Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Happy Hour Killing Time CD 4 BL-13CD 723631001320
1979-1989 The Business CD 20 BL-9CD
Weathered Outcrowd CD 4 BL-14CD 723631001429
Thanks Fer Nuthin' Sheer Terror (unknown) 9
Just Can't Hate Enough Sheer Terror CD 15 BL-07CD 723631000729
My Sinister Secret Agenda God Is My Co-Pilot 7" Vinyl 5 BL-17
Old, New, Borrowed And Blue Sheer Terror CD 7 BLK-19 723631001924
The Goops The Goops CD 10 BLK-18 723631001825
My Rage Rest in Pieces CD 25 BLK-20 723631002020
Punk Rock Jukebox Various Artists CD 23 BLK 025E-CD 5016556102520
Fur Fur CD 10 BLK-026E-CD 5016556102629
Healer Outcrowd CD 12 BLK-22 723631002228
Love Songs for the Unloved Sheer Terror CD 16 BLK23E-CD 5016556102322
H₂O H₂O CD 10 BLK-30 723631003027
Damnation Overdrive The Turbo A.C.’s CD 12 BLK034E-CD 5016556103428
Marky Ramone and The Intruders Marky Ramone and The Intruders CD 13 BLK5005E-CD 700435703223
Not So Tough Now Frenzal Rhomb CD 53 BLK5007E-CD 5020667910721
H₂O H₂O CD 13 CTCR-17005 4945817170057
The Method Killing Time CD 18 BLK-35
No Regrets Powerhouse CD 14 BLK 37
All Hopped Up on Goofballs The Kowalskis CD 14 BLK-39 [none]
Our Own Way: An International Hardcore Compilation Various Artists CD 21 BLK-39
This Is Just the Beginning Kill Your Idols CD 16 BLK-43
This Is Just the Beginning Kill Your Idols CD 8 BLK-43 723631004321
Punk Rock Jukebox, Volume II Various Artists CD 16 BLK-44 723631004420
Separation is Killing Us Violent Society CD 17 BLK-45 723631004529
No Gimmicks Needed Kill Your Idols CD 17 BLK-48
Mayday Awkward Thought CD 17 BLK-46 723631004628
Bulldog Edition Sheer Terror 2×CD 20 + 19 BLK-47 723631004727
It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It The Commercials CD 10
Posthumous The Banner CD 5 823819006625
Rise of New Reason The Procedure CD 12 BLK-0063-2
Kill Your Idols / Crime in Stereo Kill Your Idols / Crime in Stereo CD 6 BLK0064-2 823819006427
Your Murder Mixtape The Banner CD 11
Love the Music, Hate the Kids Ensign CD 20 BLK 0065.-2
Explosives and the Will to Use Them Crime in Stereo CD 12 0068-2 823819006823
Falling Away From At a Loss CD 12 BLK 0067-2
Things Can Still Get Better The Finale CD 11 BLR 0074-2 823819007424
The Contract Crime in Stereo CD 4 BLR-0075-2 823819007523
A Few Easy Steps to Secure Heli-Camel Safety Grace Gale CD 9 BLR-0080-2 823819008025
I Farm So My Kids Won't Have To I Farm CD 18
Dying for What We Love A Well Thought Tragedy CD 5 BLR-0083-2 823819008322
Be Heard Barricade CD 10 BLR 0086-2 823819008629
What Doesn't Kill Me (Blackout! and Stillborn Records Sampler) Various Artists CD 23