Please Don't Die Yet... I'm Not DoneDecomposing SerenityCD28BHP 004
Pathogenesis Infest PhlegmsepiaLymphatic PhlegmCD31BHP 005[none]
GorelandVarious ArtistsCD29BHP 006
Discoing the DeadFuck the FactsCD11BHP 008[none]
Revel in Human FilthCarveCD8BHP 010[none]
Last Days of Humanity / Lymphatic PhlegmLast Days of Humanity / Lymphatic Phlegm12" Vinyl34BHP 011
[untitled] / The Hidden Art at the Heart of the Modern Medico-Legal ConceptsXXX Maniak / Lymphatic PhlegmCD37BHP 013
Deathless Beauty of the SilenceClawnCD12BHP 015
Show-Off Cadavers - The Anatomy of Self DisplayLymphatic PhlegmCD16BHP 016[none]
Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepia (Repress)Lymphatic PhlegmCD31BHP 005
Burial GroundExpurgoCD29BHP 019[none]
Putrescent Stiffs and Pungent Whiffs (Pink Marbled Vinyl)Lymphatic Phlegm7" Vinyl6BHP 023
Indoctrination of HateExpose Your HateCD17BHP 0027