Barney KesselBarney Kessel10" Vinyl8C2508
Barney Kessel, Volume 2Barney Kessel10" Vinyl8C2514, C-2514
To Swing or Not to Swing, Vol, 3Barney Kessel12" Vinyl11C3513, C 3513, C-3513
Easy LikeBarney Kessel12" Vinyl12C 3511[none]
Shelly Manne & His Friends Play Modern Jazz Performances of Songs from My Fair LadyShelly Manne, André Previn & Leroy Vinnegar12" Vinyl8C3527[none]
Music to Listen to Barney Kessel ByBarney Kessel12" Vinyl12C3521, SCA 5002
Way Out WestSonny Rollins12" Vinyl6C3530, C 3530[none]
The Poll Winners: Barney Kessel With Shelly Manne and Ray BrownThe Poll Winners12" Vinyl9C 3535
Benny Golson's New York SceneBenny Golson12" Vinyl7C 3552[none]
Coop! The Music of Bob CooperBob Cooper12" Vinyl10C3544
Modern Jazz Performances Of Songs From GigiAndré Previn and His Pals Shelly Manne & Red Mitchell12" Vinyl8C 3548[none]
Harold in the Land of JazzHarold Land12" Vinyl7C3550
Something Else!!!!Ornette Coleman12" Vinyl9S7551
The Poll Winners Ride AgainThe Poll Winners12" Vinyl9S-7556
Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary LeadersSonny RollinsVinyl8M3564
Tomorrow Is the Question! The New Music of Ornette Coleman!Ornette Coleman12" Vinyl9M 3569
Looking Ahead!The Cecil Taylor Quartet12" Vinyl6S7562[none]
Modern Jazz Performances From Bizet's Opera CarmenBarney Kessel12" Vinyl9S7563
Some Like It HotBarney Kessel12" Vinyl10S7565, S 7565
The FoxHarold Land12" Vinyl6S7619
Smack UpArt Pepper Quintet12" Vinyl6S7602[none]
Exploring the SceneThe Poll Winners12" Vinyl9M 3581
Poll Winners Three!The Poll Winners12" Vinyl10S7576
Latinsville!Victor Feldman12" Vinyl12S 9005[none]
Maggie's Back in Town!!Howard McGhee12" Vinyl7S7596
Together Again!Teddy Edwards & Howard McGhee12" Vinyl6M3588
Love MoodsHelyne Stewart12" Vinyl12M3601
Green Leaves of SummerHampton HawesVinyl8
Burning SpiritsHuey Simmons2×12" Vinyl3 + 3S7625/6
Blackstone LegacyWoody Shaw2×12" Vinyl3 + 3Stereo S7627/8[none]
I'm All SmilesHampton HawesVinyl5S7631
The TripArt Pepper12" Vinyl6S7638
Barney Kessel's Swingin' Party at ContemporaryBarney Kessel12" Vinyl6LAX-3049[none]
Beyond the RainChico Freeman12" Vinyl5S7640
Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm SectionArt Pepper12" Vinyl9GXC-3101
Solo / QuartetBobby Hutcherson12" Vinyl714009[none]
Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm SectionArt Pepper12" Vinyl9S7532
Something Else!!!!Ornette Coleman12" Vinyl9C-7551[none]
Back HomePhineas Newborn, Jr.12" Vinyl8C-7648
In a MellotoneBob Cooper and Snooky Young Sextet featuring Ernie Andrews12" Vinyl10C-14017
Double ImageFrank MorganCD8CCD 14935
BridgeworkBilly Higgins12" Vinyl7C-14024
By GeorgeGeorge Cables12" Vinyl6C-14030
Red Hot and BluesBarney Kessel12" Vinyl8C-14044025218144414
Tomorrow Is the Question!Ornette Coleman12" Vinyl9C-7569090204027927
My Fair LadyShelly ManneCD8OJCCD-336-2 (S-7527)025218033626
Way Out WestSonny RollinsCD9OJCCD 337-2090204065332
Way Out WestSonny Rollins12" Vinyl6S-7530025218033718
Way Out WestSonny RollinsCD9S-7530025218633727
Blame It on My YouthThe Art Farmer QuintetCD7VDJ-1172[none]
Way Out WestSonny RollinsCD9025218633727
SonorityThe Curtis Counce Group12" Vinyl8C-7655
Love You MadlyCarol SloaneCD13CCD-14049-2025218144926
The Way It Was!Art PepperCD9OJCCD-389-2025218638920
At Last!Miles Davis and the Lighthouse All-StarsCD5C-7645025218648028
Guiding SpiritKenny Burrell Quartet12" Vinyl8C-14058
Central Avenue ReunionArt Farmer, Frank Morgan, Lou Levy, Eric Von Essen, Albert “Tootie” HeathCD8CCD-14057-2025218145725
FormTom HarrellCD6CCD-14059-2090204060252
Together Again!Teddy Edwards & Howard McGheeCD6OJCCD-424-2 (S-7588)025218642422
On The RoadArt FarmerCD6S-7636
Spontaneous CombustionBarney KesselCD9CCD-14033-2025218143325
At the BlackHawk, Volume 1Shelly Manne & His MenCD6OJCCD-656-2025218665629
At the BlackHawk, Volume 2Shelly Manne & His MenCD5025218665728
Holiday for SwingBuddy DeFranco & Terry Gibbs QuintetCD10CCD-14047-2025218144728
Quiet FireBud Shank & Frank MorganCD6CCD-14064-2025218146425
Tain't Nobody's Biz-Ness If I DoHelen HumesCD12OJCCD-453-2025218645324
Good Gravy!Teddy Edwards QuartetCD9OJCCD-661-2025218666121
At the BlackHawk, Volume 3Shelly Manne & His MenCD4025218665827
At the Blackhawk, Volume 4Shelly Manne & His MenCD5025218665926
At the BlackHawk, Volume 5Shelly Manne & His MenCD6025218666022
Ruth Price with Shelly Manne & His Men at the Manne HoleRuth PriceCD12025218177023
Poll Winners Three!The Poll WinnersCD10OJCCD-692-2 (S-7576)025218669221
Maggie's Back in Town!!Howard McGheeCD7OJCCD-693-2 (S-7596)025218669320
For Real!Hampton HawesCD6OJCCD-713-2 (S-7589)025218671323
Sun DanceGeorge Robert-Tom Harrell Quintet, George Robert, Tom HarrellCD6CCD 14037-28011738143725
Cables' VisionGeorge CablesCD6C-14001025218672528
Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary LeadersSonny RollinsCD11010963105728
Back to AvalonTeddy EdwardsCD9CCD-14074-2025218147422
Back to the CityThe Art Farmer/Benny Golson Jazztet Featuring Curtis FullerCD6OJCCD-842-2025218684224
Mexican PassportHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐StarsCD10CCD-14077-2025218147729
At The Black Hawk Vol. 1Shelly Manne & His Men12" Vinyl5M 3577 Stereo S 7577
Gettin' Together!Art PepperCD9VICJ-41170
San Francisco SambaArt PepperCD4CCD-14086-2025218148627
Workin' Out!The Barney Kessel Quartet(unknown)8S 7585
Major ChangesFrank Morgan and the McCoy Tyner TrioCD8ccd 140392025218143929
The West Coast Jazz BoxVarious Artists4×CD15 + 18 + 14 + 144CCD-4425-2025218442527
Workin' Out!The Barney Kessel QuartetCD8OJCCD-970-2 (S7585)025218697026
Hampton Hawes Trio, Volume 1Hampton Hawes TrioCD10CCD-3505-2
Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm SectionArt PepperCD10CCD-7532-2
One On OneRuss Freeman, Shelly ManneCD15CCD-14090-2090204970346
By GeorgeGeorge CablesCD7OJCCD-1056-2025218705622
Lennie Niehaus, Volume 5: The SextetLennie NiehausCD10OJCCD-1944-2 (C-3524)025218194426
The Poll WinnersThe Poll WinnersCD9C-7535090204703913
Latinsville!Victor FeldmanCD17CCD 9005-2025218900522
Sail AwayTom HarrellCD10C-14054090204923274
Plays for Lovers (1953-1988)Barney KesselCD16CCD 6022-2090204923359
The Contemporary Records StoryVarious Artists4×CD16 + 14 + 15 + 124CCD-4441-2025218444125
Art Pepper + ElevenArt PepperCD15OJCCD-341-2 (S-7568)090204065370
The SeanceThe Hampton Hawes TrioVinyl6S7621