Goofin’ Records (Finland)

~ Label


Hal Peters And His TrioHal Peters And His TrioVinyl4
Rockin’ the CountryHal Peters and his Trio12" Vinyl14
Goofy 6015
Long Black TrainJussi 'Big John' Raittinen with Hal Peters & His Trio12" Vinyl4
Goofy 6022
Baby I'm ReadyHal Peters and his trio12" Vinyl14
Cool EnoughThe Barnshakers10" Vinyl8
GOOFY 1031
She Done Quite Me / So Doggone BlueThe Barnshakers7" Vinyl2
Glory BoundHigh NoonCD23
High Class BabyDarrel Higham with The BarnshakersCD15
GRCD 60906419517060904
Baby Doll BoogieShaun Young10" Vinyl6
A Honky Tonk Session With the BarnshakersThe BarnshakersCD15
Fireball MailHal Peters and His TrioCD27
GRCD 6038
Chew Tobacco RagThe Dave & Deke Combo7" Vinyl2
Goofy 552
Stranger ThingsHigh NoonCD15
GRCD 6060[none]
Stranger ThingsHigh NoonCD15
GRCD 60606419517060607
Hocus Pocus / Gone A-Rockin'The Barnshakers7" Vinyl2
Pretty Little DevilDarrel Higham & The Barnshakers7" Vinyl4
Goofy 570
Red Hot DaddyShaun YoungCD14
GRCD 6062[none]
Red Hot DaddyShaun YoungCD14
GRCD 60626419517060621
String - O - RamaThe BarnshakersCD14
GRCD 6068
Hillbilly HarmonyThe Ranch Girls & their Ragtime WranglersCD15
GRCD 6071
Focus on GuitarsLester PeabodyCD12
GRCD 6072
Lonesome Hearted BluesHal Peters & his String Dusters10" Vinyl11
GOOFY 1082
Show & Dance Plus: The Rockabilly TrioHigh NoonCD16
GRCD 60736419517060737
Farrish Street JiveCarl Sonny LeylandCD14
GRCD 6078[none]
Maybe I DoMarti Brom & The Barnshakers7" Vinyl4
Snake RanchMarti Brom & Her BarnshakersCD14
GRACD 6701
Feudin' and Fightin'Marti Brom with The Cornell Hurd BandCD6
GRACD 6702671946670222
Lonesome Hearted BluesHal Peters & his String DustersCD13
GRCD 60826419517060829
Lassoed Live!Marti Brom & Her Jet-Tone BoysCD13
GRCD 60936419517060935
At Rollin' Rock: Those Pink and Black DaysNarvel FeltsCD19
GRCD 60976419517060973
Eight Balls O' FireThe Rockin' 8-BallsCD14
GRCD 61086419517061086
North of JuarezThe BarnshakersCD8
GRCD 6109[none]
Five Minutes to LiveThe BarnshakersCD15
  • FI2002-10-29
GRCD 61186419517061185
Jukebox CadillacDave TravisCD30
GRCD 61126419517061123
What Are You Waiting For?High NoonCD15
GRCD 61166419517061161
Dreaming JeanieJohnny Trouble and The RazorsCD4
Johnny Trouble and The RazorsJohnny Trouble and The RazorsCD4
Rock ItMr. BreathlessCD2
Diggin' Out!Jack Baymoore & The BanditsCD14
Wise to You!Marti BromCD16
GRACD 6703750532914428
Singles AlbumThe BarnshakersCD22
GRCD 61266419517061260
Heartache NumbersMarti BromCD14
GRACD 6704671946670420
Honk My HornRay Collins’ Hot-ClubCD14
GRCD 6123
Wiggle WalkShaun YoungCD15
GRCD 61276419517061277
Twenty-OneThe BarnshakersCD8
GRCD 61306419517061307
The College YearsThe All-American PlayboysCD14
Mad MamaMiss Mary Ann And The Ragtime WranglersCD15
Hot Rod Ride to the MoonHi-Fly RangersCD17
GRCD 61356419517061352
Like It Like ThatThe Rockin' 8-BallsCD15
GRCD 61476419517061475
Twisting StandardsNono SöderbergDigital Media12
  • FI2008-10-01
Plays Crazy CavanMr. BreathlessCD6
GRCD 61536419517061536
Plays Crazy CavanMr. BreathlessDigital Media6
  • FI2009-07-03
Hot WiresNono SöderbergDigital Media14
  • FI2009-07-14
When a Blue Note Turns Red HotLittle RachelCD15
Face It / Time to RockMr. BreathlessCD27
  • FI2010-02-17
Not For Nothin'Marti BromCD15
GRACD 6705671946670529
The Trance / Let Me Tell You About LoveThe Barnshakers7" Vinyl2
GRSI 219[none]
Whiskey River / Hollow GraveThe Barnshakers7" Vinyl2
GRSI 224[none]
Hustle TimeHustle FuzzVinyl12
  • FI2014-07-18
GRLP 612176419517612172
Rock Baby Rock ItVarious ArtistsCD18GRCD 61116419517061116
Goofin' Records at Green BayVarious Artists(unknown)7