Caribou Records (70s label distributing Beach Boys releases)

~ Label


L.A. ExpressL.A. Express12" Vinyl9
PZ 33940[none]
Space TravelerJames Vincent12" Vinyl11
PZ 34237[none]
Shadow PlayL.A. ExpressVinyl9
Pacific Ocean BlueDennis WilsonVinyl12
  • US1977-08-22
CRB 81672
TogetherO.C. Smith12" Vinyl11
PZ 34471
Pacific Ocean BlueDennis Wilson12" Vinyl12
S CRB 81672[none]
River SongDennis Wilson7" Vinyl2
Here Comes the NightThe Beach BoysVinyl2
  • US1979-02-19
L.A. (Light Album)The Beach Boys12" Vinyl10
  • US1979-03-19
JZ 35752
Good Timin’ / Love Surrounds MeThe Beach Boys7" Vinyl2
  • US1979-04-17
Lady LyndaThe Beach BoysVinyl2
  • -1979-06
It’s a Beautiful DayThe Beach Boys7" Vinyl2
  • US1979-10-18
ZS9 9031[none]
The Sport of GuessingMatthew Moore12" Vinyl11
JZ 36118[none]
Keepin’ the Summer AliveThe Beach Boys12" Vinyl10
  • US1980-03-24
FZ 36283[none]
Livin' with a HeartacheThe Beach BoysVinyl2
  • US1980-05-21
Dressed for DrowningSailor12" Vinyl9
S CRB 84534[none]
Keepin' The Summer AliveThe Beach Boys7" Vinyl2
Oh Darlin’ / Endless HarmonyThe Beach BoysVinyl2
Carl WilsonCarl Wilson12" Vinyl8
  • US1981-03-27
NJZ 37010
Come Go With MeThe Beach BoysVinyl2
  • XW1981-11-02
YoungbloodCarl WilsonVinyl11
BL 37970
The Beach BoysThe Beach Boys12" Vinyl11
  • US1985-06-10
BFZ 3994607464399461
The Beach BoysThe Beach BoysCD12
  • US1985-06-10
ZK 39946074643994620
It’s Gettin’ Late / It’s OKThe Beach BoysVinyl2
  • XW1985-07-17
The Beach BoysThe Beach BoysCD12
CDCRB 26738
Getcha BackThe Beach Boys7" Vinyl2
ZS4 04913074640491375
L.A. (Light Album)The Beach BoysCD10
902127 25018665212725
L.A. (Light Album)The Beach BoysCD10
ZK 35752074643575225
Ten Years of HarmonyThe Beach Boys2×CD15 + 14
465670 25099746567026
Ten Years of HarmonyThe Beach Boys2×CD15 + 14
Z 2K 37445074643744522
Keepin’ the Summer Alive (Digitally Remastered)The Beach BoysCD10
ZK 36283074643628327
SunflowerThe Beach BoysCD12
ZK 46950074644695021
HollandThe Beach BoysCD15
ZK 46952074644695229
Carl and the Passions: “So Tough”The Beach BoysCD8
ZK 46953
15 Big Ones (Digitally Remastered)The Beach BoysCD15
ZK 46955074644695526
Love YouThe Beach BoysCD14
ZK 4695607464469562
M.I.U. Album (Digitally Remastered)The Beach BoysCD12
ZK 46957074644695724
Pacific Ocean BlueDennis Wilson2×CD16 + 17
88697 31711 2886973171127
Pacific Ocean BlueDennis Wilson2×CD16 + 17
Bambu (The Caribou Sessions)Dennis WilsonDigital Media17
  • -2017-04-22
Holy ManDennis Wilson; Taylor Hawkins; Brian May; Roger Taylor7" Vinyl2
  • XE2019-04-13