Warner Music Manufacturing Europe (manufacturing company; not for release label use!)

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Also known as WMME Alsdorf. WME usually seen in matrix.

1991 to 1996/97: <cat#>/X.Y WME

<cat#> is usually #########-# (9 digits catalogue number, a hyphen and 1 digit format identifier, '2' for CD)
/X is the disc number on multi-disc releases
.Y is the glass master version number starting for second version: '.2', '.3', '.4', etc.

Examples: 756792112-2 WME, 954831909-2/1 WME, 450998581-2.2 WME

(Some discs with 'WMME' instead of 'WME')

Post 1994 Matrix codes: IFPI L011 - IFPI L017

See more complete notes on WMME Alsdorf \ Cinram Alsdorf plant

Warner Music Manufacturing Europe GmbH
Max-Planck-Straße 1-9
D-52477 Alsdorf

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Previously known as: TELDEC Record Service GmbH (not for release label use! manufacturing and distribution company), Record Service Alsdorf (RSA)

Renamed to: Cinram GmbH (CD/DVD/Blu-ray manufacturing company)


Finnhits 8Various ArtistsCD16
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