Ace in the HoleSalty Dogs Jazz Band with Carol Leigh12" Vinyl10GHB-207
In Gay Old New OrleansKnocky Parker, Dick Wellstood & Galvanized Washboard BandCD22BCD-1762247500124
Edegran Orchestra and the New Orleans Jazz LadiesEdegran Orchestra and the New Orleans Jazz LadiesCD14BCD-311762247531128
Cookin'Heritage Hall Jazz Band(unknown)11BCD-287
The Magnolia Jazz Band and Art Hodes, Volume OneThe Magnolia Jazz Band & Art HodesCD8BCD-171762247517122
Art Hodes and the Magnolia Jazz Band, Volume TwoArt Hodes & The Magnolia Jazz BandCD8BCD-172762247517221
Lee Gunness Sings the BluesLee Gunness & Hal Smith's Creole Sunshine Jazz BandCD15BCD-314762247531425
George Lewis in Japan (Volume One)George LewisCD8BCD-14762247501428
I'm a WomanNatalie Lamb & Peruna Jazz BandCD14BCD-329762247532927
Anthony "Tuba Fats" LucenAnthony "Tuba Fats" LucenCD9BCD-344762247534426
Sadie Goodson with Sammy RimmingtonSadie Goodson withSammy RimmingtonCD17BCD-298762247529828
The St. Louis Ragtimers: Volume 2St. Louis RagtimersCD21BCD-362762247536222
Jelly RollVernel Bagneris & Morten Gunnar LarsenCD27BCD-4000762247540021
The St. Louis Ragtimers: Volume 1St. Louis Ragtimers(unknown)21BCD-361762247536123
In New Orleans (U.S. Tour 1995)Ophelia Ragtime OrchestraCD16BCD-410762247541028
Plays One More Time, Volume 2The Boll Weevil Jass BandCD16BCD-32762247503224
The Legendary Crescent Recording Sessions 1944/45Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band(unknown)16
At the Hookers' BallErnie Carson and The Castle Jazz BandCD17BCD-125762247512523
New Orleans WiggleChris Tyle’s Silver Leaf Jazz BandCD16BCD-347762247534723
Can't Get Indiana Off My MindThe Salty DogsCD13BCD-437762247543725
Jazz à la CreoleBaby Dodds TrioCD18BCD-50
The St. Louis Ragtimers: Volume 3St. Louis RagtimersCD21BCD-363762247536321
The St. Louis Ragtimers: Volume 4St. Louis RagtimersCD21BCD-364762247536420
My One and My Only LoveTopsy Chapman & the Pro'sCD13BCD-520
What Are You Gonna Do When There Ain't No Jazz?Barbara DaneCD14BCD-240762247524021
Live to Air with the Harbor City Jazz Band and Jill LindfieldGeoff Gilbert, The Harbor City Jazz Band & Jill LindfieldCD16BCD-434762247543428
1973 - Volume 1The New Orleans JoymakersCD9BCD-381762247538127
Palm Court Jazz All StarsLars Edegran's Palm Court Jazz All StarsCD13BCD-447762247544722
1973 - Volume 2The New Orleans JoymakersCD9BCD-482762247548225
1973 - Volume 3The New Orleans JoymakersCD10BCD-483762247548324
Armand Hug Plays A.J. Piron & Other Delectable DittiesArmand HugCD21BCD-479762247547921
Duke Heitger's Steamboat Stompers, Volume 2Duke HeitgerCD16BCD-534762247553427
New Orleans WiggleChris Tyle’s Silver Leaf Jazz BandDigital Media16
Drag’s Half Fast Jazz BandAlcide “Slow Drag” PavageauCD12BCD-54762247505426
Just a Little WhileAline White and Magnolia JazzbandCD14BCD-292762247529224
25th Anniversary ConcertMagnolia Jazzband with Big Al CarsonCD12BCD-387762247538721
Duke Heitger's Steamboat StompersDuke Heitger(unknown)18BCD-399762247539926
Mike Lala and His Dixie SixMike Lala12" Vinyl8GHB-220
Emile Christian and His New Orleans Jazz BandEmile Christian and His New Orleans Jazz Band12" Vinyl8GHB-223
Red Hot in Memphis GHB-89The Boll Weevil Jass Band12" Vinyl6GHB-89