Empty Records (USA label)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Inside Yours Gruntruck CD 9
Janitors of Tomorrow Gas Huffer CD 19 EFA 11345 756061014523
Another Problem Mother Load 7" Vinyl 4 MT-124
Janitors Of Tomorrow Gas Huffer 12" Vinyl 13 MT-145 0718751134515
Spear and Magic Helmet The Gits 7" Vinyl 2 MT-152 [none]
Sybil Sybil 7" Vinyl 3
You Stupid Asshole / Knife Manual Mudhoney / Gas Huffer 7" Vinyl 2 MT-166
Fairlane Kill Sybil 7" Vinyl 4 MT-182
Crackerbash Crackerbash 12" Vinyl 11 EFA 11371-08
Crackerbash Crackerbash CD 12 MT-179 0718751137127
Tin Toy Crackerbash CD 7 MT-239 756061023921
Knock Out the Axis The Fumes 12" Vinyl 16 MT-173
Integrity Technology and Service Gas Huffer CD 13 MT-181 756061018125
New American Shame Girl Trouble CD 13 MT-204 756061020425
Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told The Meices CD 12 MT-205 756061020524
You Can Feel the Love in This Room Sicko CD 17 MT-268 756061026823
The Shrill Beeps of Shrimp Gas Huffer 7" Vinyl 4 MT-271 [none]
Televolution The Meanies CD 19 MT-245
Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy Sicko CD 69 MT-306 756061030622
Chef Boy R U Dumb Sicko CD 17 MT-315 756061031520
At Home With Satan’s Pilgrims CD 15 MT-310 756061031025
Rock Kids The Motards CD 18 MT-318 756061031827
Masonic Youth Scared of Chaka CD 14 MTR334 756061033425
Self-Appointed Guardian of the Machine The Fumes 12" Vinyl 13 MT319
Knuddelpunk 1 Various Artists CD 21 MT-355
You Are Not the Boss of Me Sicko CD 17 MTR 359
Around the World Satan’s Pilgrims CD 11 MTR 351 756061035122
Killer of Friendships Jr. High CD 12 MTR 365 756061036525
45x3 The Drags CD 23 MTR379 756061037928
Grown Up, Fucked Up Reatards CD 16 MTR380
Baron Von Birdbath Tales From the Birdbath CD 12
Your So Lewd Reatards Vinyl 3
Volume Two The Dickel Brothers CD 10 MTR-383 756061038321
True Noise The Blow Up CD 15
The Pinkos The Pinkos CD 12
Black Wave Lost Sounds CD 19 MTR392
Midnight Thunder Express Midnight Thunder Express CD 10 MTR394 756061039427
Knock You Up The Gloryholes CD 15
Rats Brains and Microchips Lost Sounds CD 13 MTR397 756061039724
They Put You in a Mask Mea Culpa CD 13
Self Destruction of a Man Destruction Unit CD 10 MTR401
Teaching You the Fear Really Red CD 18 MTR402
MouseRocket MouseRocket CD 14 MTR-403
Bed Room Disasters Reatards CD 22 MTR405
I Liked You Better When You Were a Corpse Snitches Get Stitches CD 10 756061040621
Faraway Faster The New York Rifles CD 16
Feel Like Hell The Bamboo Kids CD 14 MTR417
Monologue Digital Leather CD 11 MTR415
Death to the Old Flesh Destruction Unit CD 10 MTR416
Pure Country Gold Pure Country Gold CD 10 MTR418 756061041826
Lover! Lover! CD 10 MTR419
Memphis Treet King Louie and the Loose Diamonds CD 12 MTR 420
Live Free Die Free The Gonads CD 16
Even a Butchered Carcass Can Shine Snitches Get Stitches CD 8
Win the Battle D.O.A. CD 13