Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Gas Terrolokaust CD 11 MTTE-0016-E 689076459303
Alae Noctis Alae Noctis CD 12 MTT0008-E
First Vision EP Xperiment CD 11 MTTE-0010-E 718122668656
(AE)quilibrium: Man vs. Machine Various Artists CD 20 MTT0007-E
U.S.C.H! (Spanish limited edition) Turmion Kätilöt CD 17 MTTE-0015-E 689076459501
9567: Here Even It's Yesterday MINIM Digital Media 14 [none]
Interactiv@ Nekrotech Digital Media 17 [none]
Digital Infection T3RR0R 3RR0R CD 12 MUT-E0001 0847108001870
X-Cultura (limited edition) Blood Digital Media 17 [none]
Remix War Xperiment CD 14 MTT-0020-E
Fuck the Wall Scamp Revolver Digital Media 7 [none]
Out of Business (limited edition) Red-Line 2×Digital Media 17 + 11 [none]
(AE)quilibrium v2.0: Digital Reconnection Various Artists 2×CD 18 + 19 mutant-1 4260101554987
9567: Here Even It's Yesterday MINIM CD 14 MTT-0021-E, MTT018 8435315800939
X-Cultura Blood CD 11
Tekknology DJ 3RR0R Digital Media 12 MTT022 [none]
Digital Infection T3RR0R 3RR0R Digital Media 12 [none]
Torment Traumatize CD 16
Visions of Destruction Xperiment 2×CD 11 + 10 MUT-E0006 4042564698374
Visions of Destruction (limited box edition) Xperiment 2×CD + CD-R 11 + 10 + 7 MUT-E0006
Tetrodotoxin Ðetuned Ðestruction Digital Media 17 [none]
The Architecture of Madness Inline.seX.Terror CD 11
Patient 6032 Traumatize CD 11
Kriegsbericht Kriegshund CD 10
Nunca algo fue tan real Killus CD 13 unknown
11:11 Various Artists Digital Media 18 [none]
Love for the Unusual Devout CD 10 8429006004935
Que Asi Sea Ammen Digital Media 12 [none]
No Habra Paz Electrophobia CD-R 11 MUT 027
0001: Yesterday I Was in the Room of the Thought MINIM Digital Media 14 [none]
Cyborgs Alae Noctis CD 13 MTTE0018E
Out of Business Red-Line CD 17
6ABORTED6FETUS6 6ABORTED6FETUS6 Digital Media 10 [none]
Decatronics Propulsion Digital Media 15 [none]
Noiz3ffektion HYBR1D 3RR0R Digital Media 11 [none]
Remix War Xperiment Digital Media 14 [none]
PORNOISE hexis CD 15 [none]
Source Code Ðetuned Ðestruction Digital Media 13 [none]
Volver al Camino de Grandeza FF.AA Digital Media 10 [none]
Decomposition Nousia Digital Media 11 [none]
El nombre de la Muerte AlDae CD 15 [none]
Human Mistakes Traumatize Digital Media 2 [none]
The Dawn of Carnage Pittersplatter Digital Media 12 [none]
Servant of God (Limited Edition) Traumatize 2×CD 16 + 15
Pretend Kraftkrise Digital Media 12 [none]
Decomposed Nousia Digital Media 9 [none]
First Contact T3RR0R 3RR0R Digital Media 7 [none]
Dark Thoughts Mind Driller Digital Media 5 [none]
Red Industrial Mind Driller CD 11
Red Industrial (limited edition CD + DVD) Mind Driller CD + DVD 18 + 5 0848542729122
Frozen Pittersplatter Digital Media 9 [none]
Game Over Ðetuned Ðestruction Digital Media 35 [none]
Nitro T3RR0R 3RR0R CD 14 MUT038 084854255915
Trotz Therapie! Rabbit at War DVD 13
(AE)quilibrium v3.0: Captcha Failure Various Artists 2×CD 19 + 15
Emergency Alert System WormZ CD 8 MUT041
Blood Blood Digital Media 11 [none] [none]
Blood Blood CD 12
Reorganizacion Nacional FF.AA Digital Media 19 [none]
Es regnet Rabbit at War Digital Media 8 [none]
We Came to Party T3RR0R 3RR0R Digital Media 6 [none]
Wir sind... Hasswut CD 18
Mutant-E Records Various Artists CD-R 13 [none]