Pseudo-label for (promotional) releases given away free with The Sunday Times newspaper (United Kingdom).
The newspaper's name is also imprinted on (official) releases available by mail order.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Classics for All Seasons: Sampler of the Year Various Artists CD 11 TELCD 001 5014505012425
The Sunday Times Music Collection: Jazz Legends Various Artists CD 8 ST11 [none]
The Sunday Times Music Collection: Guitar Men Various Artists CD 12 ST12 [none]
Late Baroque Various Artists CD 12 ST13 [none]
Rock Martyrs Various Artists CD 12 ST15 [none]
The Sunday Times Music Collection: Jazz Veterans Various Artists CD 15 ST2
The Sunday Times Music Collection: Vintage Jazz Various Artists CD 12 ST5
The Sunday Times Music Collection: Renaissance Various Artists CD 8 ST7 [none]
The Sunday Times Music Collection: Swinging the Blues Various Artists CD 12 ST18 [none]
Classical Various Artists CD 9 ST19 756055611929
Swing Time (of the 30’s) Various Artists CD 12 ST20, ST 20 756055612025
The Sunday Times Music Collection: Mind Games Various Artists CD 12 ST39
The Sunday Times Music Collection: Jazz Vocalists Various Artists CD 12 ST41 756055614128
The English Tradition Various Artists CD 12 ST43 756055614326
Great Film Themes Various Artists CD 13 STFILM1000 756055610021
Autumn Collection, Volume 1, The Great Classical Composers: Beethoven: Symphony 3 / Schubert: Symphony 3 Beethoven, Schubert; Royal Philharmonic CD 8 TNL001 [none]
Autumn Collection, Volume 3, The English Greats: Holst: The Planets / Elgar: Introduction and Allegro Holst, Elgar; The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra CD 8 TNL003 [none]
The Lady Killers Various Artists CD 12 ST24 [none]
The Sunday Times Music Collection: The Orchestra, Volume 1: Great Orchestral Works Various Artists 2×CD 9 + 7 STCD 201/2 [none]
The Orchestra, no. 2: Strings Various Artists CD 14 STCD 203 [none]
The Orchestra, Volume 3: Woodwind Various Artists CD 14 STCD 204 [none]
The Orchestra, no. 5: Percussion Various Artists CD 12 STCD 206 [none]
Easter Praise: Gregorian Chant Tony Yates & Voces CD 20 STCD 213 [none]
Classical Solo Instruments, Volume 1: Piano Various Artists CD 8 STCD224 [none]
Classical Solo Instruments, Volume 4: Voice Various Artists CD 9 STCD227 [none]
Music for the Performing Arts, Volume 1: Opera Various Artists CD 10 STCD 243 [none]
Permanent Revolution [Sunday Times] Various Artists 4×CD 12 + 12 + 12 + 12 Vol 02 [none]
Peace Is Just a Word Eurythmics Enhanced CD 14 BMGSM52 [none]
U2 Exclusive CD! U2 Enhanced CD 21 LYN18269 [none]
The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame read by Sir Derek Jacobi CD 26 [none]
Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Enhanced CD 5 BMGSM62 [none]
The Very Best of BBC Comedy Various Artists CD 21 BEST BBC COMEDY [none]
Elvis Costello Elvis Costello Enhanced CD 8 TIMES-ELVIS 01 [none]
You Gotta Go There to Come Back Stereophonics Enhanced CD 12 VVR1024022P [none]
The Month Feb 04 - Smile Various Artists Data CD 113 [none]
Festival Fever ’04 Various Artists CD 8 484 [none]
A Celebration of Robert Burns Various Artists CD 17 [none]
Disney’s The Lion King: Storyteller Elton John & Hans Zimmer narrated by Roy Dotrice CD 1 2100000350605 [none]
The Jungle Book Storyteller (“Storyteller” version, with more narration, dialogue and sound effects) Terry Gilkyson, Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman CD 1 2100000359721 [none]
Chocolat: A Specially Abridged Audio Version Joanne Harris read By Samantha Bond and Gareth Armstrong CD 8 S61638 [none]
Eats, Shoots & Leaves Lynne Truss CD 19 2001564906 [none]
10 Tracks Performed Live at the Royal Albert Hall Jimi Hendrix CD 10 2401644008 [none]
Johnny Cash Johnny Cash CD 10 2401644108 [none]
Parent Power Various Artists Data CD 36 STM56 #1 [none]
Charlotte’s Web, Disc 3 E. B. White CD 5 0501854001 [none]
The State of Independence Various Artists CD 13 2601914002 [none]
The Music of Ennio Morricone Ennio Morricone CD 10 TST2007SM4GB [none]
Anarchy in the UK: 30 Years of Punk, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 10 TCPPUNK1, TST2007SM5GB [none]
Anarchy in the UK: 30 Years of Punk, Volume 2 Various Artists CD 10 TST2007SM6GB [none]
Horrid Henry and the Secret Club Francesca Simon read by Miranda Richardson CD 4 1302108607 [none]
Indie Icons Various Artists CD 10 0802144608 [none]
Working Man’s Café Ray Davies CD 10 TST2007SM7GB [none]
The Sunday Playlist: The Ultimate Indie Collection Various Artists CD 13 1402384701 [none]
A Night in NYC Moby Enhanced CD 13 UPMOBY001 [none]
Prince Caspian (abridged) C.S. Lewis read by Tom Baker CD 19 1902566805 [none]
Strange Days The Doors CD 10 UPDOORS001 [none]
30th Anniversary Tour Live The Specials CD 12 UPSPCLS001 [none]
Live 2009 Blur CD 10 UPBL200901 [none]
The Chemical Brothers (The Sunday Times Promotional release) The Chemical Brothers CD 10 UPCHEMB001 [none]
The Sunday Times Music Collection: Rococo & Early Classical Various Artists CD 10 ST16
The Sunday Times Music Collection: Family Favourites Various Artists CD 12 ST48
Singers & Songwriters: Singers Various Artists CD 15 STCD 214 [none]
Classical Composition no. 1: Symphonies The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra CD 5 STCD216 [none]
Classical Composition No. 2: Concerti The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra CD 6 STCD217 [none]
Classical Composition no. 3: Chamber Music The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra CD 7 STCD218, STCD 218 [none]
Classical Composers Choice no. 3: Wagner Wagner; The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra CD 5 STCD238 [none]
Music From the Movies Various Artists CD 10 STM86 [none]
Divine Comedy - The Very Best of Stand-up Various Artists CD 11 [none]