Good Times, Rock & RollFlash Cadillac & The Continental Kids7" Vinyl2
PSR 45,006
L’ L’ LucyMud7" Vinyl2
PVT. 41[none]
Use Your ImaginationMud12" Vinyl11
My Eyes Adored YouFrankie Valli7" Vinyl2
2C004 96063
Bumpin' Bus StopThunder & Lightning7" Vinyl2
2C 004 96.437
Swearin' to GodFrankie Valli7" Vinyl2
2C004 96658
EliseFrankie Valli7" Vinyl2
2C010 97362
The Mob (2)The Mob12" Vinyl10
  • -1975
PS 2005
The Other WomanVicki Lawrence7" Vinyl2
PS 45 036
StoryThe Four Seasons2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
PS 7000
Annabell of MobileNancy Sinatra7" Vinyl2
PSR 45,022
Somethin’ ’bout You Baby I Like / Sweet LifeTrini Lopez7" Vinyl2
PSR 45,024[none]
It's Been a Lovely DayNoddy & The Toytown Chorus7" Vinyl2
Somethin’ ’bout You Baby I LikeTrini Lopez7" Vinyl2
PVT 24[none]
Hot Summer GirlsFlash Cadillac and The Continental Kids7" Vinyl2
PVT 29
Our Day Will ComeFrankie Valli7" Vinyl2
PVT 42
X OffenderBlondie7" Vinyl2
  • US1976-06-17
PS 45,097
Indian Summer / Dolly and HawkeyeNancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood7" Vinyl2
PS 45,108
In the FleshBlondie7" Vinyl2
PS 45,141
It’s Better Than WorkingMud12" Vinyl11
Fallen AngelFrankie Valli7" Vinyl2
2C010 97624
Moonlight Feels RightStarbuck12" Vinyl10
PS 2013
Making Our Dreams Come TrueCyndi Grecco12" Vinyl10
PS 2014
A Fifth of BeethovenThe Walter Murphy Band12" Vinyl10
PS 2015[none]
BlondieBlondie12" Vinyl11
PS 2023
EssraEssra Mohawk12" Vinyl10
A Fifth of Beethoven / California StrutWalter Murphy7" Vinyl2
PS 45,073[none]
Kinky LoveNancy Sinatra7" Vinyl2
PS 45,075
Making Our Dreams Come True (theme from TV series “Laverne & Shirley”)Cyndi Grecco7" Vinyl2
PS 45,086[none]
Dancing, DancingCyndi Grecco7" Vinyl2
Love in the Hot AfternoonVicki Lawrence7" Vinyl2
PS 45, 121
Did You Boogie (With Your Baby) / Maybe It's All In My MindFlash Cadillac7" Vinyl2
PSR 45079X
Don't Give Up on UsDavid Soul7" Vinyl2
PSR 45,129
David SoulDavid Soul12" Vinyl11
PVLP 1012[none]
Shake It DownMud7" Vinyl2
PVT 65[none]
We're All AloneFrankie Valli7" Vinyl2
PVT 66
Nite on the TilesMud7" Vinyl2
PVT 80[none]
Lean on MeMud7" Vinyl2
PVT 85[none]
Brownsville StationBrownsville Station12" Vinyl10
  • US1977-01-01
PS 2026
It’s For My DadNancy Sinatra7" Vinyl2
PVT 114
Beating Round the BushMud7" Vinyl2
PVT 113[none]
Brownsville StationBrownsville Station12" Vinyl10
1C 064-99 310[none]
Boomerang / Look at the World It's ChangingFrankie Valli7" Vinyl2
See My Baby JiveFlash Cadillac7" Vinyl2
6C 006 98852
Hollywood SevenVicki Lawrence7" Vinyl2
PS 1288
David SoulDavid Soul12" Vinyl11
Brownsville StationBrownsville Station12" Vinyl10
PS 2026-V[none]
Rhapsody In BlueWalter Murphy12" Vinyl10
PS 2028[none]
Robert Gordon With Link WrayRobert Gordon With Link Wray12" Vinyl10
PS 2030
Robert Gordon With Link WrayRobert Gordon With Link Wray12" Vinyl10
PS 2030
Cissy HoustonCissy Houston12" Vinyl9
PS 2031[none]
You Take My Heart AwayJames Darren7" Vinyl2
PS 45,136
Isn't She Lovely / Love and Peace of MindDavid Parton7" Vinyl2
PS 45,139
Let’s All Chant / Love ExpressThe Michael Zager Band12" Vinyl2
PS 5104[none]
Playing to an Audience of OneDavid Soul12" Vinyl11
PS 7001
Lady Put the Light OutFrankie Valli12" Vinyl10
PS 7002[none]
In the State of BayouBrian HylandVinyl10
PS 7003
Brownsville StationBrownsville Station12" Vinyl10
PVLP 1021[none]
Mud PackMud12" Vinyl10
PVLP 1022[none]
Playing to an Audience of OneDavid Soul12" Vinyl12
PVLP 1026[none]
Robert Gordon with Link WrayRobert Gordon with Link Wray12" Vinyl10
PVLP 1027[none]
I Need YouFrankie Valli7" Vinyl2
PVT 124
EasilyFrankie Valli7" Vinyl2
PVT 98
Endless SleepRobert Gordon with Link Wray12" Vinyl3
PVTS 127
No StringsJohn D. Bryant7" Vinyl2
  • GB1978-03-24
PVT 117
EmotionSamantha Sang12" Vinyl10
PS 7009[none]
Mr Tambourine ManJohn D. Bryant7" Vinyl2
  • GB1978-08-25
Mr Tambourine ManJohn D. BryantDigital Media2
  • XW1978-09-18
No StringsJohn D. BryantDigital Media2
  • XW1978-11-20
Let’s All Chant / Love ExpressThe Michael Zager Band12" Vinyl2
3C 052-60441 Z
Let’s All ChantThe Michael Zager Band12" Vinyl6
8E 07260704
Fresh Fish SpecialRobert Gordon with Link Wray12" Vinyl10
PS 7008[none]
Phantom of the OperaWalter Murphy12" Vinyl13
PS 7010[none]
Let’s All ChantThe Michael Zager Band12" Vinyl6
PS 7013[none]
Think It OverCissy Houston12" Vinyl9
PS 7015[none]
Fresh Fish SpecialRobert Gordon with Link WrayVinyl10
PVLP 1038[none]
Please Please MeThe Limit7" Vinyl2
PVT 156[none]
Thank God for GirlsBenny Mardones12" Vinyl8
ValliFrankie Valli12" Vinyl10
PS 2017
The Moon Some Trees And MeTorben StockCD8
EmotionSamantha SangDigital Media10
  • XW2008-12-15
Fresh Fish SpecialRobert Gordon with Link WrayCD10
PS 7008850703003873
It’s Better Than Working!MudDigital Media17
  • XW2016-06-23
The Private Stock Mudpack: Special Great Hits RecipeMudDigital Media10
  • XW2016-06-23
Let’s All ChantThe Michael Zager BandDigital Media6
  • XW2016-06-29