Avid Jazz

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Blues for YesterdayLouis Armstrong(unknown)21
The Complete Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Plus 1950s MaterialBenny Goodman4×Digital Media28 + 21 + 23 + 21
Four Classic AlbumsThelonious Monk2×CD13 + 15AMSC9645022810196426
Three Early LPs and MoreCleo Laine & The Johnny Dankworth Seven2×CD25 + 17AMSC 9285022810192824
Four Classic Albums Plus...Jimmy Giuffre2×CD22 + 13AMSC948
Four Classic AlbumsSonny Rollins2×CD11 + 10AMSC9655022810196525
Four Classic AlbumsClifford Brown2×CD10 + 16
All Star Sessions: Three Classic Albums PlusDizzy Gillespie2×CD7 + 7AMSC9805022810198024
Three Classic Albums PlusDave Brubeck2×CD11 + 9AMSC982
Four Classic AlbumsThe Modern Jazz Quartet2×CD18 + 16
Four Classic Albums PlusAl Cohn2×CD21 + 15AMSC969
Four Different AlbumsZoot Sims2×CD22 + 16AMSC9835022810198321
All Star Groups: Three Classic Albums PlusGerry Mulligan2×CD12 + 13AMSC987
All-Star Groups & Orchestra: Three Classic Albums PlusLionel Hampton2×CD11 + 13AMSC993
All-Star Groups: Three Classic Albums PlusStan Getz2×CD13 + 9AMSC997
Four Classic AlbumsDizzy Gillespie2×CD16 + 16
Four Classic AlbumsJohnny Hodges2×CD23 + 18AMSC9995022810199922
Four Classic Albums PlusHumphrey Lyttelton2×CD20 + 19AMSC 1012502281030122
Four Classic Albums Plus: DJANGO / django / The Legendary Django / Django ReinhardtDjango Reinhardt2×CD27 + 27amsc10205022810302025
Buck Clayton: Three Classic Albums PlusBuck Clayton2×CD12 + 12AMSC10365022810303626
Four Classic AlbumsShorty Rogers2×CD24 + 17AMSC10415022810304128
Four Classic Albums PlusJimmy Raney2×CD19 + 18AMSC10515022810305125
Leader & Co-Leader Four Classic AlbumsBob BrookmeyerCD29AMSC10545022810305422
Three Classic Albums PlusSammy Price2×CD15 + 22AMSC10785022810307822
Satchmo: A Musical Autobiography, part twoLouis Armstrong2×CD32 + 23AMSC 10835022810308324
Four Classic Albums PlusDorothy Ashby2×CD17 + 20AMSC 1120
Sidney Bechet: Four Classic AlbumsSidney Bechet2×CD25 + 22EMSC11895022810712428
Four Classic AlbumsLes Brown2×CD22 + 24AMSC11935022810319320
Four Classic AlbumsPeggy Lee2×CD24 + 24AMSC12905022810329022
Four Classic AlbumsJeri Southern2×CD24 + 24AMSC12915022810329121
Four Classic AlbumsJune Christy2×CD23 + 22AMSC13055022810330523
Three Classic Albums PlusWes Montgomery2×CD17 + 14AMSC10275022810302728