Rebel Records (US bluegrass/country)

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Little Birdie / Faded MemoryRed Allen & Frank WakefieldVinyl2F-242-45
Froggy Went A-Courtin’ / Keep On GoingHarley "Red" Allen7" Vinyl2F-253
70 Song Original Bluegrass CollectionVarious Artists4×12" Vinyl17 + 19 + 18 + 16REB-1473-76
Bringing Mary HomeThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12REB-1478
Bringing Mary HomeThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12RLP 1478
The Traveler and Other FavoritesThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12SLP-1481
New Shades of GrassEmerson & Waldron12" Vinyl12SLP 1485
On Tragedy TrailStompin' Tom Connors12" Vinyl12CLPS 1070[none]
New Shades of GrassEmerson & Waldron12" Vinyl12R-SLP-1485[none]
Play It Like It IsThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12SLP 1486
New Look, New SoundThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12SLP-1490
Bluegrass CountryEmerson & Waldron12" Vinyl12SLP 1489
Bluegrass SessionEmerson & Waldron12" Vinyl12SLP 1493
The Best of The Early Country GentlemenThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12SLP 1494
Right On!Cliff Waldron and the New Shades of Grass12" Vinyl12SLP 1496
One Wide River to CrossThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12SLP 1497
Sound OffThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12SLP-1501
The Award Winning Country GentlemenThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12Rebel-SLP-1506
Traveling LightCliff Waldron and the New Shades of Grass12" Vinyl12SLP-1500
Just a Closer Walk With TheeCliff Waldron12" Vinyl12SLP-1505
One More StepCliff Waldron and the New Shades of Grass12" Vinyl12SLP-1510
Act 1The Seldom Scene12" Vinyl12SLP-1511[none]
High CountryRoy McMillan and The High Country Boys12" Vinyl12SLP-1517
One More Mile, One More Town, One More TimeCliff Waldron and the New Shades of Grass12" Vinyl12SLP-1518
Sing A Bluegrass SongAl Wood & The Smokey Ridge Boys12" Vinyl12SLP-1519
Act TwoThe Seldom Scene12" Vinyl13SLP-1520
Yesterday & Today, Vol. 1The Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12SLP-1521
I Want To Preach The GospelRalph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys12" Vinyl12SLP-1522
Up in the High CountryRoy McMillan and The High Country Boys12" Vinyl12SLP-1523
Bluegrass TimeCliff Waldron12" Vinyl12SLP-1524
Bluegrass TodayAl Wood & The Smokey Ridge Boys12" Vinyl12SLP-1525
Shenandoah Cut UpsShenandoah Cut Ups12" Vinyl12SLP 1526
Yesterday & Today, Vol. 2The Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12SLP-1527
Act 3The Seldom Scene12" Vinyl12SLP-1528
GuitarTony Rice(unknown)81582
Head CleanerThe II Generation12" Vinyl12SLP-1533
Yesterday & Today, Vol. 3The Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12SLP 1535
Cliff Waldron and the New Shades of GrassCliff Waldron and the New Shades of Grass12" Vinyl12SLP 1539[none]
Time To ThinkRoy McMillan and The High Country Boys12" Vinyl12SLP 1540
Come SpringtimeMarshall FamilyVinyl12SLP-1541
We Call It GrassII Generation12" Vinyl12SLP-1546
RequestsMarshall Family12" Vinyl12SLP-1553
GospelCliff Waldron12" Vinyl12SLP 1558
Joe’s Last TrainThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl10SLP-1559
The New Seldom Scene AlbumThe Seldom Scene12" Vinyl11SLP - 1561[none]
Old Home PlaceRalph Stanley12" Vinyl12SLP 1562
Second ImpressionII Generation12" Vinyl11SLP 1564
LifeguardMarshall Family12" Vinyl12SLP-1567
SouthboundSouthbound12" Vinyl12SLP 1570
God Walks the Dark HillsCliff Waldron12" Vinyl12SLP 1572
BaptizingThe Seldom Scene12" Vinyl11SLP-1573
Calling My Children HomeThe Country Gentlemen(unknown)12SLP 1574
GuitarTony RiceVinyl8SLP-1582
The Lost & FoundLost & Found12" Vinyl12REB-1589
I Can Hear Virginia Calling MeBill Harrell and The Virginians12" Vinyl12Rebel 1592
I’ll Wear a White RobeRalph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys12" Vinyl12SLP 1590
Bluegrass HolidayJ.D. Crowe12" Vinyl12REB-1598
The Stanley Sound TodayRalph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys12" Vinyl12REB-1601
Dark HollowLarry Sparks & the Lonesome RamblersVinyl131597
Almost HomeThe Easter BrothersVinyl10REB-1605
Endless HighwayLost & Found12" Vinyl12REB-1607
Walking in the Early Morning DewBill Harrell And The Virginians12" Vinyl12Reb 1620
Front Porch String BandFront Porch String Band12" Vinyl12REB-1624
One Wide RiverThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl12REB-1497
Makin’ TracksMcPeak Brothers12" Vinyl11REB 1612
The Best of Lost and FoundLost & Found12" Vinyl12REB-1628
Best of the Marshall FamilyMarshall Family12" Vinyl12REB-1632
Mountains And MemoriesThe Virginia Squires12" Vinyl11REB-1634
I Can Tell You the TimeRalph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys12" Vinyl12REB- 1637
Sun’s Gonna ShineLost & Found12" Vinyl12REB-1638
Do You Remember?Bill Harrell And The Virginians12" Vinyl12REB-1640
I’m Working My WayThe Virginia Squires12" Vinyl12REB-1642
25 YearsThe Country GentlemenCD24CD-1102[none]
Bluegrass BalladsJim Eanes12" Vinyl12REB-1643
The Lonesome River BandLonesome River Band12" Vinyl12REB 1645
Hurricanes and DaydreamsLarry Rice12" Vinyl12REB 1646
Hard Times & HeartachesThe Virginia Squires12" Vinyl10REB-1649
Blue Virginia BlueBill Harrell and The Virginians12" Vinyl12REB-1650
The Best Of The Early Louvin BrothersThe Louvin Brothers12" Vinyl12REB 852
The Best of The Seldom SceneThe Seldom SceneCD16CD-1101[none]
Classic BluegrassLarry SparksCD18CD 1107
Home of the Red FoxBill Emerson12" Vinyl10REB-1651
ReminiscingJim Eanes12" Vinyl12REB 1653
A Song for EveryoneBill Harrell And The Virginians12" Vinyl12REB 1655
Time MachineLarry Rice12" Vinyl10REB 1656
The DealLost & Found12" Vinyl12REB-1658
Live At The Cellar DoorThe Seldom SceneCD21CD-1103032511110329
Live in JapanThe Country GentlemenCD20CD-1104032511110428
Old TrainThe Seldom SceneCD12CD-1536032511153623
VariationsThe Virginia SquiresCD9CD-1669032511166920
I'll Answer the CallRalph Stanley12" Vinyl12REB 1657032511165718
I’ll Answer the CallRalph Stanley12" Vinyl12REB 1657
Saturday Night & Sunday MorningLonesome River Band12" Vinyl10REB 1660
Return EngagementThe Country Gentlemen12" Vinyl10REB 1663
I’ll Meet You in the MorningAppalachian Express12" Vinyl10REB-1664
New Dreams and SunshineRhonda Vincent12" Vinyl10REB-1665032511166517
Hymn TimeLost & Found12" Vinyl12REB-1668
VariationsThe Virginia SquiresVinyl9Reb-1669
The Puritan SessionsKenny Baker & Josh GravesCD24CD 1108
The New Seldom Scene AlbumThe Seldom SceneCD11CD-1561032511156129