Two-Tone Records (UK ska)

~ Label


The PrinceMadness7" Vinyl2CHS TT 3[none]
SpecialsThe Specials12" Vinyl14CDL TT 5001[none]
On My RadioThe Selecter7" Vinyl2CHS TT 4
A Message to You RudyThe Specials7" Vinyl2CHS TT5
Tears of a Clown / Ranking Full StopThe BeatVinyl2CHS TT 6-A
Gangsters / The SelecterThe Special A.K.A. / The Selecter7" Vinyl2TT1, TT2[none]
Too Much Too YoungThe Specials7" Vinyl3CHS TT7
I Can’t Stand Up for Falling DownElvis Costello & The Attractions7" Vinyl2CHS TT 7[none]
Too Much PressureThe Selecter12" Vinyl13CDL TT 5002[none]
Let's Do Rock SteadyThe BodysnatchersVinyl2CHS TT 9
Missing WordsThe Selecter7" Vinyl2CHS TT 10[none]
Easy LifeThe Bodysnatchers7" Vinyl2CHS TT 12
More SpecialsThe Specials12" Vinyl11CHR TT 5003
More SpecialsThe Specials12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl11 + 2CHR TT 5003, TT 999[none]
Rat Race / Rude Buoys Outa JailThe Specials7" Vinyl2CHS TT 11
StereotypeThe Specials7" Vinyl2CHS TT 13
Mantovani / AwayThe Swinging Cats7" Vinyl2CHS TT14
Do NothingThe Specials7" Vinyl2CHS TT 16
Braggin’ & Tryin’ Not to Lie / Rude Boys Outa JailThe Specials7" Vinyl2TT 999[none]
Ghost TownThe Specials12" Vinyl3CHS TT 1217[none]
Dance CrazeVarious Artists12" Vinyl15CHR TT 5004[none]
Ghost TownThe Specials7" Vinyl3CHS TT17
Jama RicoRico Rodriguez12" Vinyl9CHR TT 5006
War CrimesThe Special A.K.A.10" Vinyl2CHS TT 10 23
Jungle MusicRico And The Special AKA12" Vinyl3CHS TT 1219
The BoilerRhoda with The Special A.K.A.7" Vinyl2CHS TT 18
Tear the Whole Thing DownThe Higsons7" Vinyl2CHS TT 21[none]
Run Me DownThe Higsons7" Vinyl2CHS TT24[none]
Run Me DownThe Higsons12" Vinyl3CHS TT12 24[none]
This Are Two Tone (turquoise cover)Various Artists12" Vinyl16CHR TT 5007[none]
This Are Two Tone (pink cover)Various Artists12" Vinyl16CHR TT 5007[none]
Racist Friend / Bright LightsThe Special AKA12" Vinyl4CHS 12 TT 25, CHS TT 12 25
Racist Friend / Bright LightsThe Special A.K.A.7" Vinyl2CHS TT 25
In the StudioThe Special A.K.A.12" Vinyl10CHR TT 5008
Nelson MandelaThe Special A.K.A.(unknown)2CHS TT12 26
What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend! (Extended Version)The Special AKA12" Vinyl2CHS TT 12 27
Nelson MandelaThe Special A.K.A.7" Vinyl2CHS TT 26
What I Like Most About You Is Your GirlfriendThe Special A.K.A.7" Vinyl2CHS TT 27
This Are Two ToneVarious ArtistsCD16CCD 50075013136500721
The 2 Tone StoryVarious ArtistsCD23CCD 50095013136164824
SinglesThe Specials12" Vinyl163218231, CHR RR 5010094632182319
Ghost Town RevisitedThe Specials / Special Productions12" Vinyl4CHS TT 12 30094632380869
Ghost Town RevisitedThe Specials7" Vinyl2CHS TT 30
Ghost TownThe SpecialsCD2CHSTTCD30
Live at the Moonlight ClubThe Specials12" Vinyl10CHRTT 5011
The Best of 2 ToneVarious ArtistsCD16CDCHRTT 5012724382767022
SpecialsThe SpecialsCD147243 5 37697 0 3724353769703
More SpecialsThe SpecialsCD127243 5 37699 0 1724353769901
In the StudioThe Special A.K.A.Enhanced CD127243 5 37695 0 5724353769505
Live at the Moonlight ClubThe SpecialsCD1050999 696301 2 5, 696 30125099969630125
In the StudioThe Special AKA2×CD10 + 120825646151431 CHRTTR 50080825646151431
More SpecialsThe Specials2×CD11 + 1308256646336036 CDLTTR 5003
SpecialsThe Specials2×CD15 + 14CDLTTR 50010825646336081