MIYA RECORDS (Taiwanese bootleg label)

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Please do not set the release date on these (except if you have made some tedious checks in MIYA RECORDS archives to carefully guess it) because, the release date is never printed on the release.
As other Taiwanese pirates, and unlike Japanese originals, they either show no date or just a copyright (sic) YYYY date.

MIYA RECORDS is a Taiwanese bootleg label for high quality but unauthorized copies of Japanese music and Anime soundtracks. Copyrights to the original owner are usually replaced with a "Made in Taiwan" notation.

Seems to have some link with Ever Anime (長榮國際唱片有限公司) as Ever Anime catalog numbers (GM-XXX) are often printed on CD while the box package features MIYA credits and catalog number.

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SOUND of The Sky Crawlers川井憲次CD21
Vampire Knight Original Soundtrack IIVarious ArtistsCD30
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots - Original SoundtrackHarry Gregson‐Williams, 戸田信子, 小堀修一 & 陣内一真2×CD20 + 27
MICA-0965, MICA-09664719314026663
ベスト '07-'09 Memories初音ミクCD17
ベスト '07-'09 Impacts初音ミクCD17