Cargo Records (Cargo Imports and Distribution - Canadian independent record label and distributor that Cargo Records (UK label) was originally a division of.)

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SoapboxChange of Heart12" Vinyl14CAR-008
SoapboxChange of HeartCD14CARCD-008
Tired of Waking Up TiredChange of Heart / Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet7" Vinyl4CAR 702
The Last of the Big Time SuspendersSNFUCD13
ThirstClock DVACD11723248603221
SmileChange of HeartCD21CAR-015723248101529
Man AmplifiedClock DVACD10CONTEDISC 182723248602620
Thomas Trio and the Red AlbinoThomas Trio and the Red AlbinoCD10TRACD-1142723486200206
Rhymes of LunacyMemento MoriCD11BMCD/CT 32723248701620
Sin GalleryThe Forbidden DimensionCD20CAR 19723248101925
...Greefus Groinks and SheetLove Cup(unknown)8TIN-009723248612827
You’d Prefer an AstronautHum12" Vinyl9TIN-012 LP723248614517
SnoJam ’96Various ArtistsCD13MOSHCD1[none]
Big Hat, No CattleChuneCD6
Widow’s WalkThe Forbidden DimensionCD13CARD 1040623816104023
Hi-Fi High Lights Down LowLodgerCD12000255484024572255480
The WildheartsThe WildheartsCD12UICE-11314988005461957
The Classics: The Maiden YearsPaul Di'AnnoCD13XQAN-10364560257880375
ThirteenCJ & The SatellitesCD12LW019-2
ElectricBroken TeethCD12320844024572320843
We Are Kamikazes Aiming Straight for Your HeartThe Von BondiesCD4ITA0100CD5024545503524
We Deliver the Goods: Cargosampler #135/11Various ArtistsCD20
No Safe HomeWax MannequinDigital Media10
Goodbye: Enough Z'NuffDonnie VieCD + DVD14 + 1LW035-25055300379184
Mental RevolutionNubian RoseCD10LW041-25055300383495
The Origin of ViolenceContradictionCD1240245727925584024572792558
Hell Yeah!Chase The AceCD13OYR 0255055664100257
Of Pals and HeartsTequila and The Sunrise GangCD12U-MO734059251209225