Some of the catalogue numbers from the label site seem to be one number bigger than on the releases themselves. And on some releases the number on the site is one number smaller.
Try to verify the number from external source if you have not got the record at hand.

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Convenient WomanYvonne Curtis12" Vinyl2EMP DC 304[none]
All Balls & No WillyJohn OtwayVinyl11HAM LP 1
The Len Bright ComboLen Bright ComboVinyl8NICE 1
Sixteen TonsEric BurdonCD3EMPCS 003
TalismanTalismanCD17ERCD 10127393278002511
Full Moon (The Lost Studio Sessions)EyesCD107393278002115
From Now On...Glenn HughesCD12ERCD-10017393278001415
EmpireThieves Crossing(unknown)9
Blindman's JusticeSwedish EroticaCD11ERCD 10147393278002719
The Stripper and Other FavouritesDavid Rose & His OrchestraCD205014797160644
The Kingdom of Glacial PalacesBelfegorCD12EMP CD 001
Pathetic BeingScepticCD10EMP CD 002
Picture of PainHorrorscopeCD12EMP CD 005
DiscoveriesEsqarialCD10EMP CD 0065903876600105
The Work of DestructionBelfegorCD10EMP CD 007
SuperionExcommunionCD6EMP CD 010
Human Error: Ways to SelfdestructionCrionicsCD10EMP CD 0205903876600280
Ubermensch: Death of GodLost SoulCD12EMP CD 015
Angel of DeathVaderCD2EMP 012 CDS-E
The Secret Around UsContemptCD12EMP CD 0095903876600167
Apocalypse of the DamnedDissenterCD10EMP CD 0115903876600198
EquinoctiumSolar DawnCD8EMP CD 013 L5903876600211
Requiem of the ApocalypseRunemagickCD13EMP CD 014 L5903876600228
Requiem of the ApocalypseRunemagickCD14EMP CD 014 L5903876600228
InheritanceEsqarialCD11EMP CD 0195903876600273
Awakening of the LiarHateCD10EMP CD 0235903876600310
When Angels Begin To CryContemptCD12EMP CD 0215903876600297
ContaminationDissenterCD10EMP CD 0255903876600334
RemedySpinal CordCD12EMP CD 026
Twisted LogicAtrophia Red SunCD11EMP CD 0285903876600365
Firefrost ArcanumVesaniaCD10EMP CD 0225903876600303
Possessed by RealityMutilationCD9EMP CD 0245903876600327
Unbeliever's ScriptScepticCD9EMP CD 0295903876600372
I Am JesusNightfallCD11EMP CD 030 L
Imperfect Like a GodTraumaCD9EMP CD 0315903876600396
Team 666NeolithicCD5EMP CD 032
WrathornNaumachiaCD9EMP CD 036
Conceived by Inhuman BloodNephasthCD11EMP CD 0345903876600426
Ante Christum (Natum)Shadows LandCD12EMP CD 033
KlassikaEsqarial & KupczykCD10EMP CD 0355903876600433
Beware the BeastVaderCD2EMP CD 040-S
Stigmata of LifeSpinal CordCD12EMP CD 043
Conflict InsideMutilationCD10EMP CD 0375903876600457
SerpenthroneAbused MajestyCD10EMP CD 0385903876600464
Desire For TormentPyorrhoeaCD14EMP CD 039
Armageddon's EvolutionCrionicsCD66EMP CD 0415903876600495
Through Endless TormentSupremacyCD8EMP CD 042
Red RevolutionAnal StenchCD11EMP CD 044
Torture GardenDemiseCD13EMP CD 0485903876600563
Furor Arma MinistratDissenterCD10EMP CD 0495903876600495
Day Before the EndTotemCD7EMP CD 052
Anaclasis: A Haunting Gospel of Malice & HatredHateCD8EMP CD 0535903876600617
You Treat Me Like a No GoodDaryl Haywood ComboCD15EMP-CD-107[none]
Awakening of the LiarHateCD10EMP CD 023
ChaostreamLost SoulCD9EMP CD 0455903876600532
The Journey Into the Heart of DarknessChainsawCD10EMP CD 046
God the LuxVesaniaCD12EMP CD 0475903876600556
End of the WeaknessArcheonCD9EMP CD 0505903876600587
DetermiNationTraumaCD8EMP CD 051
The Best From Hard Zone, Volume 1CETICD15EMP CD 0545903876600624
GodfatherElysiumCD10EMP CD 0555903876600631
Self-Proclaimed ExistenceSammath NaurCD11EMP CD 0565903876600648
Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses)Thy DiseaseCD12EMP CD 0575903876600655
Eden's FireHermhCD8EMP CD 0585903876600662
Devouring WeaknessBlindeadCD6EMP CD 0625903876600709
DarkstrickenSacrumCD10EMP CD 064
HamartiaTraumaCD5EMP CD 0635903876600716
Emanation From BelowDeivosCD7EMP CD 0655903876600655
Terminus Ante QuemShadows LandCD9EMP CD 060
The Eleventh: Thou Shalt Be My SlavePyorrhoeaCD14EMP CD 0615903876600693
A Sin ActChainsawCD10EMP CD 0665903876600662
Blemished RedemptionMental HorrorCD11EMP CD 074
Damned Souls RitualsSphereCD12EMP CD 067
Neurotic MassTraumaCD9EMP CD 0705903876600778
PumpernikelCremasterCD19EMP CD 0695903876600785
WarheadAl SiratCD10EMP CD 0725903876600808
The Independence of Observation ChoiceNomadCD12EMP CD 0715903876600792
Constant FlowNon Opus DeiCD8EMP CD 0755903876600839
Demise InceptionDeathless AnguishCD9
Callous KagathosNaumachiaCD13EMP CD 0685903876600761
WeaponizeThe OrdherCD11EMP CD 080
...So Man Created God in His Own ImageAbused MajestyCD11EMP CD 083
Rage of ReasonVesaniaCD3EMP CD 077-S5903876600853
v.666VaderCD2EMP CD 078-S5903876600860
VII Dogmata of MercyCryptic TalesCD7EMP CD 079
The Upcoming ChaosVaderCD3EMP CD 0815903876600891
Diabolicanos Act III: ArmageddonDevilish ImpressionsCD9EMP CD 0825903876600907
I'm Gonna Get AwayDaryl Haywood ComboCD14EMP-CD-1117332181022445
World DetonationReign of FuryDigital Media8859708388299
Be With YouDeach feat. Pieter T(unknown)1
The Hunt For DamienWarlord12" Vinyl98715392666131
Fear ThemThemCD3ER / 2016[none]
Super CupDeezy BarzDigital Media1
RugbymusicThe Music MenCD1652CD2545021456099931
Tell Me What's WrongThe Mighty DiamondsVinyl10JJ 020