Dog My Cat Records (British Columbia-based record label)

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West Eats MeetHarry ManxCD12DMCR 12062
ReachJaime RTCD12DMCR12932624481129328
Road Ragas: LiveHarry ManxCD16DMCR 1101 2624481110128
Mantras for MadmenHarry ManxCD12DMCR 13982624481139822
SparkJaime RTCD12DMCR 00109875531001099
Live at the Glenn Gould StudioHarry Manx & FriendsCD8DMCR 00212875531002126
Bread and BuddhaHarry ManxCD10DMCR 00513875531005134
Isle of Manx: The Desert Island CollectionHarry ManxDigital Media15
Isle of Manx: The Desert Island CollectionHarry ManxCD15DCMR 00633875531006339
Om Suite OhmHarry ManxDigital Media10
20 Strings and the TruthHarry ManxDigital Media9
Faith LiftHarry ManxDigital Media12875531013146