Epic Records International (2001-2006 reissue label for int'l music released in Japan, formerly a company/division of SMEJ,)

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In approximately May 2001, "Epic Records Int'l" was created by being separated from "Epic Records".

Usage of this label appears to have stopped in favor of crediting the US Epic after the US Epic's logo diverged completely from the different label Epic Records Japan.

Using Sony Music Distribution (Japan) as a label reference,
"エピックレコーズ インターナショナル" -> this label is correct
"Epic Records('06.09〜)" -> Epic (US)

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Know Our B-SidesManic Street PreachersEnhanced CD8
  • JP2001-07-18
October SwimmerJJ72CD7
  • JP2001-07-18
Little LJamiroquaiCD4
  • JP2001-08-08
ESCA 8357
In Search of the Rainbow SeekersMtumeCD10
  • JP2001-08-22
ESCA 78824988010788223
It Takes TwoJuicyCD8