Two Steps From Hell (production music label, prefixes: XTS (industry releases) and TSFH (public releases))

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Two Steps From Hell is both a label and and epyonymously named artist. The label was founded in 2006, releasing production music industry-only releases. These were popular enough that in 2009, the label decided to begin separately releasing some material to the public, under the same name as the label, 'Two Steps From Hell'.

Only the public releases should be listed under the artist Two Steps From Hell. All industry releases should be listed using composer-as-artist style. Note that many public releases share the same name, and many of the same tracks, as the industry releases, so the industry releases are listed in the same release groups as the public releases.

Catalog numbers TSFHCD03 and XTS036 were skipped. There is no release with either catalog number.

Public album releases to date:

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Volume OneThomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix5×Digital Media37 + 11 + 20 + 14 + 16XTS001, XTS002, XTS003, XTS004, XTS005[none]
Shadows and NightmaresThomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix2×CD73 + 27XTS008
Shadows and Nightmares, Volume 1: HorrorThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media39XTS008[none]
Shadows and Nightmares, Volume 2: HorrorThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media46XTS009[none]
Shadows and Nightmares, Volume 3: Trailer ToolboxThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media23XTS010[none]
Two Steps From ChristmasThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media3[none]
Dynasty, Volume 1: ActionThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media70XTS017[none]
Dynasty, Volume 2: Epic DramaThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media32XTS018[none]
DynastyThomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix3×CD26 + 26 + 47
All Drums Go to Hell, Volume 1: Drums & PercussionThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media33XTS006[none]
All Drums Go to Hell, Volume 2: Drums & PercussionThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media31XTS007[none]
All Drums Go to HellThomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix2×CD33 + 31XTS006
PathogenThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media18XTS011[none]
NemesisThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixCD + DVD21 + 21
PathogenThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixCD18
Legend, Volume 1: Epic DramaThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media41XTS014[none]
Legend, Volume 2: Trailer ToolboxThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media58XTS015[none]
Legend, Volume 3: DramaThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media28XTS016[none]
LegendThomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix2×CD20 + 17884501001205
Ashes, Volume 1: Etherial DronesThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media30XTS022[none]
Ashes, Volume 2: HorrorThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media35XTS023[none]
Ashes, Volume 3: Horror ToolboxThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media97XTS024[none]
Ashes, Volume 4: Trailer ToolboxThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media15XTS025[none]
Ashes, Volume 5: Suspense ThrillerThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media15XTS026[none]
Nemesis, Volume 1: ActionThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media29XTS012[none]
Nemesis, Volume 2: Epic DramaThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media14XTS013[none]
Dreams & Imaginations, Volume 1: DramaThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media58XTS019[none]
Dreams & Imaginations, Volume 2: AdventureThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media10XTS020[none]
Dreams & Imaginations, Volume 3: EtherealThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media40XTS021[none]
The Devil Wears Nada, Volume 1: ComedyThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media20XTS027[none]
The Devil Wears Nada, Volume 2: AdventureThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media14XTS028[none]
Power of Darkness, Volume 1: Epic DramaThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media42XTS029[none]
Power of Darkness, Volume 2: ActionThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media35XTS030[none]
InvincibleThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixCD22XTS031[none]
InvincibleThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media45XTS031884502477399
InvincibleTwo Steps From HellCD22TSFHCD01884501544382
IlluminaThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media33XTS032[none]
IlluminaThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixCD33XTS032
All Drones Go to HellThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media81XTS034, XTS 034[none]
Mystical BeginningsThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media55XTS033[none]
Mystical BeginningsThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixCD54XTS033
Trailer ToolkitThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media105XTS035[none]
SinnersAleksandar DimitrijevicDigital Media15XTS037[none]
Power of DarknessThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixUSB Flash Drive77XTS029, XTS030
All Drones Go to HellThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixCD43
InvincibleTwo Steps From HellDigital Media22[none]
FactionThomas Bergersen, Nick Phoenix & Brad RueDigital Media32XTS039[none]
IllusionsThomas J. BergersenDigital Media19885767743557
NeroThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media67XTS040[none]
NeroThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixCD39XTS040
ArchangelTwo Steps From HellDigital Media26885767881051
ArchangelTwo Steps From HellCD26TSFHCD02884501664066
Balls to the WallVarious ArtistsDigital Media42XTS038[none]
IllusionsThomas J. BergersenCD19885767743557
Two Steps from HeavenThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media18XTS041[none]
HalloweenTwo Steps From HellDigital Media48700261891842
SkyWorldTwo Steps From HellCD22TSFHCD04700261993898
SkyWorldTwo Steps From HellDigital Media22[none]
SkyWorldThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media44XTS042[none]
BurnThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media8XTS043[none]
Demon's DanceTwo Steps From HellDigital Media19[none]
IllusionsThomas BergersenDigital Media37XTS044[none]
SolarisNick Phoenix, Thomas Bergersen & Alexander PfefferDigital Media35XTS045[none]
Classics, Volume OneTwo Steps From HellCD23TSFHCD05888174057613
Speed of SoundThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media26XTS046888174108582
CyanideThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media39XTS047[none]
OrionThomas Bergersen, Nick Phoenix & Michał CieleckiDigital Media17XTS048[none]
Crime LabThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media15XTS049[none]
Classics, Volume OneThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media27XTS050[none]
StayTwo Steps From Hell feat. Merethe SoltvedtDigital Media1859712660633
Open ConspiracyVarious ArtistsDigital Media21XTS051[none]
MiraclesTwo Steps From HellCD21TSFHCD06888174819310
Colin Frake on Fire MountainTwo Steps From HellDigital Media140888174865973
QuarantineThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media12XTS052[none]
MiraclesThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media20XTS053[none]
AmariaThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media11XTS055[none]
Too Big To FailThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media128XTS054[none]
SunThomas BergersenCD16[none]888174991962
SunThomas BergersenDigital Media25XTS056[none]
BattlecryTwo Steps From HellDigital Media26[none]
BattlecryThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media47XTS057[none]
Classics, Volume TwoTwo Steps From HellCD25TSFHCD08889211617210
Classics, Volume TwoTwo Steps From HellDigital Media25
EmpireThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media103XTS058[none]
Stronger Faster BraverNick Phoenix & Thomas BergersenDigital Media46XTS059[none]
Christmas MedleyTwo Steps From HellDigital Media1
Two Steps From XmasThomas BergersenDigital Media1XTS060[none]
BattlecryTwo Steps From Hell2×CD11 + 15TSFHCD07889211509362
Trailer Tools, Volume 1: StingersVarious ArtistsDigital Media152XTS061[none]
Trailer Tools, Volume 2: HitsVarious ArtistsDigital Media688XTS062[none]
Trailer Tools, Volume 3: SwooshesVarious ArtistsDigital Media99XTS063[none]
Trailer Tools, Volume 4: RisersVarious ArtistsDigital Media154XTS064[none]
Trailer Tools, Volume 5: BoomsVarious ArtistsDigital Media312XTS065[none]
Trailer Tools, Volume 6: DownersVarious ArtistsDigital Media85XTS066[none]
Trailer Tools, Volume 7: ElectroVarious ArtistsDigital Media110XTS067[none]
VanquishTwo Steps From HellDigital Media17[none]
VanquishTwo Steps From HellCD17TSFHCD09191061060413
VanquishThomas Bergersen & Nick PhoenixDigital Media85XTS068[none]
HammerfistThomas BergersenDigital Media19XTS069[none]
Battlecry Anthology (after the tracklist fix)Two Steps From HellDigital Media41191061548706