[unknown] (special purpose label - DO NOT USE!)

~ Label


This is a special purpose label.

Do not use this as a label!

  • If the release has no branded production or distribution label (a.k.a. imprint, logo, trademark), use [no label].
  • If you're unsure about which one of the branded labels to use,
    • leave the label field blank
    • upload (via Cover Art Archive) or link to (via edit note) scans of the exact release in hand so that more experienced editors will be able to finish the job for you.

Why keep this label if it's of no use, then?

Because in the past people used it for all sorts of purposes, and that stuff needs to be sorted out, not just blanked.
But mostly because people will eventually recreate this label anyway, so keeping the entry at least helps us steer it.

Annotation last modified on 2014-09-18 14:38 UTC.


Neptunus Christmas SelectionStreet OrganCassette21
Pronkjewail (The Pretty One)Street OrganCassette19
På nye eventyrThe RoversCD12
CrackersMichael Shakley & GrahamCD14
  • -2022
Have A Good CultEarthists.CD10
  • -2022
Magical KingdomAstral MagicCD8
  • -2022
Tango para CharlieMariano & Sinesi&CD12unknown