Mr Music

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Mr Music Nr 8 – 1988 (number on disc: 1)Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1071
Mr Music Nr 8 – 1988 (number on disc: 8)Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1071
Mr Music No. 8 – 1988Various ArtistsCassette14MMMC 1071
Mr Music Nr 9 – 1988Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1072
Mr Music No. 9 – 1988Various ArtistsCassette14MMMC 1072
Mr Music Nr 10 – 1988Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1073
Mr Music No. 10 – 1988Various ArtistsCassette14MMMC 1073
Mr Music Nr 11 – 1988Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1074
Mr Music No. 11 – 1988Various ArtistsCassette14MMMC 1074
Mr Music Nr 12 – 1988Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1075
Mr Music No. 12 – 1988Various ArtistsCassette14MMMC 1075
Mr Music No 3 – 1989Various ArtistsCassette14MMMC 1078
Mr Music No 11 – 1989Various ArtistsCassette14MMMC 1086
Mr Music No. 10: 1989Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1085
Mr Music No 11 – 1989Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1086
Mr Music Plus 1991-3Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 5018
Mr Music Hits 1991-3Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1102
Mr Music Hits 1991-4Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1103[none]
Mr Music Hits 3Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1114[none]
Mr Music Hits 1992-6Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1117
Mr Music Hits 1992-7Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1118
Mr Music Hits 9Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1120[none]
Mr Music Hits 1992-12Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1123
Do the Dutch Ska Dance, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD20M&M 001
Mr Music Hits 10.93Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1133[none]
Mr Music Hits 1993-12Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1135
Mr Music Plus 12-1993Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 5051
Mr Music Hits 1994-04Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1139
Mr Music Hits 1994-07Various Artists(unknown)14MMCD 1142
Mr Music Hits 1994-11Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1146
Mr Music: Greatest Hits 1994Various ArtistsCD14EX 1-95[none]
Mr Music Hits No 1Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1148[none]
Mr Music Hits 1995-02Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1149
Mr Music Hits 3-95Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1150[none]
Mr Music Hits 1995-05Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1152
Mr Music Hits No 7Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1154
Mr Music Hits 6/95Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3034
Mel Tormé Live with the Mel-Tones, Volume 2Mel Tormé & The Mel-Tones(unknown)20MMCD 7006719866700626
Mr Music Hits 1996-01Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1160[none]
Mr Music Hits No 2Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1161[none]
Mr Music Hits 9. 1997Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1180[none]
Maximum Dance 2/97Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3067[none]
Chart Hits Vol. 3 1997Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3071[none]
Greatest Hits 1997Various ArtistsCD14EX 98-01[none]
Maximum Dance, Volume 12/98Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3132[none]
Maximum Dance 3/99Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3145[none]
In HollywoodStan KentonCD18
Chart Hits 08-1999Various ArtistsCD140031590, MMCD 3159[none]
Latin Party: Hot!Various ArtistsCD14MMCD EX -32[none]
Super Ballads 5Various ArtistsCD14MMCD EX 99-15
I successi (limited edition)Den HarrowCD14MRCD 41938014406419368
Mr Music Hits, Vol. 5Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1212
Mr Music Hits 2000-11Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1218
Floor Fillers: Party ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD14MMCD EX 01-27
Mr Music Hits 2002-03Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1234
Mr Music Hits 2002-06Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1237
Mr Music Hits 2003–02Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1245
Maximum Dance 1/03Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 2852
Floor Fillers: Rock ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD14MMCD EX 04-11
Maximum Dance 06Various ArtistsCD14MMCD2695[none]
"Live" at Basin StreetLouis Armstrong & His All-Stars2×CD11 + 11MMCD-9003719866900323
Live at the Café ZanzibarCab CallowayCD207035
Mr Music Hits 2016-10Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 1409[none]
Maximum Dance, Volume 2/98Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3102[none]
Maximum Dance, Volume 3/98Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3105[none]
Maximum Dance, Volume 5/98Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3110[none]
Maximum Dance, Volume 6/98Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3113[none]
Maximum Dance, Volume 9/98Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3122[none]
Maximum Dance, Volume 10/98Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3125[none]
Maximum Dance, Volume 11/98Various ArtistsCD14MMCD 3129[none]
Floor Fillers: Disco ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD14MMCD EX02-20
Mr Music HitsVarious ArtistsCD14[none]