The Second Gold Procession and the Royal Rape of the SunHerra HidroDigital Media4[none]
Japanese Spy TranscriptMaybeshewillCD4RNH000CD
Even If I Didn't Exist, I'd Still Be Better Than You.Fight Fire With WaterCD-R3
Seraphim & Cherubim / HeartflustersMaybeshewillCD3
Up Against the BatHerra HidroCD3RNH002CD
Anti-Semantics: The Remixes, Volume 1MaybeshewillCD4RNH004CD
A Landscape to a Blind Man's EyeBuenos AiresDigital Media5[none]
The Life and Death of Death of LondonDeath of LondonDigital Media3[none]
MasksThese FurrowsDigital Media4[none]
Oh Boy!Cats and Cats and CatsCD3
EP 2Buenos AiresDigital Media4[none]
High CommandHerra HidroDigital Media5[none]
To the Skies From a HillsideMaybeshewillDigital Media3[none]
The Complete Remixes 2005-2010MaybeshewillCD12RNH0012CD
Fair WindsBuenos AiresDigital Media4[none]
EXPORTS01 (Record Store Day 2011)Various ArtistsDigital Media16[none]
EXPORTS02 (Live Recordings)Various ArtistsDigital Media10[none]
EXPORTS03 (Christmas 2011)Various ArtistsDigital Media10[none]
Red Paper LanternsMaybeshewillDigital Media7[none]
Record BreakerBuenos AiresDigital Media2[none]
Pre-Album DemosThese FurrowsDigital Media2[none]
JuniorsJuniorsDigital Media3[none]
Hey NostradamusHey NostradamusCD3[none]
Hey Nostradamus!Hey NostradamusDigital Media3[none]
The Harmony of LoveGoodfellasDigital Media4[none]
Red Paper LanternsMaybeshewillDigital Media6[none]
Even If I Didn't Exist, I'd Still Be Better Than YouFight Fire With WaterDigital Media3[none]
EXPORTS04Various ArtistsDigital Media14[none]
Live at the Y TheatreMaybeshewillDigital Media9[none]
OscillationsJuniorsDigital Media5[none]
Flowers ForHAUSDigital Media5[none]
Fly, Run, Walk, CrawlSilent DevicesCD-R5[none][none]
Ten Years of the Robot Needs Home CollectiveVarious ArtistsDigital Media15[none]
EschatonWaking AidaDigital Media8
Full HealWaking AidaDigital Media8[none]
Painted SkySpeaking in ItalicsDigital Media5[none]
The Complete Remixes 2006-2016MaybeshewillDigital Media27
NewfoundlandT E MorrisDigital Media13
Live at KOKOMaybeshewillDigital Media15[none]