Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Necrophagia Necrophagia Vinyl 4 WRR001
Trapped in Hell Preacher 12" Vinyl 10 WRR004
Recipients of Death Recipients of Death 12" Vinyl 7 WRR-007 [none]
Anialator Anialator 12" Vinyl 8 [none]
Impulse To Destroy Blood Vinyl 24 WRR-014
Victims of Science Gammacide 12" Vinyl 9 WRR 016 [none]
Anialator II Anialator 12" Vinyl 5
Ultimo Mondo Cannibale Impetigo Vinyl 16 WRR-020
Ultimo Mondo Cannibale Impetigo Vinyl 18
Will to Power Order From Chaos Cassette 3
Fallen Angel of Doom.... Blasphemy CD 10 WRE 901-2
Bride of Insect Nuclear Death Cassette 12 WRR017
Bride of Insect Nuclear Death 12" Vinyl 12 WRR-017
Fallen Angel of Doom.... Blasphemy 12" Vinyl 10 WRR019 [none]
Mysteries About Life & Death Toxodeth 12" Vinyl 9 WRR021 [none]
Impending Doom.... Sadistic Intent 12" Vinyl 4 WRR022 [none]
Impending Doom.... Sadistic Intent 7" Vinyl 4 WRR022
Syzygial Miscreancy Hellwitch 12" Vinyl 7 WRR-023
Watery Graves Hexx 12" Vinyl 3 WRR025 [none]
Searching for the Light Dorsal Atlântica 12" Vinyl 9 WRR-026 [none]
Destination Unknown Arcane 12" Vinyl 8 WRR-027 [none]
Final Flight Recipients of Death 12" Vinyl 5 WRR-028 [none]
Carrion for Worm Nuclear Death CD 12 WRE/917-2 8711687001465
Crime Against Humanity Nausea CD 7 WRE/918-2 8711687001458
Crime Against Humanity Nausea 12" Vinyl 8 WRR-018 [none]
Carrion for Worm Nuclear Death 12" Vinyl 12 WRR-029
Stillbirth Machine Order From Chaos CD 7 WRR-030
Faceless Impetigo 7" Vinyl 4 WRR-032 [none]
Metamorphosis Brutality Cassette 3 WRR-BRU
Open Your Eyes... And Die! Extreme Smoke Cassette 16 WRR-EXT [none]
Crime Against Humanity Nausea CD 8
Z.P.O.G. Zombified Preachers of Gore Cassette 4
Ill Health Exempt Cassette 6
For Our Dead Nuclear Death 7" Vinyl 4 WRR-034
Horror of the Zombies Impetigo CD 10 WRR-035 718971003523
Evil Prevails… Ancient Rites 7" Vinyl 5 WRR-AR
Fuck Frenzy Meat Shits Cassette 44 WRR-MEA
Requiem for Fools Sigh 7" Vinyl 2 WRR-SIG
Requiem for Fools Sigh Cassette 3 WRR-SIG2
Trip to Depressive Autumn Unholy Cassette 4 WRRUNH
Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth Thergothon Cassette 4
Abysmal Grief Goddefied CD 6 WRR-041
Then the Snow Fell... Cauterizer Cassette 5 WRR-CAU
Heaven Defied Inverted Cassette 6 [none]
Scenes of an Obscure Death Judecca CD 9
Tristesse Funeral CD 3 WRR042
The Gardens of Dead Winter Thorns of the Carrion CD 11 WRR-057
Revocation of the Beast Inverted CD 5 WRR-046
Perpetual Degradation Internal Bleeding CD 4 WRR 055
Wrath of the Tyrant Emperor Cassette 11 WRR 070
Lord of Chaos Adversary CD 6 WRR100 [none]
Odes Mordor CD 4 WRR 049
...From the Pagan Vastlands Behemoth CD 7 WRR-056 [none]
From The Past We Summon Thee Necromantia CD 3 WRR-059
Perish Mangled CD 6 WRR 062
The Summoning Ritual CD 9 WRR-067 [none]
As Eternal as the Night Primigenium CD 3 WRR068
Gradually Melted Deeds of Flesh CD 4 WRR-071
Excruciating Pain Vital Remains CD 6 WWR-045
Our Blessed Conqueror Symphony of Grief CD 5
Artist of the Flesh Angelkill CD 12 WILD RAGS 055
Malleus Maleficarum Centinex CD 8 WRR-043
Pogromist Drogheda CD 20 WRR 054 [none]
Exhumed and Molested Shredded Corpse CD 8 WRR 065 [none]
Whispers Ysigim CD 11 WRR-079
Beyond, What the Eyes Can't See Judecca CD 9
Blackened Dreams of Nocturne Vitam Eternam CD 4
Demonic Winter Metal Ritual CD 9
In Darkness Embrace Abominant (unknown) 9
The Way After Abominant (unknown) 9