Two Steps From Hell (production music label, prefixes: XTS (industry releases) and TSFH (public releases))

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Two Steps From Hell is both a label and and epyonymously named artist. The label was founded in 2006, releasing production music industry-only releases. These were popular enough that in 2009, the label decided to begin separately releasing some material to the public, under the same name as the label, 'Two Steps From Hell'.

Only the public releases should be listed under the artist Two Steps From Hell. All industry releases should be listed using composer-as-artist style. Note that many public releases share the same name, and many of the same tracks, as the industry releases, so the industry releases are listed in the same release groups as the public releases.

Catalog numbers TSFHCD03 and XTS036 were skipped. There is no release with either catalog number.

Public album releases to date:

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Volume OneThomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix5×Digital Media37 + 11 + 20 + 14 + 16
  • US2006-02-14
XTS001, XTS002, XTS003, XTS004, XTS005[none]
Two Steps From ChristmasThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media3
Dynasty, Volume 1: ActionThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media70
  • US2007-02-28
Dynasty, Volume 2: Epic DramaThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media32