Compass Bros Records (Australian country music label)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
My Oxygen Melinda Schneider CD 17
Good Friends Adam Brand CD 13 D32188
Built For Speed Adam Brand CD 13 006CDCB
Happy Tears Melinda Schneider CD 20
Little Bit Crazy Dianna Corcoran CD 13
Family Tree Melinda Schneider CD 12
Little Bit Rusty The Sunny Cowgirls CD 12 018CDCB 9399700141450
What a Life Adam Brand CD 13 024CDCB
Stronger Melinda Schneider CD 13
Long Five Days The Sunny Cowgirls CD 13 027CDCB 9399700174090
Then There's Me Dianna Corcoran CD 13
Little Things Kirsty Lee Akers CD 13
Blame It on Eve Adam Brand CD 14
Blame It on Eve Adam Brand CD 15
Greatest Hits 1998 - 2008 Adam Brand (unknown) 20 053CDCB 9340269010077
Dust Will Settle The Sunny Cowgirls CD 15 051CDCB 9340269010053
Touch of Water James Blundell CD 15 056CDCB 9340269010626
Portrait Of A Man James Blundell CD 12
Better Days Kirsty Lee Akers CD 12
Hell of a Ride Adam Brand CD 12
Summer The Sunny Cowgirls CD 13 070CDCB 5021456171286
It's Gonna Be OK Adam Brand CD 13
You're a Revhead Adam Brand CD + DVD 17 + 8 080CDCB
You're A Revhead Adam Brand CD 17
I Make My Own Sunshine Chelsea Basham CD 13
Youngest Chelsea Basham CD 11
In America Dianna Corcoran CD 12