Philips Digital Classics (this may likely be a series than an actual label)

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There is some confusion regarding the Philips labels. Releases have been found which sometimes have "classics" and sometimes "digital classics" alongside the "Philips", and around the web the same release can be listed as Philips, Philips Classics or Philips Digital Classics. For the series, see Philips Digital Classics.

rateyourmusic doesn't believe Philips Digital Classics is a label:
but appears to be alone in being so certain.

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Sacred SongsJessye NormanCD11
400 019-2028940001925
Piano Sonatas Hob. XVI: 48, 50 & 51Haydn; Alfred BrendelCD7
411 045-2028941104526
Le quattro stagioniAntonio Vivaldi; I Musici, Pina CarmirelliCD12
  • DE1982-09-24
410 001-2028941000125
6 Sinfonie di Concerto GrossoAlessandro Scarlatti; I Musici, William Bennett, Hans Elhorst, Lenore Smith, Bernard SoustrotCD6
400 017-2028940001727
Suites: The Golden Cockerel / Tsar SaltanRimsky-Korsakov; Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, David ZinmanCD8