DEP International (UB40)

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UB40's own record label.

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Present ArmsUB402×12" Vinyl8 + 212X DEP 1, LPDEP 1[none]
Present Arms in DubUB4012" Vinyl8LP DEP 2
Don't Slow Down / Don't Let It Pass You ByUB407" Vinyl27 DEP 1
One in TenUB407" Vinyl27 DEP2[none]
UB44UB4012" Vinyl9LPDEP 3[none]
LiveUB4012" Vinyl10LP DEP 4[none]
Labour of LoveUB4012" Vinyl10615505
Don't Break My HeartUB407" Vinyl2DEP 22
BaggariddimUB40CD13DEP CD 10[none]
BaggariddimUB40CD13DEP CD 10[none]
BaggariddimUB40CD13DEP CD 105012981000929
Rat in the KitchenUB40CD9DEP CD 115012981001124
Rat in Mi KitchenUB407" Vinyl2108 782[none]
All I Want to DoUB4012" Vinyl2DEP 24-12
Rat in Mi KitchenUB407" Vinyl2DEP 25[none]
The Best of UB40, Volume OneUB40CD18CDUBTV15012981247928
CCCP: Live in MoscowUB40CD13075021516823
Breakfast in BedUB40 with Chrissie HyndeCD2DEPX29, DEPX 295012981801328
Where Did I Go Wrong (extended mix)UB40CD4DEPX30, DEPX 305012980003020
Labour of Love IIUB40CD14DEPCD 140077778632221
Labour of Love IIUB4012" Vinyl14210 258, LPDEP 145012981991418
Labour of Love IIUB40CD14DEPCD14, DEPCD 145012981991425
Kingston TownUB40CD3DEPXT 355012980003525
Wear You To The BallUB40CD4DEPXT 365012980003624
Impossible LoveUB40CD3DEPXT375012985003728
Tears From My EyesUB40CD3664 2015012980920129
Labour of Love, Parts I + IIUB402×CD10 + 14DEPDD1, DEPDD 15012981166625
Present Arms in DubUB40CD9DEPCD2077778627128
Promises and LiesUB40CD11DEPCD 15077778822929
UB44UB40CD9DEP CD3, DEPCD 3077778644828
Bring Me Your CupUB40CD3DEPD 42724389224221
Labour of Love / Labour of Love IIUB402×CD10 + 14DEPDDX 1724384001124
The Best of UB40, Volume TwoUB40CD147243 8 40937 2 3724384093723
Until My Dying DayUB40CD4DEPD45724389320527
Labour of LoveUB40CD10DEPCD 5077778641223
Guns in the GhettoUB40(unknown)10DEPCD16724384440220
Tell Me Is It TrueUB40CD4DEPD48724389438321
Always ThereUB40CD4DEPD49
Geffery MorganUB40CD10DEPCD6077778644422
The Dancehall AlbumUB40CD13DEPCD177243845423297
Labour of Love IIIUB40CD15DEPCD18724384646929
Come Back DarlingUB40CD3DEPD50724389534627
Holly HolyUB40CD3DEPD51724389553826
The Train Is ComingUB40CD3DEPDX52
The Very Best of UB40: 1980–2000UB40CD20DUBTVX3724385046926
The Very Best of UB40: 1980–2000UB40CD20724385042423
Light My FireUB40CD77243 8 97227 03, DEPD53724389722703
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique 2000Various ArtistsCD12AFR2-1299619061129928
The Very Best of UB40: 1980-2000UB40CD20DUBTV39326165003214
The Very Best of UB40: 1980-2000UB40CD20DUBTV3724385042423
Since I Met You Lady / Sparkle of My EyesUB40 feat. Lady SawCD3DEPD55724389797329
Cover UpUB40CD14DEPCD19724381129821
Fathers of ReggaeUB40CD14DEPCD20724381267523
Swing LowUB40 feat. United Colours of SoundEnhanced CD3DEPDX58724355310705
Who You Fighting For?UB40CD13DEPCD230094631210525
Who You Fighting For?UB40CD13DEPCDX230094631211300
Who You Fighting For? (Limited Edition)UB40Copy Control CD + DVD-Video13 + 900946 312114 090094631211409
Kiss and Say GoodbyeUB40CD200946 3 30209 2 4, DEPD 590094633020924
The Best of UB40 - Volumes 1 & 2UB402×CD18 + 16DEPDDX 2094634076029
Present ArmsUB40CD10DEP CD10077778627029
Labour of LoveUB40CD10DEP CD5, DEP CD 55012981005023
Present ArmsUB40CD105012981250423