Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Be Persecuted Be Persecuted CD-R 6 PEST 001
Enthrone in Blizzard Midwinter CD 9 PEST002
A Sapless Leave Withering in the Night Fog Dark Fount CD 9 Pest 005 [none]
弈秋 (A5 Digipak edition) 葬尸湖 CD 9 PEST 004
弈秋 Zuriaake 2×CD 9 + 4 PEST 004
Afterimage of Autumn Zuriaake 2×CD 9 + 4 PEST 004
Journey... Two Years and a Fragment Líam CD 8 PEST 006
Suicidal Engagement Heartless CD + CD-R 9 + 5 Pest 010
Suicidal Engagement Heartless CD 9 PEST 010 [none]
The Shivering Opus Dysthymia CD 8 PEST 015
Der Schrei der Natur Anhedonia CD 7 PEST 016
Whispering Solitude Vergissmeinnicht CD 10 PEST009
.Existenz. Heretoir CD 6 Pest018
Goetic Experience Elhaz CD 11 PEST021
Bak og forbi... Hinsidig CD 5 PEST 029
Victory of the Holocaust Skeletal Augury CD 10 PEST 027 [none]
The World Comes to an End in the End of a Journey Various Artists CD 12 PEST019 [none]
Oniirica Bauda CD 5 PEST 028 [none]
.Existenz. Heretoir CD 5 PEST 018
Weathered by Time Means to an End CD 5 PEST037
Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer Various Artists 2×CD 13 + 12 PEST036
Wiedersehen - unsere Hoffnung Thränenkind / Heretoir CD 6 PEST024
When the Tomorrow Is a Grey Day The Last Days CD 5 PEST038 [none]
深山 深山 CD 6 PEST039
Malemort Elhaz CD 6 PEST032
Anaesthetization Heartless CD 5 PEST035
悲赋之秋 / 司命楼兰 葬尸湖 / 英吉沙 CD 8 PEST056
Witches Sabbath Tomb CD 5 PEST051
Carencia de ausencia Silence of the Old Man CD 7 PEST057
Forgotten woods in autumn's silence Raflum Digital Media 7
Dying Away in the Deep Fall Dopamine CD 5 PEST017
Be Happy Shroud of Distress CD 4 PEST044 [none]
Oskoreien Oskoreien CD 5 PEST048
The Path Toward Forgetfulness Shyy / ... CD 6 PEST063
冬霾 葬尸湖 CD 2 PEST054
Winter Mirage Zuriaake Digital Media 2 [none]
Winter Mirage Zuriaake Digital Media 2
Vallendusk Vallendusk Digital Media 3
Vallendusk Vallendusk CD 3 PEST064
Fade Away Gradually, My Hope... Misere Nobis CD 5 PEST 068 [none]
:tahoma: Alda CD 5 PEST059
Soundtrack to a Wasted Day Even Less CD 4 Saka002
Accretion Stellar Descent CD 2
Súl ad Astral Súl ad Astral CD 9 PEST072
Black Clouds Gathering (Digisleeve) Vallendusk CD 7 PEST078
Black Clouds Gathering Vallendusk Digital Media 7
Prólogo Camollís Digital Media 9
No Morrow Shall Dawn Thy Light CD 5 PEST087 888174111919
Restoration Amiensus CD 9
Terma Sadhaka CD 4 PEST086 [none]
Trugbilder Nachtreich CD 5 PEST088
Funeral Ghost Bath CD 12 PEST 096 702685999456
Enter the Asian Cult Various Artists Digital Media 17 [none]
I Sol Sistere CD 3
歸棹 Gui Zhao Raflum CD 6 TREE007
L'éloge de l'origine Dementia ad Vitam CD 15 Tree001
Braided Paths novemthree / Sangre de Muerdago CD 9 TREE004
孤雁 葬尸湖 CD 2 Pest105
孤雁 / Gu Yan 葬尸湖 CD 7 PEST105 0706238477323
National Trauma Black Kirin Digital Media 9
哀郢 Black Kirin Digital Media 9 [none]
Null & Void 0 CD 1 PEST000 706238477149
衷赤/Oath of Allegiance Holyarrow Digital Media 5
濁世 / The Mortal World 濁世 CD 4 PEST130
Cathedral at Obscure Fortress Ibex Moon CD 6
箫韶 Xiao Shao Black Kirin CD 7
箫韶 Xiao Shao Black Kirin Digital Media 7
Les Sacrifiés (re-issue) Mourning Dawn CD 7 PEST-141 706238477675
Disquiet Unreqvited CD 2
Disquiet Unreqvited CD 7 PEST-140
...von Leichen bewohnt Der Toten lebend Schein CD 3 PEST157
Bleeding Isle DirtyCreed CD 10
Inori Kanashimi CD 6
金陵祭 Nanking Massacre Black Kirin Digital Media 7
The Dead Years Mourning Dawn CD 8 PEST-179
Afterimage of Autumn Zuriaake CD 9 PEST-118 706238477309
孤雁 / Gu Yan 葬尸湖 CD 7 PEST-119 706238477316
Awakening Asunojokei Digital Media 7
Colours of the Mind Ghâsh / Marunata / Dreamshift / A Light in the Dark Digital Media 4 PEST184 [none]
Ember Trautonist Digital Media 7 PEST187
Awakening -わたしと私だったもの- ASUNOJOKEI 明日の叙景 Digital Media 7
Sempiternal Wisdom Pure Wrath Digital Media 6 PEST204 [none]
Anaesthetization Heartless Digital Media 5
Suicidal Engagement Heartless Digital Media 9