Universal International (Japanese label; release must say “制作:Universal International” AND have no logos other than “Universal Music”)

~ Label


This is a record company, not a label/imprint. You should only use this as the release label if the 制作 credit on the obi indicates "Universal International" and the only logo is "UNIVERSAL MUSIC" with no other labels present. Universal International manufactures foreign music for release in Japan, so in all other cases you should use the original label shown on the release.


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Classic Lynyrd SkynyrdLynyrd SkynyrdCD13
  • JP2000-09-27
Les Jours tranquillesAndré GagnonCD10
  • JP2000-09-27
Presque bleuAndré GagnonCD10
  • JP2000-11-14
The Dynasty: Roc La FamiliaJay‐ZCD16