The RushKromozone12" Vinyl2
SUB BASE 0015017687810469
Don't Stand In My WayM&M12" Vinyl2
SUB BASE 0025021628987028
Shot Like Dis / Africans Must Be FreePhuture Assassins12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 035021628987035
I Get HighAustin12" Vinyl2
SUB BASE 0045022765432044
Dancin' PeopleQBass12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 0055022765432051
Far Out / HigherSon'z of a Loop da Loop Era12" Vinyl2
SUB BASE 008, SUBBASE 0085022765432082
Further Out / Let Your Mind Be FreeSon'z of a Loop da Loop Era12" Vinyl2
SUB BASE 008R, SUBBASE 008R5022765439081
I Feel This WayM&M Featuring Rachel Wallace12" Vinyl3
  • GB1992-01-01
SUB BASE 0065022765432068
The RemixesM&M12" Vinyl2
  • GB1992-01-30
I Feel This Way / Don't Stand in My Way (Remixes)M&M feat. Rachel Wallace12" Vinyl2
SUB BASE 006R5022765439067
Hardcore Will Never DieQBass12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 0075022765432075
Fires Burning b/w Tribe VibesRun Tings12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 0095022765432099
Sesame's TreetSmart E’s12" Vinyl2
  • GB1992-06-29
SUBBASE 125022765432129
This Sound Is for the Underground / Manic StampedeKrome & Time12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 011, SUBBASE 115022765432112
Tell Me WhyRachel Wallace12" Vinyl4
SUBBASE 135022765432136
Tell Me WhyRachel WallaceCD4
SUBBASE 13CD5022765433133
Sesame’s TreetSmart E’sCD13
  • US1992-11-24
14223-2, 7-14223-2094171422327
Peace & LoveismSonz of a Loop da Loop Era & The Scratchadelic Experience12" Vinyl2
Subase 14, SUBBASE 145022765432143
Peace & Loveism (Remixes)Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era & The Scratchadelic Experience12" Vinyl2
Subase 14R, SUBBASE 14R5022765439142
Fires Burning / Tribe Vibes (Remixes)Run Tings12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 009R5022765439098
This Sound Is for the Underground (Remix)Krome & Time12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE011R, SUBBASE 011R5022765439111
Sesame's TreetSmart-E's7" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 012S5022765437124
Tell Me Why (Remixes)Rachel Wallace12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 013R5022765439135
Future Sound E.PPhuture Assassins12" Vinyl4
subbase 10
Future Sound (Remixes)Phuture Assassins12" Vinyl3
Sesame's TreetSmart E’sCassette4
SUBBASE 12C5022765434123
Sesame's TreetSmart E’sCD4
SUBBASE 12CD5022765433126
Sesame's Treet (Remix)Smart E's12" Vinyl2
Loo's ControlSmart E's12" Vinyl4
SUBBASE 155022765432150
Loo's Control (Promo 2)Smart E's12" Vinyl3
Loo's Control (Promo 1) (Promo 1)Smart E's12" Vinyl2
Loos' ControlSmart E’sCD4
SUBBASE 15CD5022765433157
Loos Control (Two Bad Mice Remix)Smart E’s10" Vinyl1
Back AgainRun Tings12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 165022765432167
Back Again (Remixes)Run Tings12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 16R5022765439166
World Within a World / Life (remix)D’Cruze12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 175022765432174
World Within a World (remix) / I Believe (92 revamp)D’Cruze12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 17R5022765439173
Sub Base for Your FaceVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl8 + 8
Suburban Base: Sound of the Phuture (Mixed Sampler)Various Artists12" Vinyl2
Roots 'N FuturePhuture AssassinsCD4
The Joint LPVarious ArtistsCD13
  • GB1993-10-11
JOINT 1CD5022765113011
The Joint LPVarious Artists3×12" Vinyl6 + 6 + 1
  • GB1993-10-11
JOINT 1LP5022765112014
Loo's ControlSmart E’sCassette2
SUBBASE 15C5022765434154
The Austin EPAustin12" Vinyl4
Flowers In My Garden LPSonz of a Loop da Loop Era12" Vinyl6
SUBBASE 195022765432198
Shot in the DarkDJ Hype12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 205022765432204
Shot in the DarkDJ HypeCD4
SUBBASE 20CD5022765433201
Shot In The Dark / Weird Energy (Remixes)DJ Hype12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 20R5022765439203
Deepa / Funky HardcoreQBass12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 215022765432211
Deepa / Funky HardcoreQBassCD4
SUBBASE 21CD5022765433218
Funky Hardcore / Deepa (Remixes)QBass12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 21R5022765439210
Roots ’n FuturePhuture Assassins12" Vinyl2
Roots ’n Future (Remixes)Phuture Assassins12" Vinyl2
VertigoDJ Rap & Aston12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 235022765432235
Vertigo (Q Bass Remixes)DJ Rap & Aston12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 23R5025350000314
Subplates Volume 1Various Artists12" Vinyl4
SUBBASE 245022765432242
Bass Go Boom / Want You NowD’Cruze12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 255022765432259
Bass Go Boom / Want You Now (Remixes)D'Cruze12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 25R5022765439258
The Slammer / Into the NightDJ Krome & Mr Time12" Vinyl2
The Slammer (Remixes)DJ Krome & Mr Time12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 26R5022765439265
Real Hardcore / The Dark StrangerBoogie Times Tribe12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 275022765432273
The Dark Stranger / Real Hardcore (Remixes)Boogie Times Tribe12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 27R5022765439272
The Dark Stranger Part 3Boogie Times Tribe12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 27R2, SUBBASE 27 R25022765433287
The TrooperDJ Hype12" Vinyl4
SUBBASE 285022765432280
The Trooper (Remixes)DJ Hype12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 28R5022765439289
Subplates 2Various Artists2×10" Vinyl2 + 2
SUBBASE 295022765432297
FlammableJohnny Jungle12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 305022765432303
Flammable (Remixes)Johnny Jungle12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 30R5022765439302
Gun ConnectionQBass Featuring Skeng Gee12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 315022765432310
Jeopardy / More TimeDJ Rap & Aston12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 325022765432327
Jeopardy (Remixes)DJ Rap & Aston12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 32R5022765439326
R Yeah / What The..Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 335022765432334
Sub Base for Your FaceVarious ArtistsCD14
SUBBASE CD15022765553015
Watch OutD’Cruze12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 345022765432341
The Joint IIVarious ArtistsCD12
JOINT 2 CD5022208920022
The Joint IIVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl6 + 6
What The.. RemixesSonz of a Loop da Loop Era12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 33R5022765439333
Watch Out (Remixes)D’Cruze12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 34R5022765439340
Rollin Deep... In The Realm Of The Purple DiamondNoise Of Art12" Vinyl3
Rollin' Deep.. (Remixes)The Noise Of Art12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 35R5022765439357
The Kings of the Jungle Part OneDJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 365022765432365
The Kings of the Jungle Part TwoDJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 36R5022765439364
The Kings Of The Jungle Part ThreeDJ Dextrous12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 36R25022765433362
Subplates 3Various Artists2×10" Vinyl2 + 2
SUBBASE 375022765432372
Roll The BeatsDJ Hype12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 385022765432389
Roll The Beats (Remix)DJ Hype12" Vinyl3
SUB BASE 38R5022765439388
My SoulBoogie Times Tribe12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 395022765432396
Somebody / Ya Buzzin' AgainFlex N Fats12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 405022765432402
Manic Musik / Ruff 'N RuggedLick Back Organisation12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 415022765432419
Manic Musik / Ruff 'N Rugged (Remixes)Lick Back Organisation12" Vinyl2
Ruff RevivalRun Tings12" Vinyl2
SUB BASE 425022765432426
Lonely / Chronic BreaksD'Cruze12" Vinyl2
SUB BASE 435022765432433
Johnny '94 (Pascal & Kings Of The Jungle Remixes)Johnny Jungle10" Vinyl2
Johnny '94 (Origin Unknown & Droppin' Science Remixes)Johnny Jungle10" Vinyl2
Johnny '94 (Dillinja and Noise of Art & Double D Remixes)Johnny Jungle10" Vinyl2
SUBBASE 44R25022765439449
Nice 'N' Deep / MelloMikey James12" Vinyl2
SUB BASE 455022765432457
Feel The MagicSophisticated Bad Boyz12" Vinyl3
SUBBASE 465022765432464
The Crash / ShabbutzSponge12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE48, SUBBASE 485022765432488
Stamina / WarriorsThe Dream Team12" Vinyl2
SUBBASE49, SUBBASE 495022765432495
Gun TalkMarvellous CainCD11
  • XE1995-11-03