You Tore Me DownFlamin’ Groovies7" Vinyl2
BOMP 101
If She Cries / The Love of the LovedThe Poppees7" Vinyl2
BOMP 103
Kill CityIggy Pop & James Williamson12" Vinyl11
IMR 1018[none]
Don’t Push Me Around / WimpThe Zeros7" Vinyl2
Bomp 110
Lift Up Your HoodDMZ7" Vinyl4
Destroy All MusicThe Weirdos7" Vinyl3
Bomp 112
I’m Sick of You!Iggy and The Stooges7" Vinyl3
Jesus Loves The StoogesIggy Pop and James Williamson7" Vinyl3
Giving It All / Under the Freeway20/207" Vinyl2
Jealousy / She’s Got ItPoppees7" Vinyl2
BOMP 106
I Don't Want Nobody (I Want You)The Boyfriends7" Vinyl2
Bomp 117[none]
Wild Weekend / Beat Your Heart OutThe Zeros7" Vinyl2
BOMP118, BOMP 118
She Don’t Know Why I’m HereThe Last7" Vinyl2
BOMP 119
Best of BompVarious ArtistsVinyl15
It’s Cold OutsideStiv Bators7" Vinyl2
BOMP 124[none]
L.A. Explosion!The Last12" Vinyl15
BLP 4004[none]
Who? What? When? Where? Why?The Weirdos12" Vinyl6
BLP 4007[none]
Not That Way AnymoreStiv Bators7" Vinyl2
BOMP 128[none]
The Insane Darrell Wayne's No Disco AlbumVarious Artists12" Vinyl15
BLP 4006
The NunsThe NunsVinyl11
BLP 4010
DisconnectedStiv BatorsCD9
Nikki And The CorvettesNikki and the Corvettes12" Vinyl12
BMP-4012, BOMP 4012
Night of the Living Dead BoysDead Boys12" Vinyl13
BLP 4017
The Original Modern LoversThe Modern Lovers12" Vinyl9
BLP 4021
Johnny Are You Queer?Josie Cotton12" Vinyl2
BOMP 12133
Dream SequenceThe Unknowns12" Vinyl6
MINI 3626075992362610
Solo LocoWillie Loco Alexander12" Vinyl12
BMP 4020
The Lazy CowgirlsThe Lazy Cowgirls12" Vinyl13
Let’s Get AcquaintedThe Holy Sisters of the Gaga DadaVinyl8
Tapping the SourceThe Lazy CowgirlsVinyl10
BLP 4025-1
The RaunchettesThe Raunchettes12" Vinyl5
Playing With FireSpacemen 312" Vinyl9
BLP 40329508140321
Ghosts Of LoveThe Green Pajamas12" Vinyl10
BLP 4033[none]
Sacred Miracle CaveSacred Miracle Cave12" Vinyl9
BLP 4034
I'm Sick of You!Iggy and The StoogesCD8
Don’t Push Me AroundThe ZerosCD13
BCD 4035095081403529
American Youth ReportVarious ArtistsCD16
BCD 4037
Work Makes FreedomDistorted Pony12" Vinyl5
BMP 4040
Punishment RoomDistorted PonyCD15
BCD 4041095081404120
Kill CityIggy Pop & James WilliamsonCD11
BCD 4042095081404229
Punishment RoomDistorted Pony12" Vinyl10
BLP 4041095081404113
Disconnected (collectors edition)Stiv BatorsCD17
BCD 4043095081404328
L.A. L.A.Stiv Bators10" Vinyl9
BLP 4046
Great PebblesVarious ArtistsCD31
MSI 13868
Night of the Living Dead Boys + The Last Dead Boys ReunionDead BoysCD18
  • US1994-02-25
Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs ToSpacemen 3CD13
BCD 4047
Rough PowerIggy & The Stooges10" Vinyl8
BLP 4095
Rough PowerIggy & The StoogesCD17
  • US1995-01-30
BCD 4049095081404922
MethodroneThe Brian Jonestown MassacreCD15
  • US1995-08-25
BCD 4050095081405028
Jesus Loves The Stooges (Remastered)Iggy Pop and James WilliamsonCD3
  • US1995-09-01
Buried Alive: The Best From Smoke 7 Records, 1981-1983Various ArtistsCD25
BCD 4052
I Got a RightIggy & The StoogesCD10
Spacemen Are Go!Spacemen 3CD11
BCD 4044095081404427
MethodroneThe Brian Jonestown MassacreCD15
BCD 4050095081405028
Open Up and Bleed!Iggy and The StoogesCD12
BCD 4051095081405127
Take It From the Man!The Brian Jonestown MassacreCD18
  • US1996-06-10
bcd 4055095081405523
Pop on Top! The Cream of Australia's Power Pop Crop!Various ArtistsCD20
  • US1996-08-01
BCD 4059
Thank God for Mental IllnessThe Brian Jonestown MassacreCD13
  • US1996-10-25
BCD 4061095081406124
The Roots of Powerpop!Various ArtistsCD26
  • US1996-11-01
BCD 4060
Stereophonic Pop Art MusicAlpha Stone(unknown)8
BCD 4054
Open Up and Bleed!Iggy and The Stooges12" Vinyl9
BLP 4051
Stereophonic Pop Art MusicAlpha Stone12" Vinyl5
  • -1996
BMP 4054
Year of the IguanaIggy and The StoogesCD11
  • US1997-02-27
Give It Back!The Brian Jonestown MassacreCD13
  • US1997-08-26
BCD 4068095081406827
California BleedingIggy & The StoogesCD9
  • US1997-09-23
BCD 4069095081406926
Year of the IguanaIggy and The StoogesCD11
Younger, Louder & Snottier: The Rough Mixes (brown CD)Dead BoysCD10
Younger, Louder & Snottier: The Rough Mixes (yellow CD)Dead BoysCD10
California Bleeding (yellow cd)Iggy & The StoogesCD9
BCD 4069095081406926
California BleedingIggy & The Stooges12" Vinyl7
BLP 4069095081406919
Born to LoseVarious ArtistsCD24
LOSE 6997095081699724
Dig It The MostDM3CD20
All This and MoreDead Boys2×CD21 + 14
  • US1998-06-10
BCD 4066095081406629
GermicideThe GermsCD11
  • US1998-09-28
BCD 4070095081407022
Wet Dreams & Teen MachinesThe DarlingsCD12
BCD 4065
God Save Us Poor SinnersThe JacobitesCD13
BCD 4072095081407220
Right Now!The ZerosCD14
  • US1999-10-12
Night of the Living Dead BoysDead BoysCD13
BCD 4017095081401723
Straight Outta Burbank: The Bomp 25th Anniversary CollectionVarious Artists2×CD25 + 20
Nikki and the CorvettesNikki and the CorvettesCD16
  • US2000-06-20
BCD 4012095081401228
Buried Alive: The Best of Smoke 7 Records, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD25
  • US2000-07-25
Michigan Palace 10/6/73Iggy & The StoogesCD9
  • US2000-08-15
BCD 4079095081407923
The Original Modern LoversThe Modern LoversCD9
BCD 4021
Double DangerIggy & The Stooges2×CD11 + 8
BCD 4076095081407626
The WarlocksThe WarlocksCD6
BCD 4080
The WarlocksThe Warlocks12" Vinyl6
BLP 4080
Rise and FallThe WarlocksCD8
  • US2001-10-16
BCD 4082095081408227
Wild LoveIggy and The StoogesCD13
  • US2001-10-23
BCD 4083-2095081408326
Live at the RatDMZCD20
L.A. Explosion!The LastCD21
  • US2003-01-23
BCD 4004-2
Black Lips!Black LipsCD14
  • US2003-03-18
BCD 4084095081408425
Spacegirl and Other FavoritesThe Brian Jonestown MassacreCD13
  • US2003-05-27
As Approved by the CommitteeThe TelescopesCD14
What the BuzzingFloorianCD10
  • US2004-09-14
EVIL 12095081661226
DisconnectedStiv BatorsCD14
BCD 4015-2095081401525
Rock'n'RollCoffin LidsCD14
BCD 4086-2095081408623
We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers GrowBlack LipsCD10
BCD 4087-2095081408722
L.A. ConfidentialStiv BatorsCD18
BCD 4089-2095081408920
Tie Your NooseBBQCD12
  • US2005-01-18
BCD 4090095081409026
Tie Your NooseBBQ12" Vinyl12
  • US2005-01-18
BLP 4090