Renamed to: Smithsonian Folkways (imprint of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)


Music of Equatorial AfricaVarious Artists4×10" Vinyl4 + 4 + 4 + 4
01427, 1424
Darling CoreyPete Seeger10" Vinyl13
FA 2003, FP 3[none]
Chinese Classic - Instrumental MusicThe Chinese Cultural Theater Group10" Vinyl5
FP 12
Spanish Guitar SolosCarlos Montoya10" Vinyl8
FP 16
Hungarian Folk SongsBela Bartok12" Vinyl19
P 1000[none]
Old Harp SingingOld Harp Singers of Eastern Tennessee12" Vinyl10
Traditional Blues sung by Brownie McGhee Vol 1Brownie McGhee12" Vinyl10
FA 2421[none]
Folk Music of EthiopiaVarious Artists12" Vinyl11
FE 4405
Music of the American Indians of the SouthwestVarious Artists12" Vinyl13
FE 4420
Talking and Drum SolosBaby Dodds10" Vinyl8
FJ 2290
Meeting of James Joyce Society: Finnegan's WakeJames Joyce, Joseph Campbell, Padraic Colum2×12" Vinyl12 + 5
FL 9593[none]
Hymns and Carols: Early AmericanAndrew Rowan SummersVinyl9
FP 61
Mormon Folk SongsL. M. Hilton10" Vinyl12
FA 2036
Folk Music of YugoslaviaVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
  • -1952
FE 4434
Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume One: BalladsVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 13
FP 251[none]
Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume Two: Social MusicVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 15
FP 252[none]
Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume Three: SongsVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
FP 253[none]
Folk Songs Of French CanadaAlan Mills10" Vinyl13
FP 29
Sounds of a Tropical Rain Forest in America[no artist]12" Vinyl29
FPX 120, FX 6120
Haitian PianoFabre Duroseau12" Vinyl8
  • -1952
Sounds of the Sea, Volume 1: Underwater Sounds of Biological OriginNaval Research Laboratory12" Vinyl27
FX 6121[none]
Indian Music of Mexico[traditional]Vinyl13
  • -1952
P 413
Easy Rider: Leadbelly Legacy Volume FourLead Belly10" Vinyl9
FA 2034[none]
Smoky Mountain BalladsBascom Lamar Lunsford10" Vinyl8
Tribal Music of AustraliaA. P. Elkin12" Vinyl14
FE 4439[none]
Folk Music of the MediterraneanVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl8 + 9
FE 4501
Ballads of the American Revolution: 1776-1781Wallace House12" Vinyl8
FH 2152 - FP 48-2
Rock Island Line: Huddie Ledbetter Memorial Album, Volume 2Lead Belly10" Vinyl13
FP 14[none]
Ballads of the American Revolution: 1767-1775Wallace House12" Vinyl12
FP 48-1
Calypso and MeringuesVarious Artists10" Vinyl9
FP 8
Haitian Folk SongsLolita Cuevas & Frantz Casseus10" Vinyl8
FW 6811[none]
Folk Songs of Newfoundland (green cover)Alan Mills10" Vinyl12
FW 6831 FP831
Folk and Traditional Music of TurkeyVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
P 404
Haitian DancesFrantz Casséus10" Vinyl8
The Story of JazzLangston Hughes10" Vinyl3
FC 7312
American Folk Songs for ChildrenPete Seeger12" Vinyl11
FC 7601, FTS 31501[none]
More Songs to Grow OnAlan Mills12" Vinyl21
FC 7676
Indian Music of the Upper AmazonVarious Artists12" Vinyl27
FE 4458
How To Play The 5-String BanjoPete Seeger12" Vinyl12
Frontier Ballads Volume I: Immigrants, The TrekPete Seeger10" Vinyl14
FP 48-5
Frontier BalladsPete Seeger10" Vinyl27
FP 5003
New York 19Tony Schwartz12" Vinyl10
FP 58[none]
Millions Of MusiciansTony Schwartz12" Vinyl11
FP 60
Swedish Folk Songs & BalladsSven-Bertil Taube10" Vinyl11
FP 844[none]
Songs of Joe HillJoe GlazerPhonograph record10
Jamaican Folk SongsLouise Bennett10" Vinyl12
The Folksinger's Guitar GuidePete SeegerVinyl14
CRB 1, FW08354
Bay State BalladsPaul Clayton10" Vinyl14
FA 2106
The Gold And Blue AlbumFisk Jubilee Singers12" Vinyl12
FA 2372
Music From the South, Volume 1: Country Brass BandsThe Lapsey Band / The Laneville-Johnson Union Brass Band12" Vinyl20
FA 2650
The Original Talking Union & Other Union SongsThe Almanac Singers & Pete Seeger and Chorus12" Vinyl13
FH 5285[none]
Goofing-Off SuitePete Seeger10" Vinyl17
FP 43-2
Christmas Songs of SpainLaura Boulton10" Vinyl18
FP 836
Dutch Folk SongsYantina Noorman10" Vinyl15
FP 838
Radio Programme II: Rawhide (A Satire)Max Ferguson12" Vinyl4
FS 3862[none]
Kurdish Folk Songs and Dances[unknown]12" Vinyl17
P 469
Suite From "Little Fugitive"Eddy Manson12" Vinyl12
FA 2070
Folk Ballads of the English-Speaking WorldPaul Clayton12" Vinyl15
FA 2310
With Voices Together We SingPete Seeger12" Vinyl14
FA 2452
Love Songs for Friends & FoesPete SeegerVinyl21
FA 2453
Negro Prison Camp Worksongs (black cover with white label & black print)Prisoners at the Ramsey and Retrieve State Farms, Texas12" Vinyl10
FE 4475[none]
Negro Prison Camp Worksongs (blue cover with white label & black print)Prisoners at the Ramsey and Retrieve State Farms, Texas12" Vinyl10
FE 4475[none]
American Industrial BalladsPete SeegerVinyl24
FH 5251
The Un-Typical PoliticianMyles M. Platt12" Vinyl10
  • -1956
FH 5501
Folksongs And Ballads Of VirginiaPaul Clayton10" Vinyl14
FP 47/3
Irish Jigs, Reels & Hornpipes Recorded in IrelandMichael Gorman and Willy Clancy10" Vinyl13
FP 818-2, FP 818/2[none]
Folk Music From Nova ScotiaVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl12 + 13
Arabic and Druse MusicVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
Chansons d'AcadieHélène Baillargeon et Alan Mills10" Vinyl15
FW 6923[none]
Songs and Dances of TurkeyVarious Artists12" Vinyl22
FW 8801
Negro Prison Camp Worksongs (original 1956 issue with booklet)Prisoners at the Ramsey and Retrieve State Farms, Texas12" Vinyl10
P 475[none]
Songs of the Sea (purple cover)Alan Mills and The Shanty Men12" Vinyl32
FA 2312[none]
Songs of the Sea (blue cover)Alan Mills and The Shanty Men12" Vinyl32
FA 2312[none]
Songs of the Sea (green cover)Alan Mills and The Shanty Men12" Vinyl32
FA 2312[none]
Old-Time Tunes Of The South (Sutphin, Foreacre And Dickens)The Stoneman Family12" Vinyl21
FA 2315
American BalladsPete Seeger12" Vinyl14
FA 2319[none]
American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 1Pete SeegerVinyl17
FA 2320
A Walk in the Sun: And Other Songs and BalladsEarl Robinson12" Vinyl18
FA 2324[none]
Big Bill Broonzy Sings Country BluesBig Bill Broonzy12" Vinyl12
FA 2326[none]
Children's Songs and Games From the Southern MountainsJean Ritchie10" Vinyl18
FC 7054[none]
Childrens Jamaican Songs and GamesLouise Bennett10" Vinyl10
FC 7250
My Life in Recording: Canadian-Indian Folk-LoreDr. Marius C. Barbeau12" Vinyl8
FG 3502
Cumberland Mountain Folksongs Sung by Paul Clayton With Guitar and Dulcimer AccompanimentPaul Clayton10" Vinyl13
FP 2007
Mushroom Ceremony of the Mazatec Indians of MexicoMaría Sabina12" Vinyl17
FR 8975[none]
Rawhide 2Max Ferguson12" Vinyl4
FS 3872[none]
Yaqui Dances: The Pascola Music of the Yaqui Indians of Northern MexicoVarious Artists10" Vinyl8
FW 6957
British Broadside Ballads In Popular TraditionPaul Clayton12" Vinyl19
FW 8708
Hagadah: Yemenite Home PassoverSam Eskin12" Vinyl8
FW 8921
Sounds of New MusicVarious Artists12" Vinyl18
FX 6160
Sorcha Ní Ghuairim Sings Traditional Irish SongsSorcha Ní Ghuairim12" Vinyl7
American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 2Pete SeegerVinyl18
FA 2321
Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry SingBrownie McGhee and Sonny Terry12" Vinyl13
FA 2327
Cisco SingsCisco HoustonVinyl14
FA 2346
The New Lost City RamblersThe New Lost City Ramblers12" Vinyl18
FA 2396
Pete Seeger and Sonny Terry at Carnegie HallPete Seeger and Sonny TerryVinyl6
FA 2412
An Actual Story in Sound of a Dog's LifeTony Schwartz12" Vinyl2
FD 5580
The Pygmies of the Ituri ForestColin Turnbull and Francis S. Chapman12" Vinyl21
FE 4457[none]
Folksongs and Instrumentals With Guitar (Cotten playing guitar cover)Elizabeth CottenVinyl14
FG 3526[none]
W. C. Handy Blues Sung by his Daughter Katharine Handy Lewis in Traditional StyleW. C. Handy Blues, Katharine Handy Lewis, James P. Johnson12" Vinyl9
FG 3540[none]
Folk Songs of OntarioVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
FM 4005