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Food Records was an independent record label set up in 1984 by Andy Ross and David Balfe. Originally distributed by Rough Trade, Food licenced acts to the Polygram offshoot London Records and Warner's WEA Records, before becoming closely associated with the EMI group's Parlophone label. In 1988 EMI invested in the label, whilst in 1994 EMI gained complete control and folded it into Parlophone a few years later.

Biggest successes for the label have been Jesus Jones, Dubstar, Idlewild, but especially Blur.

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Soul MurderBrilliant12" Vinyl3SNAK 1[none]
PlentyThe Woodentops7" Vinyl2FOOD 2[none]
PlentyThe Woodentops12" Vinyl3Snak 002[none]
It's a Man's Man's Man's WorldBrilliant12" Vinyl4FOOD 5T
Wild ChildZodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction12" Vinyl3SNAK 004
SomebodyBrilliant12" Vinyl4248 684-0
High Priest of LoveZodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction12" Vinyl6Warp 1[none]
Just a CityVoice of the Beehive12" Vinyl3FOODX 9
Desert OrchidCrazyheadCD15foodcd 1077779103522
Desert OrchidCrazyhead12" Vinyl11FOOD LP 1
Never EnoughJesus Jones12" Vinyl312 FOOD 215099920340964
Never EnoughJesus JonesCD4CD FOOD 215099920340926
Never EnoughJesus Jones7" Vinyl2FOOD 215099920340971
Never EnoughJesus Jones7" Vinyl2FOOD S 215099920340988
The Food Christmas EP 1989Diesel Park West / Crazyhead / Jesus Jones7" Vinyl3FOOD 235099920363277
The Food Christmas EP 1989Diesel Park West / Crazyhead / Jesus Jones12" Vinyl312 FOOD 235099920363284
Info FreakoJesus Jones12" Vinyl312 JJ1
Jackie's Still SadDiesel Park WestCD4CD FOOD 155099920296124
All the Myths on SundayDiesel Park WestCD4CD FOOD 175099920321925
Bring It On DownJesus JonesCD4CD FOOD 225099920351625
The Food Christmas EP 1989Diesel Park West / Crazyhead / Jesus JonesCD3CD FOOD 235099920363222
Info FreakoJesus Jones7" Vinyl2FOOD 185099920324575
Like Princes DoDiesel Park West7" Vinyl2FOOD 195099920329471
When the Hoodoo ComesDiesel Park WestVinyl3FOOD 205099920343675
Shakespeare AlabamaDiesel Park WestCD12FOODCD 2077779168927
LiquidizerJesus JonesCD12FOODCD 30077779323821
Shakespeare AlabamaDiesel Park WestVinyl10FOOD LP 2077779168910
Never EnoughJesus Jones8cm CD2TODP-21474988006641709
She's So HighBlur12" Vinyl312FOOD 265099920408763
She's So HighBlurCD3CDFOOD 265099920408725
She's So HighBlur7" Vinyl2FOOD 265099920408770
She's So High / I KnowBlurCassette4TCFOOD 265099920408749
Real, Real, RealJesus Jones12" Vinyl412 FOOD P 245099920379506
FlippedDiesel Park WestCD12CDDPW 10010077779497324
Right Here, Right NowJesus JonesCD4cd food 255099920405120
Real Real RealJesus Jones7" Vinyl2FOODS 245099920379582
DoubtJesus JonesCD12C2 95715
There’s No Other WayBlur12" Vinyl412FOOD 295099920427269
There’s No Other WayBlurCD4CDFOOD 295099920427221
There’s No Other WayBlur7" Vinyl2FOOD 295099920427276
There’s No Other WayBlurCassette2TCFOOD 295099920427245
BangBlur12" Vinyl412FOOD 315099920441265
BangBlur7" Vinyl2FOOD 315099920441272
BangBlurCassette2TCFOOD 315099920441241
BangBlurCD4CDFOOD 315099920441227
LeisureBlurCD12FOOD CD 6077779750627
Fall to LoveDiesel Park WestCD420463025099920463021
Fall to LoveDiesel Park WestCD4CD FOODS 355099920463229
Focusing in With BlurBlurCD12DPRO-05424
DoubtJesus JonesCD11FOOD CD5077779571628
DoubtJesus JonesCD12FOOD CD 50077779571529
LeisureBlurCD12FOODCD 6077779750627
DecencyDiesel Park WestCD11FOOD CD 70077779331727
PopsceneBlur12" Vinyl412FOOD 375099920475062
PopsceneBlurCD3CDFOOD 375099920475024
PopsceneBlur7" Vinyl2FOOD 375099920475079
PopsceneBlurCassette2TCFOOD 375099920475048
PopsceneBlurCD220 4750 2, CDFOOD 37, CDFOODDJ 375099920475024
God Only KnowsDiesel Park WestCD4CDFOODS 39724388019422
Gimme Shelter (Alternative)Various ArtistsCD4CDORDERDA 1724388057721
For TomorrowBlur12" Vinyl312FOOD40724388057165
For TomorrowBlurCD3CDFOODS40724388057127
For TomorrowBlurCassette3TCFOOD40724388057141
For TomorrowBlurCD4CDFOOD40724388057226
Modern Life Is RubbishBlurCD14FOODCD 9077778944225
Modern Life Is RubbishBlur12" Vinyl14FOOD LP 9077778944218
Modern Life Is RubbishBlurCD16TOCP-77434988006682627
Chemical WorldBlurCD4CDFOODS45724388071222
Chemical WorldBlur7" Vinyl2FOODS45724388071079
Zeroes & OnesJesus Jones12" Vinyl512 FOOD 44,724388067065
Zeroes & OnesJesus JonesCD37243 8 80709 2 8724388070928
Zeroes & Ones (CD2)Jesus JonesCD5CDFOOD44724388067027
Chemical WorldBlur12" Vinyl412FOOD45724388071062
Chemical WorldBlurCD4CDFOOD45724388071024
Sunday SundayBlur12" Vinyl312FOODS46724388097963
Sunday SundayBlurCD4CDFOOD46724388097925
The Sunday Sunday Popular Community Song CDBlurCD3CDFOODX46724388098021
Sunday SundayBlur7" Vinyl2FOODS46724388097970
Modern Life Is RubbishBlurCD190777 7 89442 2 4077778944225
For TomorrowBlurCD47243 8 80624 2 8724388062428
Zeroes & Ones (CD1)Jesus JonesCD4CDFOODS44724388067126
Gimme Shelter (Rock)Various ArtistsCD4CDORDERR1724388057622
The Devil You KnowJesus JonesCD3CDPERV 1724388042925
PerverseJesus JonesCD12FOODCD 8077778064725
Modern Life Is RubbishBlurCD69FOOD CD 9077778944225
Modern Life Is Rubbish (mispressing)Blur12" Vinyl14FOODLP9077778944218
Girls & BoysBlurCD3CDFOODS 47724388125024
Girls & BoysBlur7" Vinyl3FOOD 47724388125079
Girls & BoysBlurCassette3TCFOOD 47724388125048
Girls & BoysBlurCD3CDFOOD47724388125123
ParklifeBlurCD16FOODCD 10724382919421
To the EndBlur12" Vinyl312FOOD50724388142960
To the EndBlurCD3CDFOODS50724388142922
To the EndBlurCassette3TCFOOD 50724388142946
To the EndBlurCD3CDFOOD50724388143028
Girls & BoysBlurCD67243-8-58155-2-2724385815522