Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Deeper the Wound Converge / Hellchild CD 9 DW01
Suckerpunch Training Boysetsfire CD 3 DW02DS
Final Damage CD 22 DW05 798546185229
Live at WERS Touché Amoré 7" Vinyl 8 DWLIVE07
Glass Bullet The Blinding Light CD 5 DW14.0
Heartburn Knives Out CD 6 DW09.0
The Rains Some Girls 7" Vinyl 5 DW11.1 [none]
The Blues Some Girls 7" Vinyl 5 DW28.1 [none]
Unloved and Weeded Out Converge CD 14 DW15.0 790168350924
Only in the Morning Breather Resist CD 8 DW26.0 790168351723
A Great Artist A Life Once Lost CD 9 DW23.0
The Ascension Attempt The Blinding Light CD 9 DW27.0
The Promise Ringworm CD 15 DW18.0
One Cursed CD 11 DW20.0 790168351228
To Die For Integrity CD 9 DW25.0
Splitseveninch Ringworm / Terror 7" Vinyl 4 DW31.1
All My Friends Are Going Death Some Girls CD 69 DW29.0 [none]
100 Demons 100 Demons CD 9 790168352423
Sex Positions Sex Positions CD 11 DW37.0
The Struggle Cast Aside CD 11 DWI34
My Love. My Way. Modern Life Is War CD 12 DWI55 790168354328
Dead Man's Hand 03 Blacklisted / First Blood Vinyl 4 DW38DS
We're Unstoppable Blacklisted CD 10
Witness Modern Life Is War CD 9 DW45
In Place, Apart Killing the Dream CD 12 DWI49
The Beat Goes On Blacklisted CD 13 DW148 790168353727
We Are the Enemy Embrace Today (unknown) 12 DW143 790168353222
Blacklisted / First Blood Blacklisted / First Blood 7" Vinyl 4 DW38.1 [none]
Dead Man's Hand 3 First Blood / Blacklisted 7" Vinyl 4 DW38.1
I Rewrote It Killing the Dream 7" Vinyl 4 DW44.1 [none]
Black Thunder Doomriders CD 13 DW46 790168353529
Black Thunder Doomriders Digital Media 13 DW46DS
Black Thunder Doomriders Vinyl 13 DW46v
Deathwish Live Series 02: Minneapolis, MN 09.21.05 Converge Digital Media 14 DWLIVE02 [none]
Death Knows Your Name The Hope Conspiracy CD 11 DW52.0 790168354120
Life Long Tragedy / Final Fight Life Long Tragedy / Final Fight Vinyl 4 DW54DS
Live at WERS Blacklisted Digital Media 1 DWLIVE01
Life Long Tragedy / Final Fight Life Long Tragedy / Final Fight CD 4
A New Beat From a Dead Heart 108 CD 13 DWI59 020286105329
Life Is Wasted on the Living The Great Deceiver CD 12
Martyr Immortal Pulling Teeth CD 12
Séance Prime Trap Them CD 5
Peace on Earth, War on Stage Blacklisted CD 4 DW58v
Clawing Rise and Fall 7" Vinyl 3 DWI61 [none]
DW Live Series 03: Live @ Sound & Fury 2007 Pulling Teeth Digital Media 8 DWLIVE03 [none]
DW Live Series 04: Live @ Sound & Fury 2007 Bitter End Digital Media 8 DWLIVE04 [none]
Runaways Life Long Tragedy CD 12
No Love Can Save Me The Carrier 7" Vinyl 3
Seizures in Barren Praise Trap Them CD 10 DWI78
Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God Blacklisted CD 11 DW70 020286114123
Fractures Killing the Dream CD 12 DWI64 020286119722
Extreme Noise Terror / Trap Them Extreme Noise Terror / Trap Them 7" Vinyl 2 DWI73
Narrows Narrows Vinyl 3 DWI75
Dedicated to Babies Who Came Feet First Cold World CD 15
Evil Egyptians Internal Affairs 7" Vinyl 4 DWI83
Paranoid Delusions / Paradise Illusions Pulling Teeth CD 5 DWI82 020286123835
New Distances Narrows CD 9 DWI77 020286123842
New Distances Narrows Digital Media 9 DWI77
End of a Year End of a Year 7" Vinyl 3 DWI81
True Quiet b/w Last Wave Coliseum 7" Vinyl 2 [none]
Testing the Limits of Infinite Reign Supreme CD 13 DWI92 020286123859
Darkness Come Alive Doomriders CD 17 DW95 020286123873
Darkness Come Alive (grey/black vinyl) Doomriders 12" Vinyl 17 DW95v
Rust Supermachiner 2×CD 19 + 11 DW88
Our Circle Is Vicious Rise and Fall CD 10 DWI96 020286123880
18.61 108 CD 10 DW108 020286123934
No One Deserves to Be Here More Than Me Blacklisted CD 14 DWI100 020286123941
No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me Blacklisted Digital Media 14 DWI100
Acid Tiger Acid Tiger CD 7 0020286123958
This Sheltering Night Starkweather CD 11
Never Mind the Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures United Nations Vinyl 4 DWI-80
You Are Beneath Me End of a Year CD 11 DWI104 020286123989
Narrows Narrows Digital Media 3 DWI75
DW Live Series 06: Live at KEXP 09.26.10 Narrows Digital Media 3 DWLIVE06 [none]
Lucky Me (Limited Edition Gatefold Release) Killing the Dream CD 7 111 0020286123798
Wanderlust Carpathian Digital Media 4 DWI105
The Blackest Curse Integrity CD 10 DWI76 020286123972
Blind to What Is Right The Carrier CD 9
Harvest of the Carcass New Lows (unknown) 10
Libertine Dissolves Deafheaven 7" Vinyl 2 DW117
A Dissident Victims Digital Media 13
Roads to Judah Deafheaven CD 4 DW120 020286123651
Roads to Judah Deafheaven Digital Media 4 [none]
Grey Savior Irons & Pulling Teeth (unknown) 6 DW69
Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me Touché Amoré CD 13 DW121 020286123675
Converge / Dropdead Converge / Dropdead 7" Vinyl 2
Converge / Dropdead Converge / Dropdead Digital Media 2 [none]
Mælstrøm Oathbreaker CD 9 DW122 020286155942
Mælstrøm Oathbreaker 12" Vinyl 9 DW122 020286155959
DW Live Series 08: Live at The Blacktop 01.15.11 Deafheaven Digital Media 5 DWLIVE08 [none]
Nothing Lasts E.P. Punch 7" Vinyl 7 DW130 [none]
Nothing Lasts E.P. Punch 7" Vinyl 7 DW130
Starve for Agony Living Eyes 7" Vinyl 8
Notes From the Night That Never Ended Horror Show Digital Media 13
DW Live Series 09: Live on WERS New Lows Digital Media 6 DWLIVE09 [none]
I'm Going Through Some Shit b/w All Fruit is Ripe Self Defense Family Digital Media 2 DWI124 [none]
As Pearls Before Swine Rot in Hell (unknown) 11 DW113
I’m Going Through Some Shit Self Defense Family 7" Vinyl 2 DW124
Deceiver b/w Sinking In Sin Rise and Fall Digital Media 2 DW125DS [none]
Deceiver b/w Sinking In Sin Rise and Fall 7" Vinyl 2 DW125v [none]