Signature Records (UK drum & bass label run by Calibre)

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Feeling Happy / Think AgainCalibre12" Vinyl2SIG004
Mr. Maverick / HighlanderCalibreVinyl2SIG005
Drop It Down / BleepCalibre12" Vinyl2SIG006
Mr. Majestic / The Other SideCalibre & High Contrast12" Vinyl2SIG007
Second SunCalibre2×CD14 + 1SIGCD0015050693120825
Second SunCalibreCD14SIGCD001
Corner Dance EPCalibre2×12" Vinyl2 + 2SIG009
Carry Me Away / Mr Right OnCalibre12" Vinyl2SIG010
ShelflifeCalibre2×CD10 + 10SIGCD0025050693182724
OverflowCalibre5×12" Vinyl2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2SIG LP 003
OverflowCalibre2×CD9 + 9SIGCD0035060157035916
Roundhouse EPCalibre12" Vinyl4SIG 013
Don't Mind EPCalibre2×12" Vinyl2 + 2SIG014
Shelflife, Volume 2Calibre2×CD9 + 9SIGCD0045060157039754
Let Me Hold You / Love's Too Tight to MentionCalibre12" Vinyl2SIG0155055317202581
Let Me Hold You / Love's Too Tight to MentionCalibreDigital Media2SIG015
Shine a LightDominick MartinCD10SIGCD0055055317203014
Shine a LightDominick Martin12" Vinyl10SIGLP0055055317203366
Shine a LightDominick MartinCD10SIGCD005
Shine a LightDominick MartinDigital Media10SIGCD005
SteptoeCalibreDigital Media2SIG016
Even If...CalibreCD13SIGCD0065055317209207
Foreign Bodies / Ugly DucklingCalibre12" Vinyl2SIG017
ConditionCalibreDigital Media13SIGCD007
ValentiaDominick MartinDigital Media11SIGCD008
Shelflife 3CalibreCD13SIGCD010[none]
Run Away / Somethin HeavyCalibre & Marcus Intalex feat. Fox12" Vinyl2SIG020[none]
Shelflife 4CalibreDigital Media13SIGCD011
Mr. Majestic / The Other SideCalibre & High ContrastDigital Media2SIG007
The DeepCalibreCD13SIGCD0128790001203211
The DeepCalibreDigital Media13
FinallyEBENDigital Media5808391 033139808391033139
Shelflife 5CalibreCD12SIGCD013
Shelflife 5CalibreDigital Media12SIGCD013
Taciturn / Butter LoveCalibreDigital Media2SIG024
Makes Me Wonder / Got To Have You (2019 Remastered)CalibreDigital Media2SIG002
Carry Me Away / Mr Right On (2019 Remastered)CalibreDigital Media2SIG010
Second Sun (2019 Remastered Edition)CalibreDigital Media14SIGCD001RP