Goofin’ Records (Finland)

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Hal Peters And His TrioHal Peters And His TrioVinyl4
Rockin’ the CountryHal Peters and his Trio12" Vinyl14
Goofy 6015
Long Black TrainJussi 'Big John' Raittinen with Hal Peters & His Trio12" Vinyl4
Goofy 6022
Baby I'm ReadyHal Peters and his trio12" Vinyl14
Cool EnoughThe Barnshakers10" Vinyl8
GOOFY 1031
She Done Quite Me / So Doggone BlueThe Barnshakers7" Vinyl2
Glory BoundHigh NoonCD23
High Class BabyDarrel Higham with The BarnshakersCD15
GRCD 60906419517060904
Baby Doll BoogieShaun Young10" Vinyl6
A Honky Tonk Session With the BarnshakersThe BarnshakersCD15
Fireball MailHal Peters and His TrioCD27
GRCD 6038
Chew Tobacco RagThe Dave & Deke Combo7" Vinyl2
Goofy 552
Stranger ThingsHigh NoonCD15
GRCD 6060[none]
Stranger ThingsHigh NoonCD15
GRCD 60606419517060607
Hocus Pocus / Gone A-Rockin'The Barnshakers7" Vinyl2
Pretty Little DevilDarrel Higham & The Barnshakers7" Vinyl4
Goofy 570
Red Hot DaddyShaun YoungCD14
GRCD 6062[none]
Red Hot DaddyShaun YoungCD14
GRCD 60626419517060621
String - O - RamaThe BarnshakersCD14
GRCD 6068
Hillbilly HarmonyThe Ranch Girls & their Ragtime WranglersCD15
GRCD 6071
Focus on GuitarsLester PeabodyCD12
GRCD 6072
Lonesome Hearted BluesHal Peters & his String Dusters10" Vinyl11
GOOFY 1082
Show & Dance Plus: The Rockabilly TrioHigh NoonCD16
GRCD 60736419517060737
Farrish Street JiveCarl Sonny LeylandCD14
GRCD 6078[none]
Maybe I DoMarti Brom & The Barnshakers7" Vinyl4
Snake RanchMarti Brom & Her BarnshakersCD14
GRACD 6701
Feudin' and Fightin'Marti Brom with The Cornell Hurd BandCD6
GRACD 6702671946670222
Lonesome Hearted BluesHal Peters & his String DustersCD13
GRCD 60826419517060829
Lassoed Live!Marti Brom & Her Jet-Tone BoysCD13
GRCD 60936419517060935
At Rollin' Rock: Those Pink and Black DaysNarvel FeltsCD19
GRCD 60976419517060973
Eight Balls O' FireThe Rockin' 8-BallsCD14
GRCD 61086419517061086
North of JuarezThe BarnshakersCD8
GRCD 6109[none]
Five Minutes to LiveThe BarnshakersCD15
  • FI2002-10-29
GRCD 61186419517061185
What Are You Waiting For?High NoonCD15
GRCD 61166419517061161
Dreaming JeanieJohnny Trouble and The RazorsCD4
Rock ItMr. BreathlessCD2
Diggin' Out!Jack Baymoore & The BanditsCD14
Wise to You!Marti BromCD16
GRACD 6703750532914428
Singles AlbumThe BarnshakersCD22
GRCD 61266419517061260
Heartache NumbersMarti BromCD14
GRACD 6704671946670420
Honk My HornRay Collins’ Hot-ClubCD14
GRCD 6123
Wiggle WalkShaun YoungCD15
GRCD 61276419517061277
Twenty-OneThe BarnshakersCD8
GRCD 61306419517061307
The College YearsThe All-American PlayboysCD14
Mad MamaMiss Mary Ann And The Ragtime WranglersCD15
Hot Rod Ride to the MoonHi-Fly RangersCD17
GRCD 61356419517061352
Like It Like ThatThe Rockin' 8-BallsCD15
GRCD 61476419517061475
Twisting StandardsNono SöderbergDigital Media12
  • FI2008-10-01
Plays Crazy CavanMr. BreathlessCD6
GRCD 61536419517061536
Plays Crazy CavanMr. BreathlessDigital Media6
  • FI2009-07-03
Hot WiresNono SöderbergDigital Media14
  • FI2009-07-14
When a Blue Note Turns Red HotLittle RachelCD15
Face It / Time to RockMr. BreathlessCD27
  • FI2010-02-17
Not For Nothin'Marti BromCD15
GRACD 6705671946670529
The Trance / Let Me Tell You About LoveThe Barnshakers7" Vinyl2
GRSI 219[none]
Whiskey River / Hollow GraveThe Barnshakers7" Vinyl2
GRSI 224[none]
Hustle TimeHustle FuzzVinyl12
  • FI2014-07-18
GRLP 612176419517612172
Goofin' Records at Green BayVarious Artists(unknown)7