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signed:Vic Damone (from 1965 to present)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
holds phonographic copyright (℗) for
1981100 MetresVangelis2:05
1981Abraham’s ThemeVangelis3:21
1981Chariots of FireVangelis3:31
1981Chariots of FireVangelis20:41
1981Eric’s ThemeVangelis4:19
1981Five CirclesVangelis5:21
1981JerusalemThe Ambrosian Singers2:47
1985Only the YoungJourney4:18
1987Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on MeRoger Daltrey6:12
1987Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me (edited version)Roger Daltrey4:19
1991Under the BridgeRed Hot Chili Peppers4:26
"Do Not Go Gently..."Danny Elfman1:08
A Shooting StarCarter Burwell0:51
Action MedleyDanny Elfman1:29
ArrestElmer Bernstein2:23
Ayla Alone (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri2:13
Ayla Finds the Cave (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri1:37
Ayla Hugs Kreb (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri2:11
Back to the Interstate, Ben StoneCarter Burwell2:53
Breakfast Machine (Pee Wee's Big Adventure)Danny Elfman2:37
Breech BirthCarter Burwell0:38
Caught (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri4:08
ChantCarter Burwell2:23
Classroom SecretaryDanny Elfman1:02
Clown DreamDanny Elfman1:59
Dinosaur DreamDanny Elfman0:48
Down Ten DollarsCarter Burwell0:21
End Title (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri6:34
EscapeElmer Bernstein3:26
Escape from GradyCarter Burwell1:11
FinaleDanny Elfman3:13
Fireflies and Night ShadeCarter Burwell2:32
HitchhikeDanny Elfman0:57
Iza's Death (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri2:08
Jasmine StrutCarter Burwell0:54
Kije's WeddingСергей Сергеевич Прокофьев1:27
Kreb Gives Ayla Totem (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri3:22
Kreb on the Mountain (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri1:44
Life SentenceCarter Burwell4:25
Love SuiteDanny Elfman2:29
Main Title (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri3:16
Martian ActElmer Bernstein3:10
Meat is MurderCarter Burwell0:35
Off to SpyElmer Bernstein1:55
OvertureDanny Elfman2:13
Overture / The Big RaceDanny Elfman3:08
Park RideDanny Elfman1:15
Pass in the TentElmer Bernstein2:56
Pee ZydecoCarter Burwell0:24
Polegnala e TodoraPhillip Kouter2:50
Rally ’RoundElmer Bernstein2:41
RecallElmer Bernstein2:40
Remembrance of Things PastCarter Burwell0:58
Russians in the DesertElmer Bernstein2:23
Simone's ThemeDanny Elfman1:36
Slow Squash LoveCarter Burwell0:36
SpeedsterCarter Burwell3:36
Stolen BikeDanny Elfman1:44
Stone Walks AloneCarter Burwell0:50
Stone's RoundsCarter Burwell2:22
Studio ChaseDanny Elfman1:25
Study MontageDanny Elfman2:01
The Ace Tomato CompanyElmer Bernstein5:09
The Bear Skull (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri1:33
The BrawlDanny Elfman0:53
The Clan (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri1:57
The Clan Finds Ayla (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri3:27
The Counting (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri2:41
The Drive-inDanny Elfman2:02
The Glacier Trek (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri2:29
The Lady in the LakeCarter Burwell0:43
The Millwood StompCarter Burwell1:00
The Rape (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri1:37
The Road to RussiaElmer Bernstein3:40
The Vision (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri3:38
To the BusElmer Bernstein3:15
Triple LindyDanny Elfman2:04
Voices Across a LakeCarter Burwell2:11
W.A.M.P.Elmer Bernstein2:49
WinnersElmer Bernstein1:16
Wolf Attack (The Clan of the Cave Bear)Alan Silvestri1:27
Live in Japan Sampler (Sampler Promo CD)George Harrison with Eric Clapton and Band
holds copyright (©) for
Causing a CommotionMadonna
Looney Tunes - Merry MelodiesBugs Bunny, Sylvester, Henery Hawk, Elmer Fudd, Pepé Le Pew, Foghorn Leghorn, Tweety, Daffy Duck & Yosemite Sam
Sailin’ ShoesLittle Feat
Tequila SunriseVarious Artists
DisciplineKing Crimson
GreendaleNeil Young & Crazy Horse
Hat TrickAmerica
Live in Japan Sampler (Sampler Promo CD)George Harrison with Eric Clapton and Band
Talking Heads: 77Talking Heads
1928Lover, Come Back to Me (The New Moon)
1929Just One of Those Things
1929You Do Something to Me (Fifty Million Frenchmen musical comedy)
1930Happy Feet
1931As Time Goes By (the song from “Casablanca”)
1934Miss Otis Regrets
1965You’re Gonna Hear From Me
’Round Midnight
’Round Midnight (Art Ensemble of Chicago arrangement)
A Play Within a Play
Achilles Last Stand
After the War
Ain’t She Sweet
All About You
All My Love
All’s a Chord
Anxiety Montage
Anything GoesWarner Bros., Inc.
Autumn in New York (1934)
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin version)Warner Bros., Inc.
Baby, I'm in the Mood for You
Back to My Lovesub
Bad Woman Blues
Ballad of Hollis Brown
Beep Beep
Begin the Beguine
Behind the Meat Ball Cues
Big Noise
Bird Song
Bitter Green
Black Day in July
Black Rose
Blowin’ in the Wind
Blues in the Night (My Mama Done Tol’ Me)
Body and Soul
Book Revue Cues
Boss Man
Bugs Bunny Cues (Bear For Punishment)
Bullet to the Brain
Bye Bye Blackbird
Canadian Railroad Trilogy
Caveman Inki Cues
Chimes of FreedomWarner Bros. Inc.
Chori Chori
Cold Hands From New York
Conquer or Die!
Constant Danger
Corn Plastered
Countdown to Zero
Curious Electric
Daffy Doc Cues
Darling NikkiWarner Brothers Inc.
Day After Day
Days of Wine and Roses
Death From Within
Didn’t I
Does Your Mother Know
Don’t Fence Me In
Don’t Talk
Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
Dough for the Do Do
Drinking Again
Drip Along Daffy
Each and Everyday
Early to Bet Cues
Eccentric Person, Come Back to Me
Far Away in Baagad
Fatal Illusion
Feed The Kitty Cues
Four Strong Winds
Fucking Hostile
Generational Divide
Go My Way
Go-Go Round
Goin’ Home
Gorilla My Dreams
Hard on Me
Hard Rain’s A‐Gonna Fall
He Was Too Good to Me
Heart’s on Fire
Heatin Up
Hero Blues (Original lyrics)
Hillbilly Hare
Home From the Forest
Hound For Trouble Cues
Hour I
I Can’t Make It Anymore
I Cover the Waterfront
I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
I Get a Kick Out of You
I Got Plenty Of Mutton
I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
I Hear You Now
I Only Have Eyes for YouWarner Bros. Inc.
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