PONY CANYON (one of the labels of 株式会社ポニーキャニオン (Japanese corporation) - see annotation for how to identify sibling labels)

~ Label


This label is only valid for releases bearing the PONY CANYON imprint and not bearing a sibling label (see "How to identify imprints" below).

Not to be confused with the "FUJI TV/media" (distributor) company logo

The company logo often appears in lieu of the distribution/marketing credit "販売元:株式会社ポニーキャニオン" and should be ignored.

Catalog number prefixes which do NOT belong here:
PCC*-9**** - various Japanese labels not owned by PONY CANYON INC.
PCCY-* - CANYON INTERNATIONAL, A&M Records, ECHO, Discipline Global Mobile, Music for Nations, Scotti Bros. Records, etc.

How to find imprints

On a 12cm CD, look next to the catalog number on the back cover.

On a vinyl record, look in the upper left corner of the front cover. You may see a Pony Canyon logo, but that does not mean this is the proper imprint. Above the logo, you will see a six-digit catalog number. To the right of it there will be a label name and the word "stereo." That label name is the imprint.

On an 8cm CD single, look on the back cover near the barcode. The name of the imprint will be to the left of the word "stereo."

Cassettes do not typically carry proper imprints. If you have another version of the release in the database, use it for reference.

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Himekami Special姫神CD8
  • JP1986-05-21
Himekami SpecialHimekamiCD8
  • JP1986-05-21
  • JP1986-12-05
Super BestHimekamiCD13