Nova Tekk Media und Entertainment GmbH (Nova Tekk GmbH, former media-distribution company)

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Nova Tekk Media und Entertainment GmbH

Registered: 12.11.1996, Amtsgericht Gelsenkirchen HRB 2287.
Deleted: 01.03.2005

Founded in 1996, Nova Tekk was established as a media-distribution of CDs, LPs, music videos and merchandise. It distributed albums and compilations ranging is styles from techno, psychedelic trance, alternative, dark wave, reggae and sport on it's many associated labels, labeled Nova Tekk Media + Distribution.

The company finished domestic distribution as of the 15th December 1999.
As of the 1st January 2000 the new company Nova Media Distribution GmbH took over their duties.

Nova Tekk was shut down in 2002 and was taken over by Da Music. Until today Da Music continues to release the "Goa-Head" series under this sublabel.

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Ultimate ExperienceUXCD10NTD 90302-224025905903023
In SofaThe ArchCD15NTD 90206-224025905902064
A Taste of DragonflyVarious ArtistsCD10NTD 90306-074025905903061
The Lone DerangerHallucinogenCD9NTD 91006-184025905910069
Mushroom Trance, Volume 1: The Spirit of NatureVarious Artists2×CD9 + 10NTD 91108-244025905911080
Virtual SpiritChi-A.D.CD9NTD 91007-184025905910076
Patchwork of a Happier PlaceY FrontCD1490908-224025905909087
EkhnatonForthcoming FireCD14NTD 90203-22
Dragonfly presents 'A Voyage Into Trance' - Mixed by Danny RamplingVarious ArtistsCD12NTD 90501-245413356773323
The Colours of Shiva: The Psychedelic T.I.P.-Trip Part 1Various Artists2×CD11 + 10NTD 90503-244025905905034
Chill Out, Volume 1: Voyages Into Trance and Ambient (disc 1: Voyage 1)Various ArtistsCD9NTD 90505-244025905905058
Born Again:wumpscut:CD14NTD 90606-224025905906062
3DVarious ArtistsCD9NTD 91001-224025905910014
Rock Bitch MafiaThe Green Nuns Of The RevolutionCD8NTD 91013-194025905910137
A Voyage Into TrancePaul Oakenfold & Danny Rampling2×CD12 + 12TUA-014025905905010
Sounds Like Trip Hop, Volume 1Various Artists2×CD10 + 10560212, DA 56021-2
PaniqueNoyce™CD6MCD 90906-094025905909063
A Taste of Trust in Trance, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD9NTD 91012-074025905910120
FragmentBehind the ScenesCD10NTD 90207-22
The Ice CurtainKirlian Camera2×CD14 + 13NTD 90208-244025905902088
DriftingKirlian CameraCD6NTD 90209-084025905902095
L'etre et le néantLimboCD13NTD 90211-22
Dragonfly Classix (disc 1)Various ArtistsCD10NTD 90310-22
A Taste of Dragonfly, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD10NTD 90312-074025905903122
Future Noir: A Collection: Beats for a New Dark AgeVarious Artists2×CD11 + 11NTD 90406-194025905904068
inNOVAtion eins (black cover)Various ArtistsCD17NTD 90408-084025905904082
Zwischenfall, Volume 4: From the 80's to the 90'sVarious Artists2×CD15 + 16NTD 90416-244025905904167
inNOVAtion zweiVarious ArtistsCD17NTD 90417-094025905904174
A Voyage Into Trance, Volume 3Various Artists2×CD10 + 10NTD 90514-244025905905140
21:3 Elastic & All Boundaries Are Illusion (disc 2)Various ArtistsCD10NTD 90516-224025905905164
Dried Blood of Gomorrha:wumpscut:CD9NTD 90607-224025905906079
Out of OrderNoisexCD23NTD 90610-224025905906109
Mushroom Trance Volume 2 - Under The Mushroom SunVarious Artists2×CD9 + 9NTD 91112-244025905911127
Trance-X-PerienceVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15NTD 91115-24
Chakra Red - A Psychedelic Trance Compilation Vol. 1Various ArtistsCD9NTD 91117-194025905911172
Café del Sol, Volume 1Various Artists2×CD11 + 10NTD 91118-244025905911189
Ravermeister, Volume 12Various Artists2×CD12 + 12NTD 92903-244025905929030
Chakra Blue (Psytrance Compilation)Various ArtistsCD9NTD 91122-134025905911226
Traveling TalesPlasma PleasureCD9NTD 90921-224025905909216
Another WorldAstral ProjectionCD9NT 301024025905301027
A Taste of Dragonfly, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD10NTD 90312-074025905903191
Another WorldAstral ProjectionCD9NTD 92503-224025905925032
Urban AlienChildren of ParadiseCD8NTD 92506-224025905925063
Warum?Arzt+PfuschCD11NTD 90113-224025905901135
A Taste of Nephilim, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD7NTD 90522-074025905905225
Acid Drops, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD14 + 14CAM-074025905911073
Chakra Green - A Psychedelic Trance Compilation Vol. 3Various ArtistsCD9NTD 91124-134025905911240
Acid Flash, Volume 10Various Artists2×CD11 + 11NTD 92904-244025905929047
The White RoomNoyce™CD20NTD 90999-224025905909995
The Colours of Shiva: The Psychedelic TIP-Trip, Part 3Various Artists2×CD9 + 9NTD 90517-244025905905171
A Taste of NephilimVarious ArtistsCD8NTD 90518-074025905905188
A Taste of Free FormVarious ArtistsCD9NTD 90520-074025905905201
Chill Out, Volume 4: Voyages Into Trance and AmbientVarious Artists2×CD12 + 10NTD 90521-244025905905218
Mushroom Trance, Volume 3: Generation 3000Various Artists2×CD10 + 9NTD 91113-244025905911134
Touched by the Hand of Goth, Volume IVVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15NTD 92701-244025905927012
Miroque, Volume IVVarious ArtistsCD19NTD 92750-224025905927500
Rave Mission, Volume 14Various Artists2×CD11 + 11NTD 92901-244025905929016
Tantrance 8: A Trip to Psychedelic TranceVarious Artists2×CD10 + 9NTD 92902-244025905929023
Vibration One - Progressive & Psychedelic TranceVarious ArtistsCD8NTD 93101-224025905931019
CHILL OUT, Volume 3 - Voyages Into Trance and AmbientVarious Artists2×CD9 + 9TUA124025905905126
A Voyage Into Trance, Volume 2: DragonflyVarious Artists2×CD10 + 9NTD 90506-245413356773224
White Hypnotised NoiseNoyce™CD6MCD 90969-084025905909698
Chakra Yellow - A Psychedelic Trance Compilation Vol.4Various ArtistsCD10NTD 92565-194025905925650
Chill Out, Volume 6: Voyages Into Trance and AmbientVarious Artists2×CD9 + 10NTD 92570-244025905925704
A Taste of Dragonfly, Volume 4Various ArtistsCD10CD 92567-074025905925674
Party JunkiesHara GobiCD8NTD 92561-224025905925612
Chakra Violet - A Psychedelic Trance Compilation Vol. 5Various ArtistsCD9NTD 92574-134025905925742
Goa Party - The Summer EditionVarious Artists2×CD10 + 10NOVA02052924025905300013
Arena Hits 2Various ArtistsCD9
Psychedelic Vision 2 - The Best of Phantasm RecordsVarious Artists2×CD10 + 10NTD 90507-244025905905072