxe edition)Andy GrammerCD16[none]
Habib GalbiA‐WADigital Media8
GeeksHailey KnoxDigital Media1
Leslie Odom, Jr.Leslie Odom Jr.CD10538211
Habib GalbiA‐WACD125382139824050538213980
A Little AwkwardHailey KnoxDigital Media5
Fresh EyesAndy GrammerDigital Media1
SafeBay LedgesDigital Media1
Simply ChristmasLeslie Odom Jr.CD84050538244328
The EPBay LedgesDigital Media4
Fresh Eyes (Grey remix)Andy GrammerDigital Media14050538284164
DimeRachel CrowDigital Media1
Give LoveAndy Grammer feat. LunchMoney LewisDigital Media1
SafeBay Ledges feat. Sylvain ArmandDigital Media1
Fountain TropicalBay LedgesDigital Media5
Finally It's ChristmasHansonCD145383327824050538332780
Simply Christmas (deluxe edition)Leslie Odom Jr.CD1293366075597933666
Simply Christmas (Deluxe Edition)Leslie Odom, Jr.CD12
The Good PartsAndy GrammerCD135383435124050538343519
The Good PartsAndy GrammerDigital Media13
Burn the House Down (explicit)AJRDigital Media14050538388596
Burn the House Down (clean lyrics)AJRDigital Media14050538388909
ToyNettaDigital Media14050538412161