Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Forsaken by Hope Tenebrum (unknown) 2
Daîm Allah Tenebrum (unknown) 3
Barbaros Barbaros Cassette 5 DAR01
Blackness Divine Tenebrum (unknown) 5
Alchimie de la Douleur Moria (unknown) 5
Barbaros Barbaros CD 6
Cry Under Moon Samhan (unknown) 11
Diabolical Rebellious Azael (unknown) 3
Forest of Anger Barbaros CD-R 12
Tribute to the Dark Arts Various Artists CD-R 10 DAR08
Royaume des Songes Funestes Tenebrum (unknown) 7
Izorane Azar (unknown) 5
Tenebrum / Azar / Unazzilat Tenebrum / Azar / Unazzilat CD-R 17
Godoff Barbaros (unknown) 7