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DateTitleCredited asArtistLength
holds copyright (©) for
2020Flame - Radio EditBarrie‐James
Sugar Drops (deluxe edition)Davina and the Vagabonds
Futile Devices
2013By the Grace of God
2013Choose Your Battles
2016 –Carolina
2016 –Ever Since New York
2016 –From the Dining Table
2016 –Kiwi
2016 –Meet Me in the Hallway
2016 –Only Angel
2016 –Sign of the Times
2016 –Woman
2017 –Queen
2017 –Think About That
2018 –Dangerous
2018 –Dopamine
2018 –Easy on Me
2018 –Four Letter Word
2018 –Glory
2018 –I Believe in Love
2018 –Love Will Save the World
2018 –My Wave
2018 –Oh Lord
2018 –One Night Lover
2018 –Petty
2018 –Rose Challenge
2018 –Someone’s Lady
2020Only Love
2020 –All Around Me
2020 –At Least for Now
2020 –Available
2020 –Black and White
2020 –Changes
2020 –Come Around Me
2020 –Confirmation
2020 –Cross Your Mind
2020 –E.T.A.
2020 –Everywhere
2020 –Forever
2020 –Get Me
2020 –Habitual
2020 –Intentions
2020 –No Judgement
2020 –Running Over
2020 –Second Emotion
2020 –Take It Out on Me
2020 –That’s What Love Is
2020 –YummyBMG
2021Become the Martyr
2021Come Back to the Quicksand
2021Death of Me
2021Denying the Sin
2021End of the World
2021I Hate Myself
2021Let Me Fall Apart
2021Living With a Ghost
2021More Than Dreaming
2021Sign Your Name
2021Something Deep Inside
2021Wilting in the Light
2021 –34+35 (remix)
2022 –Something Strong
2022 –Where We Started
’til Death Do Us Part
(-) Ions
(Return to the Valley of) Out Come the Freaks
2 Much
2 Young 2 Die
3 Deep
8 Billion Rats
99 Miles From L.A.
100.1 Oli FM :)
A Bloodsoaked Symphony (Whitechapel song)
A Lifetime of Loneliness
A Match Into Water
A Part of Me
A Soft War
A Thousand Shades
Ain't Gonna' Hurt Nobody
Ain’t Been DoneBMG Gold
Ain’t Done Yet
Ali’s Waltz
Alive for the Last Time
All I Ask
All I Know
All I Wanted
All Illusion
All of Me Wants All of You
All of the Lights
All on Black
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