Discos CBS (imprint used by Discos CBS, S.A. branches in various Spanish-speaking markets, see notes)

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Together with Discos CBS International, this imprint dating back to the 1960s represented the CBS Records brand that catered to the Spanish-speaking markets of the US, South America, and parts of Europe. beyond the US (which Discos CBS International catered to), the reach of Discos CBS extended to Mexico and Cuba; in South America: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia*, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru*, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela; in Europe: Spain, Portugal; elsewhere: Israel, and perhaps others.

the imprint was managed by the respective Discos CBS, S.A. country branches which included:
Discos CBS S.A.I.C.F. (Argentina); Discos CBS, S.A., Madrid; Discos CBS, S.A., Mexico; Discos CBS, S.A., Colombia, and others.

* in Bolivia and Peru, the imprint was CBS Discos.

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La huella de mis besosChelo Silva12" Vinyl12
HL - 8155
Alma y fuegoSandro12" Vinyl12
Interpreta a Piazzolla y FerrerAmelita BaltarVinyl7
  • -1970
La bruja / Un metro cuadradoVainica DobleVinyl2
El sol no tiene bolsillosMaría Elena Walsh(unknown)12