Warner Strategic Marketing Germany (subsidiary of Warner Music Group Germany Holding GmbH)

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here's my take:
this label is often referred to as just Warner Strategic Marketing (with no country designation, or using just the general WSM logo), and identified as either "a division of Warner Music Group Germany GmbH & Co. Holding OHG" or, since 2003, "Warner Music Group Germany Holding GmbH" depending on the release (example). but the relationships with either parent company, and with its immediate DE predecessor Warner Special Marketing (also with no country designation) make it obvious it exists, and that it's distinct from the US-based (headquarters?) Warner Strategic Marketing. there are also releases from other countries that similarly do not identify with their domestic WSM label, but use the general WSM logo instead. the "Germany" designation (when it appears) is retained so as not to confuse this with the main US-based Warner Strategic Marketing.

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Doesn't exist. Pick whatever branded label is printed on the release in hand. Don't use it for company info either.

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Space Night Vol. IVarious ArtistsCD15
  • DE1995-07-21
Missing: The Remix EPEverything but the GirlCD4
  • DE1995-10-13
Viva Dance, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD20
Dream Club, Volume 1Various Artists2×CD17 + 17