Play It Again Sam (PIAS Belgium & worldwide generic imprint releases)

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Belgian company originally set up in 1983 for distributing imported releases. Went on to release original products on its in-house label "Play It Again Sam Records" in 1984 (renamed to "[PIAS] Recordings" in ~1999/2000) and to set up offices in the UK and the US, in France, Germany, Holland, Spain and Japan. Where possible, use the localised label. (PIAS Benelux is included in this label).

Was renamed to "[PIAS] Entertainment Group" in January 2008.

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Koude OorlogAroma di Amore12" Vinyl7
Faces in the FireThe Legendary Pink Dots12" Vinyl6
BiaS 1
Shocking Shades OfClaw Boys ClawCD17
  • -1984
PIAS 900.0809.0205413356349627
Old Friend SamThe Weathermen12" Vinyl3
BIAS 13[none]
Deep Down SouthThe Weathermen12" Vinyl3