TRANSUBSTANS is the CD label of Swedish company RECORD HEAVEN,
releases: psych, prog, classic hardrock, acid folk, stonerrock, jazzrock, krautrock etc.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Blues from Hellah Lucifer Was CD 10 TRANS001
Nattvandring SvartePan CD 10 ANRCD003
Pilgrimage Pilgrym CD 9 TRANS 002
Råg i ryggen Råg i Ryggen CD 10 Trans013 7393210231177
Tramseböx Radiomöbel CD 10 TRANS014 7393210231290
Gudang Garam Radiomöbel CD 8 TRANS003 [none]
Underground and Beyond Lucifer Was CD 13 TRANS006 [none]
Heart and Consequence Drahk von Trip CD 10 Trans007
We're Only in It for the Spacerock First Band From Outer Space CD 6 TRANS008 7393210231122
Øresund Space Collective Øresund Space Collective CD 7 Trans017
Watch for the Umbles Gargamel CD 5
Tid är ljud Gösta Berlings Saga CD 7 Trans022
Impressionable Sounds of the Subsonic First Band From Outer Space CD 8 Trans 019 7393210231337
It's All About Delay Øresund Space Collective 2×CD 8 + 4 Trans026 7393210231405
The Divine Tree Lucifer Was CD 6 TRANS025 7393210231399
Graveyard Graveyard CD 9 TRANS028
Nymphs & Weavers Burning Saviours CD 9 trans033, Trans 033 7393210231467
I grevens tid Blandbladen CD 4 TRANS030 7393210231528
Live! Abramis brama CD 11 Trans024
Once We Were Born... The Divine Baze Orchestra CD 10 TRANS036
Once We Were Born... The Divine Baze Orchestra CD 10 TRANS036 7393210231542
Far From the Sun Siena Root CD 9 TRANS034
The Black Tomato Øresund Space Collective CD 9 TRANS032 7393210231450
The Black Tomato Øresund Space Collective Digital Media 9
The Chair The Chair CD 9 TRANS 035 7393210231559
Johnfish Sparkle Johnfish Sparkle CD 9 TRANS040
Good Planets Are Hard to Find Øresund Space Collective CD 6 Transubstans044 7393210231672
Good Planets Are Hard to Find Øresund Space Collective Digital Media 6
Descending Gargamel CD 4 TRANS042
Smakar söndag Abramis brama CD 11 TRANS046 7393210231702
Detta har hänt Gösta Berlings Saga CD 8 Trans047
Stonerized Ponamero Sundown Digital Media 14
Different Realities Siena Root CD 10 Trans043 7393210231719
San Michael's San Michael's CD 10 TRANS061 7393210231801
Nattåg San Michael's CD 14 TRANS062 7393210231818
Endless Skies Mangrove CD 9 TRANS045
The Graviators The Graviators CD 10 TRANS052
Marulk Marulk CD 9 TRANS055 7393210231870
800 Miles Blowback CD 9 TRANS057
The Guitar Is Mightier Than the Gun First Band From Outer Space CD 4 Trans054
Brutus Brutus CD 8 TRANS059 7393210231948
The Demon Dance Sideburn CD 10 TRANS053 7393210231917
Twilight in the Crystal Cabinet My Brother the Wind CD 6 TRANS056 7393210233027
Slip Into the Vortex Øresund Space Collective Digital Media 6
Nymf Nymf CD 9 TRANS071
Volume II Tombstones CD 9 TRANS063
Dead but Dreaming The Divine Baze Orchestra CD 8 TRANS074
Against the Rising Tide The Crystal Caravan CD 8 TRANS065 7393210233102
A Distant Dream of Tomorrow Mangrove CD 10
Schizofrenia Taste of Blues CD 6 TRANS027 7393210231511
The Crown of Creation Lucifer Was CD 15 TRANS050
Slip Into the Vortex Øresund Space Collective CD 6 Transubstans 060 7393210231955
Standing Alone Mother Misery CD 11 7393210233126
Master Sleeps Hills CD 6 TRANS075
Rodeo eléctrica Ponamero Sundown CD 13 TRANS078
Face the Sea of Darkness Anima Morte CD 13 TRANS067 7393210233218
The Nightmare Becomes Reality Anima Morte CD 11 TRANS080 7393210233218
Bloom Jeremy Irons and the Ratgang Malibus CD 8 TRANS082 7393210233317
Äppelträdet Skraeckoedlan CD 10 TRANS081
Subterfuge Thalamus CD 11 TRANS085
Shake Your Skull Chillihounds CD 10 TRANS083 7393210233324
Gordon Fights Gordon Fights CD 10 TRANS084 7393210233348
The Graviators / Brutus The Graviators / Brutus 12" Vinyl 3 TRANSV01
Flow Johnfish Sparkle CD 10 TRANS089
I Wash My Soul in the Stream of Infinity My Brother the Wind CD 6 TRANS090 7393210233423
Root Jam Siena Root 2×CD 6 + 6 TRANS088 7393210233447
Escape / Wood to Sand Three Seasons 7" Vinyl 2 TRANSV701B
Life's Road Three Seasons CD 9 TRANS079 7393210233201
Joint Clash Switch Opens CD 8 TRANS073 7393210233706
The Pop Art Accident / The Escapist Attempt Electric Moon / Hypnotized Not Paralyzed 7" Vinyl 2 TRANSV702
Black Pyramid / Odyssey Black Pyramid / Odyssey 7" Vinyl 2 TRANSV703 7393210233737
The Split Thing Vespero / Zone Six CD 4 TRANS076
Aged to Perfection Darxtar CD 8 TRANS095
Abysmal Despair Odyssey CD 8 TRANS093
Gin Lady Gin Lady CD 9 TRANS096 7393210233829
Gin Lady Gin Lady 12" Vinyl 9 TRANSV12B
In Darkness They Whisper Space Mirrors Digital Media 9
On A Monday Too Early To Tell The Brimstone Days CD 14 TRANS099
Dancing Madly Backwards Captain Crimson CD 9 TRANS100
Understand the World Three Seasons CD 8 TRANS101 7393210235069
Mantric Muse Mantric Muse CD 7 TRANS102
Freaks QOPH CD 9 Trans106 7393210235120
Salvation Stonewall Noise Orchestra CD 10 TRANS103
Salvation Stonewall Noise Orchestra Digital Media 10
III Generous Maria CD 12 TRANS111
With Them You Walk Alone The Crystal Caravan CD 6 TRANS108
Mother's Ruin Gin Lady 2×CD 9 + 8 TRANS117
Kama Loka Kama Loka CD 5 TRANS118 7393210235397
The Other Gods Space Mirrors (unknown) 9 TRANS109
Old Man's Will old man's will CD 9 TRANS122
Epidemics Epidemics CD 10
Höj era glas Gudars Skymning CD 10 TRANS123 7393210235588
Cloud Eye Elevators to the Grateful Sky CD 12 TRANS124
Conveniently Blind Siena Root 7" Vinyl 2 TRANS708
Amanita Kingdom Moon Coven CD 5 TRANS125 7393210235670
Enkel biljett Abramis brama Digital Media 9
IV Monument Sideburn Digital Media 9
Högtid Agusa CD 5 TRANS127 7393210235731
Enkel biljett Abramis brama CD 9 TRANS113