Close To HomeMcCoslyn & PayeCD12783027516227
FaithfulNorthern VoicesCD11783027518627
She BelievesFelicia SorensenCD12SM52222783027522327
ChristmasKurt BestorCD11SM52592783027525823
Primarily for ChristmasBrett RaymondCD14SM52882783027528725
Stone TablesOrson Scott Card & Robert StoddardCD173007172 ID 3025783027525427
Merry ChristmasMerrill JensonCD14SM51282783027512823
Love Will Lead the WayThe JetsCD11SM53242783027532425
Variations on a Sacred ThemeLex de AzevedoCD9
PassagesJay RichardsCD15SM53502783027535020
The Life of Christ: GloriaLex de Azevedo2×CD10 + 11SM53812783027538120
Without DisguiseFelicia SorensenCD11783027537321
Faith In Your HeartThurl BaileyCD10783027541229
His Love: An Inspirational CollectionVarious ArtistsCD133490783027530827
Joy in Every SoundMark Small & Robert Torres Guitar Duo(unknown)14SM55102783027551020
Every Day's a Summer DayVarious ArtistsCD12SM55182783027551822
Candlelight ChristmasVarious ArtistsCD14783027552928
Jericho RoadJericho Road(unknown)10
American TapestryJenny Oaks BakerCD154132450783027556322
He Gives Flowers To EveryoneCherie CallCD10
The Ocean In MeCherie CallDigital Media10
True NorthJericho RoadCD12
Deeper StillJericho Road(unknown)5
The Forgotten CarolsMichael McLeanCD10
Leven Thumps and the Gateway to FooObert Skye9×CD12 + 16 + 16 + 17 + 16 + 16 + 16 + 15 + 160-7435-6200-39780743562003
There Is MoreJericho RoadCD10
Steadfast & Immovable: Songs for Youth 2008Jenny PhillipsCD20
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Come Sing to the LordVarious ArtistsCD134988507783027007428
O Holy NightJenny Oaks BakerCD11
Winterlight II - Gabriel's MessageMark Small & Robert Torres Guitar Duo(unknown)134238868783027558821
Summer Fever '07Various ArtistsCD124982893783027006728
Mary's Lullaby: Christmas Songs for BedtimeVarious ArtistsCD134988156783027007022
Stories of JesusRoger HoffmanCD1549978660783027009323
Nearer: a New Collection of Favorite HymnsVarious ArtistsCD12783027015027
SpiritAlex BoyéCD11
Mercy RiverMercy RiverCD100783027008623
Grateful PraiseEclipseCD11
Beautiful LifeJenny Jordan FrogleyCD12783027010725
Baby Mine: Classic Songs for BedtimeVarious ArtistsCD12
Silver Screen SerenadeJenny Oaks BakerCD13
Live Out Loud!LOLCD1150073270783027011425
If I Only Had TodayHilary WeeksCD11
The Ultimate EFY CollectionVarious ArtistsCD15
Light Keepers - Be Thou an Example: Songs for Youth 2009Jenny PhillipsCD180783027011920
Every Breath: The Jenny Phillips CollectionJenny PhillipsCD18783027010626
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Leven Thumps and the Wrath of EzraObert Skye9×CD11 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 13 + 12 + 8 + 50783027389791
Sunday Morning with BachVarious ArtistsCD16783027012927
Sunday Morning with HändelGeorg Friedrich HändelCD190783027013023
Sacred PianoPaul CardallCD15
Another Testament: Music of the Living SaviorClyde Bawden & Jason BarneyCD125027142783027015225
Be Still My Soul: Classic Hymns and Folk SongsAlex BoyéCD11
GraceCherie CallCD11
I Know My Savior Lives: Songs For Children 2010Clive RomneyCD24
Heart Wide Open: A Collection for WomenVarious ArtistsCD1349406540783027002829
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Beautiful DawnMercy RiverDigital Media11
Then Sings My SoulJenny Oaks BakerDigital Media11[none]
Masterpiece: The Best of Julie de AzevedoJulie de AzevedoDigital Media17
Road Less TraveledDavid Osmond2×CD11 + 5783027017021
Day of RestJericho RoadCD120783027016925
We Believe: Songs for Youth 2011Jenny Phillips2×CD17 + 6783027018325
Popcorn Bopping: Dance Along Mixes of Favorite Kids' SongsOne Voice Children’s ChoirCD13
Wish Upon a Star: A Tribute to the Music of Walt DisneyJenny Oaks BakerCD1150550260783027019025
2011 Summer PlaylistVarious ArtistsCD90783027019728
Noel: Carols of Christmas PastJenny Oaks BakerCD10783027023428
Come AliveMercy RiverCD1051087410783027025323
I Know My Savior Lives (2014 Edition)Clive Romney & One Voice Children’s ChoirCD20
Where My Heart BelongsGladys KnightCD10
Classic: The Rock AlbumJenny Oaks BakerCD1051191690783027025828
Finding ChristmasGENTRICD12
Love Your LifeHilary WeeksCD12
O Come, Little ChildrenThe Tabernacle Choir at Temple SquareCD18783027032925
AnymoreMadilyn Paige(unknown)7
BelieverCalee ReedCD1251704810783027032321
The Forgotten Carol'sMichael McLeanCD10214240 ID1495783027538922
Every StepHilary WeeksCD1150619060783027020229