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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Fats, Duke & the Monk Abdullah Ibrahim (unknown) 3 3048
Carol Chaikin Carol Chaikin CD 9 669910059524
Too Much Stuff The Want CD 16 803680088128
The Very Best of… The Selecter The Selecter CD 20 021075123821
The Latin Mass The Santa Barbara Quire of Voyces CD 15 CDQV001
Me and My Big Mouth Kyf Brewer CD 13
Texas The Want CD 13 656521980323
The Original Virgins The Original Virgins CD 12
Moonspell Persephone's Dream CD 13
Peel Anat Fort Digital Media 10 669910197622
Live at the Prism Coffeehouse Danny Schmidt (unknown) 15 791022110920
Where’s Otis? The Dogtones CD 13 3077 0669910307724
Evermore Evermore CD 10 3279 669910327920
Big City Swing Veronica Martell CD 13
Live at Griffith Stadium Elephant Boy CD 11 3807
Ain't That a Kick The O-Tones CD 15 2411 669910241127
Bleed Ill Repute CD 16
Still Still on the Hill CD 12
Atlantis...? Robert de Fresnes Digital Media 10
Quiet Moments Of Instrumental Worship David Bauer CD 16
The Actual Reading Zero CD 11 RZ71512 600665715129
Stars Too Small to Use Okkervil River CD 7
The Slaying Of The Dragon Bendixon CD 10
Step Aside “Hurricane” Jay LaBoy CD 13 669910147726
Fear Itself Braindance CD 11
The Devil Made Me Buy This CD I.M.T. CD 10
The Outing Damon Zick (unknown) 10
Talking River Adrienne Jones CD 12 4410
Canyonland Dos Coyotes CD 10
Spotlight Sally Harmon CD 12
27 Nancy Atlas CD 11
Recovered Anything Box CD 11
E.J. Cryan E.J. Cryan CD 11
Time to Fall in Love Again Faith (unknown) 13
Lose Your Mind and Come to Your Senses Motion Poets CD 12
In the Day Ryan Farish CD 14
Edge of the Storm Archangel CD-R 9
Frozen Dreams Prima Vista CD 11 6460 7041888502128
A Case of Mistaken Serenity Reign of Frogs CD 14 6725 669910672525
Satellite Sessions Reading Zero CD 11 786851009828
Divine Presence CD 11
Hard Life Blues Roy Lanham & the Whippoorwills (unknown) 31
Liquored Up and Lacquered Down Southern Culture on the Skids Digital Media 18
Relationship Suite D. Richard Lewis CD 17
Blue James I. Lent CD 11
The Creation Maston CD 13 7754
Manifest Destiny Mindless Faith Enhanced CD 13 669910752623
Pearls of Music Emmanuel & Elizabeth Borowsky CD 18 4004
Jonestown Kinship Company Kane CD 9 WRA8-873
Retrospective Erez Yaary (unknown) 6
Songs I Wrote or Wish I Did Judi Silvano CD 12
Structures Kotebel CD 7 669910459225
The Life and Loves of Mr. Jiveass Honkey XX Digital Media 9
Who Killed Puck? Cloud Cult CD 15
Get 2 It Robin Eubanks CD 12
Bout Time Chuck Lambert Band CD 10
Blue Tofu Blue Tofu Digital Media 11 803680131725
When the Smoke Clears Presence CD 12
There Can Be Only One Wild Mountain Thyme Digital Media 21 [none]
Unrehurst, Volume 1 Robert Hurst CD 7
The Beginning Stages of… The Polyphonic Spree CD 10 803680209127
Small Fires Adrienne Pierce CD 11
Latin Jazz Encounter - Live at Birdland Larry Harlow CD 10 802393
Whip It On The Raveonettes CD 8 WK 71044 766927104428
Contempo Urban Jazz Coalition CD 10
Our Currency Is Time The Color Turning CD 6
Carried by My Father Eric Terlizzi CD 11 803680760628
Good Luck Mr. Gorsky Booze Monkey CD 16
Pure Drama Pure Drama CD 9
A Toda Orquesta Color Tango CD 10
A Few Things to Hear Before We All Blow Up Williamson CD 12 802795 691045938122
Oh La La! Monsieur Leroc CD 16 788377102021
Sexual Chocolate and the White Boys Sexual Chocolate and the White Boys (unknown) 12
Madhurasmriti Aruna Sairam CD 6
Solo Piano Lito Vitale CD 12 802689
A Hometown Christmas Bob Sirois CD 12
Another Tomorrow Scars of Life (unknown) 5
Minor Enough Wrinkle Neck Mules CD 13 803680323526
Crossing Crystal Lake Howard Emerson CD 9 803680340929
Three Seconds East Escape From Earth CD 5
4Mag Nitrous 4Mag Nitrous CD 8 803680505328
The Truest Form Of Flattery Switchpin CD 11
Archer Prewitt Live at Schubas 08/14/2004 Archer Prewitt Digital Media 12 829410005982
The Backwards Life of Romeo Cowboys International CD 13 634479020506
Upside Down 9 Ball (unknown) 9
Crunk Juice Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Digital Media 19
Long Street Urban Jazz Coalition CD 10
Memoria Polo Montañez CD 14
The Hold Steady Live at Schubas 03/12/2004 The Hold Steady Digital Media 9
Can't Buy Revolutions Akiva (unknown) 11
Hard House Sampler 4 Various Artists Digital Media 4
SID Musique Various Artists Digital Media 11
People Nuclear Maniac Digital Media 12 669910090060
Tricks of the Trade Intrinzik (unknown) 16
Dawn Landes Live at Schubas 01/20/2005 Dawn Landes Digital Media 8
Falling in Love Paradox CD 10 ORCD105340.2 0669910534069
Starless and Bible Black Sabbath Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno Digital Media 2 [none]
The Dirty Sessions Mighty Fine CD 5
Rose: Musicals, Pop Operas & Jazz Rose Jang CD 10 669910610268
Your Karma Is Coming The Life on Earth (unknown) 9