Nuclear Blast (Metal and subgenres)

~ Label


He Who Laughs Last... Laughs AloneImpulse Manslaughter12" Vinyl18
NB 003
Salomo Says...Chronical Diarrhoea12" Vinyl22
NB 011[none]
Pungent Stench / Disharmonic OrchestraDisharmonic Orchestra / Pungent Stench12" Vinyl12
  • DE1989-06-05
NB 019[none]
Successive Substitution (Regular edition on black vinyl and stereo mix)Disharmonic Orchestra7" Vinyl3
  • DE1989-09-25
NB 021[none]
Extreme DeformityPungent Stench7" Vinyl3
NB 024
Blue BloodAtrocity7" Vinyl3
Live and LearnRighteous Pigs12" Vinyl14
  • -1989
NB 012
Logical EndImpulse Manslaughter12" Vinyl10
NB 013[none]
Logical EndImpulse ManslaughterCD36
NB 013 CD
Social SicknessStark Raving MadVinyl15
NB 017
Purity DilutionDefecationCD12
NB 018CD
The Pleasures in LifeVarious ArtistsCD35
NB 020
Beyond the UnknownIncubusCD8
  • DE1990-09-01
039 CD, NB 039 CD, SPV 84-298624001617298626
Atrocity / Righteous PigsAtrocity / Righteous Pigs7" Vinyl3
Welcome Home… Near DarkToxic ShockCD10
NB 0274001617292228
NB 0284001617292426
For God Your Soul... For Me Your FleshPungent Stench12" Vinyl10
NB 0294001617297315
For God Your Soul... For Me Your FleshPungent StenchCD20
NB 0294001617297322
Master / AbominationAbomination / Master7" Vinyl2
  • -1990
NB 030
Extreme Cold Weather / Hymn to AbramelinMessiahCD15
NB 032
Subconscious TerrorBenedictionCD10
NB 0334001617297124
Spontaneous UndergroundDeathcoreVinyl13
NB 034
Spontaneous UndergroundDeathcoreCD15
NB 0344001617297629
Stress RelatedRighteous PigsCD14
NB 0354001617297223
Stress RelatedRighteous Pigs12" Vinyl12
  • -1990
NB 0354001617297216
TurmoilRighteous Pigs7" Vinyl3
  • -1990
NB 036
ExpositionsprophylaxeDisharmonic OrchestraCD16
NB 0374001617298121
NB 0384001617298725
Beyond the UnknownIncubus12" Vinyl8
NB 039
NB 040 CD4001617292624
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD20
NB 0434001617298824
Prophecies of a Dying WorldRevenant12" Vinyl7
  • -1991-04
NB 046727361600211
Like an Ever Flowing StreamDismemberCD10
  • DE1991-05-29
NB 047 CD727361601829
Contradictions Collapse (repress, Matrix / Runout: NB 049-2 [ K 44826 B ])MeshuggahCD9
NB 049 CD727361601423
Contradictions Collapse (original release, Matrix / Runout: NB 049 P+O-9308-B2 06-91)MeshuggahCD9
NB 049 CD727361601423
Fuckin’ DeathDeath StrikeCassette8
  • DE1991-08-02
NB 044727361601140
The Last JudgementChronical DiarrhoeaCD50
NB 045 CD727361600327
Skin Her AliveDismember7" Vinyl2
NB 047 PDS[none]
The Grand LevellerBenedictionCD10
NB 048 CD727361601720
The Grand LevellerBenediction12" Vinyl8
NB 048 LP
Tragedy StrikesAbominationCD8
NB 050 CD727361601621
Human WasteSuffocationCD6
NB 051 CD727361601522
Been Caught ButteringPungent StenchCD9
NB 052 CD727361602321
Speckmann ProjectSpeckmann ProjectCD10
NB 056 CD727361602727
Promo TapeMeshuggahCassette4
NB Adv. 02[none]
On the Seventh Day God Created… MasterMasterCD10
NB 054 CD727361603120
Dark Is the SeasonBenedictionCD5
  • DE1992-10-13
NB 059 CD727361603427
  • DE1992-10-27
NB 060CD727361602826
For God Your Soul... For Me Your FleshPungent Stench12" Vinyl10
NB 029727361600112
Imperial DoomMonstrosityCD9
NB 055 CD727361603229
  • -1992
NB 060 CD727361602826
Cross the StyxSinisterCD12
NB 061 CD727361603625
(It Was) Just A ThoughtDisharmonic OrchestraVinyl2
NB 062 7"
Not to Be Undimensional ConsciousDisharmonic OrchestraCD9
NB 062 CD727361603526
Rising to the SunAfflicted7" Vinyl2
  • -1992
NB 063
Prodigal SunAfflictedCD11
NB 063 CD727361606121
Into DarknessWinterCD7
NB 064 CD727361605223
Stone Dead ForeverRostok VampiresCD9
NB 065 CD727361606220
SadisticBrutality7" Vinyl2
  • -1992
NB 066 EP
NB 067-2, NB 067 CD727361605520
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD21 + 17
NB 068 CD727361604721
NB 069 CD727361605629
Scrolls of the MegillothMortificationCD10
Promo EP IHypocrisy / Afflicted / Sinister / Resurrection7" Vinyl4
NB P 1
Sinister SlaughterMacabre12" Vinyl21
  • -1993-04-13
NB 071727361606015
Sexual Affective DisorderKonkhraCD10
NB 105727361610623
Transcend the RubiconBenediction12" Vinyl9
  • DE1993-08-10
NB 073727361605810
Transcend the RubiconBenedictionCD11
  • DE1993-08-10
NB 073 CD727361605827
Transcend the RubiconBenedictionCassette11
  • DE1993-08-10
NB 073MC727361605841
The Mystical Gate of ReincarnationKataklysmCD4
  • DE1993-11-29
NB 093-2727361609023
Indecent & ObsceneDismemberCD9
  • DE1993-12-07
NB 077-2727361608828
Heroes of TodayTarnfarbeCD16
NB 016727361604127
For God Your Soul... For Me Your FleshPungent Stench12" Vinyl10
NB 029727361603311
For God Your Soul... For Me Your FleshPungent StenchCD10
NB 029CD727361603328
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD21
NB 068 CD727361604721
The Karelian IsthmusAmorphisCD11
NB 072-2727361604523
Wrong Side Of The GraveBenediction7" Vinyl2
NB 073-3
Embalmed ExistenceResurrectionCD9
NB 074CD727361605728
Screams of AnguishBrutality12" Vinyl10
NB 075-1
Screams of AnguishBrutalityCD10
NB 075-2727361607722
Collection of SoulsMasterCD9
NB 076CD, NB 076 CD727361603823
Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic BeatsPungent StenchCD7
NB 078 CD727361607029
Osculum ObscenumHypocrisyCD9
NB 080-2727361608125
Diabolical SummoningSinisterCD8
NB 081-2, SPV 84-140472727361607920
5 Years Nuclear BlastVarious ArtistsCD20
NB 083-2727361608422
GrindcoreVarious ArtistsCD28
NB 084-2727361607623
Seeing Feeling BleedingDischangeVinyl15
NB 085-1
Seeing Feeling BleedingDischangeCD15
NB 085-2727361609429
Seeing Feeling BleedingDischangeCassette15
NB 085-4
NB 086-2727361608927
AntibodyFetish 69CD10
NB 087-2727361608224
The MachineDead WorldCD8
NB 089-2727361604929
As the Angels WeepDivine EveCD4
NB 090-2727361611521
The Eindhoven InsanityGorefestCD9
NB 091-2727361608729
Video La MuertePungent StenchVHS13
NB 092-5727361609771
Transcendence Into the PeripheraldiSEMBOWELMENTCD7
NB 096-2727361606527
Nuclear Blast 100Various ArtistsCD19
NB 100-2727361609528
Nuclear Blast 11 Song Promotional CDVarious ArtistsCD11
Tales from the Thousand LakesAmorphisCD10
  • DE1994-07-12
NB 097-2727361689728
Tales From the Thousand LakesAmorphisCD11
  • DE1994-07-12
NB 097-2 DIGI727361689704